Jan. 5th, 2009

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I didn't file unemployment today because the line was busy. I did get my Millennium Scholarship ID number and I intended to go down and file my paperwork, but my mom threw fit about not feeling well and needing to see her oncologist...

...which is when we ended up at the hospital, where it turns out that Noelle's mother had been since Thursday and they don't know what is wrong with her but they checked her out anyway... Merp.

My mother, on the other hand, bladder infection.

Tomorrow is the last day to do instate tuition, so I gotta get to it first thing tomorrow.
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I inexplicably thought of a painting in the deYoung today. The painting is of a person's room, full of weird occult books. It is kind of green, and painted by a San Franciscan in either the 60s or 70s... it's a couple of rooms down from the giant Yam coffin, with the other native Bay Area paintings.

Naturally, I don't remember the artist's name, and can't find it in the online collection. Nngh. I hate it when shit like this happens! I took a camera phone picture and everything, but that was oh so many phones ago. (I wish I had facebook then, because I would have uploaded all those pictures. I had several nice ones of the beach and the Golden Gate Bridge...)

It's driving me crazy enough to want to drive up and find it, but with my luck it's probably part of the rotating collection.
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[livejournal.com profile] baked_goldfish just said she saw the 'Chris Saviano, FBI agent, stop raping my wife!' guy near the Transition offices in DC.

This amuses me waaaay too much.


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