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It really does pain me to have to write this, but: dude, the Star Trek book line for 2010 looks really crappy. Except for the new JJ-verse novels. (Is it too late to petition for more Gaila?)

I'm basing this on the fact that the books are the only way to get your 24th Century Trek fix, and I'm not all that happy with what happened in Destiny.

Okay, so I'm glad they finally offed the Borg for real, but I'm not incredibly fond of the reveal that the first Borg were humans, and that's the cause for the Federation to take a bash in Alpha Quadrant politics. I think that's a really stupid way to create conflict in the 24th Century. Like the Romulans can't hate the fuck out of the Federation post-Dominion War all on their own?

(I am also not crazy the Borg actually got to fuck up Vulcan and Andor, but like, the new movie blew Vulcan up and I was OK with that, so I shall not complain.)

The only good thing about it is really that the Typhon Pact sounds like an excellent good time. To unite against the Borg, the Romulans Star Empire (there's been a civil war, so there are two Romulan states at the moment), the Tzenkethi, the Breen, the Gorn, the Tholians and the Holy Order of the Kinyasha (book only baddies) formed a Federation of their own.

Why so relevant: the Typhon Pact books seem fun, Riker v. Gorn. But I also still don't like the fact that Ezri Dax is a Captain. No one knows what to do with that character still, pah. It's technically a DS9 book, but what's the big appeal of Ezri Dax v. Breen?

Meanwhile: holy shit, they're jumping the DS9 timeline up to meet the rest of the 24th Century books. But what happens to the next season's storyline, with the Ascendants, the Gamma Quadrant baddies who want to kill the Prophets? Are they going to drop all of it? WILL WE NEVER FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO ODO?


Meanwhile: Star Trek Online and the IDW comics seem like they've created a second branch of 24th Century canon which is kind of more appealing, but with way less DS9. I don't know where to go with it.
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