Jan. 10th, 2010

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Here's more on Russell T Davies planning on crossing Doctor Who over with Star Trek:

4. Yet another [idea for the 2009 Easter Special] was a kind of Star Trek pastiche – essentially “the Doctor on board the Enterprise, puncturing all that Starfleet pomposity with this sheer Doctor-ness”.

Sounds kind of like a Galaxy Quest thing, which I probably would have really enjoyed. (Also, as if 'Waters on Mars' weren't Trek pastiche enough, though I understand it's also a Troughton 'we're all doomed on a space base' episode.)

Though I have to say, the phrase 'Starfleet pomposity' gives me serious doubts. If you're going to do it, even as a pastiche, you should have a little respect, dare I say love, for the material. Though I guess pomposity also depends on which of the series, and which of the Captains you're most trying to play off... Picard and Archer and Janeway were pretty up their own asses from time to time. Kirk and Sisko would have slapped the shit out of the Tenth Doctor and not thought twice about it.

What I'm saying is: so I'm sad it didn't happen, but at least my brother and I didn't BREAK OUR TELEVISIONS IN RAGE.

In other crossover news, the awesome Una McCormack is writing a Doctor Who novel for the Tenth Doctor! It is called 'The King's Dragon', out in July. I think this is very new news, as I can't find a blurb or anything for this. Based on that title, I dream about a Merlin crossover which I am 100% sure isn't what it will be about, but girls can wish.

This reminded me that I have long-delayed posting about her last Star Trek: Deep Space Nine title, "The Never-Ending Sacrifice", literally a Star Trek book I was SO excited for that I almost pre-ordered on Amazon. It could only be a book about Cardassia with that title, and Una McCormack had previously distinguished herself by writing an excellent Garak.

I think all DS9 fans, or maybe all people who vaguely like Star Trek should get this, as it was both great and a unique addition to the line. )

So you should pick that up if you like Star Trek. In fact, I'd push [personal profile] selenak to read it, as I think she'd love it. I couldn't put it down.

In other DS9 news, we're getting an ongoing comic series from IDW! I picked up the first issue excitedly.

Fool's Gold, Issue One )

Anyway, that's shaping up to be a fun trip back to my favorite Star Trek. I hope you all pick it up so they continue to make more comics for meeeee.


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