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You guys saw the Louis Vuitton site with astronauts, right?

Kwatsi Alibaruho is NASA’s first African-American flight director.

He has a Ben Sisko/Defiant themed mission patch. That's a real hardcore Niner, there.

Kepler is operational!

The real reason I made a 'space is sexy' post tonight: OMG KEPLER WORKS NOW GUYS. Eh, I think Kepler is a pretty cool project, looks for planets and doesn't afraid of anything.
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It really does pain me to have to write this, but: dude, the Star Trek book line for 2010 looks really crappy. Except for the new JJ-verse novels. (Is it too late to petition for more Gaila?)

I'm basing this on the fact that the books are the only way to get your 24th Century Trek fix, and I'm not all that happy with what happened in Destiny.

This is a spoiler cut for books. )

Why so relevant: the Typhon Pact books seem fun, Riker v. Gorn. But I also still don't like the fact that Ezri Dax is a Captain. No one knows what to do with that character still, pah. It's technically a DS9 book, but what's the big appeal of Ezri Dax v. Breen?

Meanwhile: holy shit, they're jumping the DS9 timeline up to meet the rest of the 24th Century books. But what happens to the next season's storyline, with the Ascendants, the Gamma Quadrant baddies who want to kill the Prophets? Are they going to drop all of it? WILL WE NEVER FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO ODO?


Meanwhile: Star Trek Online and the IDW comics seem like they've created a second branch of 24th Century canon which is kind of more appealing, but with way less DS9. I don't know where to go with it.
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I won't lie, I've been abusing my neighbor's wifi, but at this distance it's like using 56k or worse. (I can't get it at all on iPod.) So I can't say I've been on much.

I got the job. Started today. It runs a month, but because of how the temp agency pays me I won't hardly see any of the money until it is almost over. I have Friday off because of the holiday.

Here's today's Famous Woman: Ceres, which is Cooper's favorite and one of the ones I really like. Please check the art out!

[profile] yahtzee63 wrote another amazing Trek fic, which has kept me happy the past hour or so. I'll probably save it to my hd to read through again. Of Two Worlds in which Spock has to pick between the new universe and the old universe due to a strange intervention.

A Rec Post

Jun. 17th, 2009 12:59 am
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Long overdue, which means you've no doubt read them already.

An open letter to Winona Kirk

Meta. Dear Winona Kirk,

Is that even really your name, did you take your husband’s name? Did you have a big wedding, did you wear a big white dress? (Do they still do that in the future?)

Is it weird, meta that makes you cry?

Lunch and other obscenities

A Uhura&Gaila friendship fic, about taboo and society. This is the Federation I know and love. The author does a beautiful job fleshing out the Orions - I particularly like that Gaila, in this story, is not an escaped slave.


You know when you fall in love so much with a fic that you scroll back up mid-paragraph and read it again, and roll the idea around in your head to see if you want to keep it forever (but you already know you do.)

That's this fic. It's a beautiful long fic about Uhura and Spock, falling in love at the Academy.
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This time, with the added perspective of my fourteen year old brother, who has never seen much of the latter-day franchise.

Transfigurations )

Best of Both Worlds, pt.1 )

So then we watched the Tribble episodes. )

Take Me Out to the Holosuite )
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When this show was good, it was really good. I checked disk six, season three out from Netflix because it has "Sarek" on it, a very classic episode about Spock's father. Written by Peter S. Beagle! I surprised myself, though, by watching the rest of the episodes on the disk and liking all of them.

They just don't make TV shows like TNG anymore, and it's our loss as viewers. You see, in all the episodes on the disk, nothing much happens. The Enterprise never starts a war with Romulus or saves Vulcan from getting blown up. TNG trusts that you care enough about the characters by this point in the show that it really DOES matter to you what happens to them.

That sort of confidence in the writing is pretty sexy. Maybe television should take a step back.

Spoilers for: Hollow Pursuits, The Most Toys, Sarek and Menage a Troi. )

It's difficult to believe that in two episodes, Picard gets assimilated. HARSH.
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It isn't comprehensive to EVERY PERSON who worked on art in the movie, nor is it comprehensive about every detail I even liked. Just stuff I want to ramble about.

