Dec. 9th, 2008

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Gov. Blago arrested by the Feds for conspiring to sell Obama's Senate Seat.

Among other things that are fucked up! Wow, is this really how Blago is gonna go down? That's intense shit right there.
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My mother accidentally trapped the cat in the dryer for a period of roughly fourteen hours. I'm kind of impressed that there's enough oxygen in a dryer for a cat to last that long. (It MUST have a seam somewhere, right?)

I just thought something was weird when my mother said the cat didn't show up for breakfast, and then the cat didn't show up for her dinner, so I ran 'round the house calling 'Comet, Comet?' until I heard her meowing in the laundry room. Not being much of a cat owner either, I thought maybe she got stuck behind it or in the vent. It took me a few minutes before I realized a cat could be INSIDE a laundry machine.

Anyway, out comes grateful that we care kitty and everyone is happy. My mom says she must have sealed her up last night some time.
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I actually have no intention of answering the question, because I'm mainly a canon shipper. (Unless those canon ships suck, in which case I don't ship.)

I just wanted to post this because it continues to amuse me that LJ is run by Russians and fangirls.

ETA: And anyway, two of these examples are fucking canonical. We know that Gaius wants Roslin bad, and that Angel and Spike have had sex.


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