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My frames completely combusted in on themselves today. They were quite old by this point, and I think I stress damaged them fairly poorly in the first week of my double vision, when I had been bending them repeatedly because I thought my medical problem was related to a bad prescription.

I had bought a new pair via Zenni Optical a few nights ago because I knew I had to replace them, but alas I cannot go more than a couple of hours without lenses. I am almost legally blind. So I couldn't wait for them to be shipped. I went down to the frames store at the mall, and VERY LUCKILY they had a pair of frames that fit the lenses they had cut for me at the end of December. Also, I guess I was lucky it happened when I had money. What to say?

I did miss my first bartending class though. Hopefully the teacher will be understanding?

I also dropped a check in the mail for some neon bending equipment. So I spent a lot of money today and that needs to stop. I'm going to go check out the neon books from the library tomorrow so I can start making a list of the rest of the equipment I need. I was going to start running my kickstarter campaign to raise the rest of the money, but I actually think I should be sure of what I'm going to need, and how much that will cost before I start.

Depressingly? I heard that the neon supply catalog that my teacher recommended due to cheapness? Yeah, they're closing doors for good as of last week.

Stupid dying craft, why did I have to fall in love with you? Why not just make comics instead?
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