As a child, I used to check out Star Trek reference books from the library and read them straight, so I know way more about Okudagrams and LCARS and Jeffries tubes and flimsy costumes for ladies than is strictly healthy. In fact, I recently realized that the orange coral decorations on my wall look exactly like the design of the TOS Enterprise. My brother pointed it out.

Shameful, shameful imprinting, guys.

I've always paid too much attention to the Art of the Future. )
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Quick, which Star Trek movie are we watching! A flowchart handy-guide. Print it out and give to your non-Trekkie family members.

Right off the heels of the OMG BEATLES GAME video is the Opening Animation to said Beatles Game. OMG. It's too cute. I'm tempted to make icons. I admit though, it's kind of weird that it just fades out to the game post-psychedelia. We already know there's a rooftop stage for Let It Be...

Admit it: this is the only band game you'll want to buy to see how they do story mode.
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Leonard Nimoy and Zach Quinto, hanging out in an interview. I kind of would like to watch five minutes of them just running variations on "Fascinating." (In fact, that would be a REALLY funny skit, I think.)
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Steady As She Goes by [profile] jesuit24. It's a pretty, pretty tribute to TOS! Love the fast jump cuts and the colorways, and I also love the use of the viewscreen. And the redshirt fail. If you love TOS, you will want to hug this video and watch it over and over again. (I have.)
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Title: What Bob Orci Should Have Said:
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Author's Note: Poor Bob Orci, busting his chops to explain the Multi-World Interpretation to fans. This is what you should say next time they ask.

That is so weird. )
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Title: Paradise Found

Fandom: Star Trek Reboot

Summary: There were a dizzying number of Federation ships and stations she was passed through, one human hand guiding her shoulder to her next caretaker. Gaila arrives in the Federation.

Written for It's Not Easy Being Green a comment-fic thread for Gaila.

I want to go home. )
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72 Icons )


Credit Appreciated.


May. 19th, 2009 06:12 pm
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1. Bob Orci takes your questions about the movie.

Random Highlights: )

I also love in places where he doesn't know, he suggests, "Write fanfiction!" Whee.

Cesperanza has a totally awesome story about David Tennant for you all to enjoy.
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Joined (At The Hip)

Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Pairing: McCoy/Emony Dax, Kirk
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Written for the [profile] st_xi_kink prompt: This is my DS9-love showing, but I'd love to see academy!Kirk accidentally watching McCoy/Emony Dax and being surprised (and turned on) that Bones can be rather sexy/agressive when he wants to be.

On it like spots on a Trill )
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These are things every schoolchild would know about The United Federation of Planets. I weighted this article with more canon from the modern televised Treks than the Original Series, because TOS is often contradictory - and the new movie seems to put more weight on new canon. I've also included modern book canon, where noted.

Better Know the Federation! )

ETA: For my own record, I also posted this on the LJ. The comment thread is different. Here
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I just read two fics in the space of a minute that described Vulcan as half of the heart of the Federation. One I didn't want to leave a comment on, the other I did because it was totally rad and awesome. (It's Pike and Chekov having a conversation, "So Many Different Suns".)

Okay, humans and Vulcans have a special history of smack smack kiss, and we don't see them in the movie, but the Federation has FOUR FOUNDING SPECIES. On five planets.

No one loves Andor. (No one really loves Tellar either. Poor Tellarites, you are the Hufflepuff of Star Trek.)

More Recs:

May. 15th, 2009 01:32 pm
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1. [personal profile] talitha78 made this awesome vid: Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Kirk/Spock.

I could write an essay about how awesome this vid is, but I would have to stop watching it to do that so: no.

2. Recent Spock/Uhura stories by [profile] mekosuchinae. I especially enjoyed "Oh Two Hundred", which is a nice story about why you need a translator for missions - it's actually more Uhura gen, and "A Series of Educational Experiences", in which Spock is a very confused young man dealing with living with humans for the first time.

3. Orci and Kurtzman answer more questions about Star Trek. This link is to a summary, but there's a podcast recording of the whole thing that I mean to download soon. Among such awesome tidbits: a deleted scene to flesh out Gaila and Kirk's relationship in the movie. She's a computer programmer, hint hint.


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