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The money is like, almost all gone again. *sigh*

I paid off the bill I owed CSN, so I can register for classes. I bought my dad a birthday gift because he deserves it this year, and I bought myself new Vans, because I needed new shoes.

The birthday gift has been a pain in the ass. My sister got him a fruit/cheese basket, so I went for a new DVD player, because he's always on my ass to download him stuff. Only his DVD player doesn't play DivX videos, so he ends up using mine. Well, I wanted to get him a cheap replacement but the only DivX player in town I could buy was at Fry's, and it was a Coby.

...yeah. Crapped out hard the minute I set it up, which required ANOTHER trip downtown to return the fucking thing. He's getting a refurb Philips instead, from Overstock. I really like my Philips, I have had it FOR-FUCKING-EVER. So cross your fingers it's not a lemon, because then doing this good thing for filial love would be officially too much effort.

I'm going to file for unemployment again. We'll see.

ETA: OH! And my mom gave me shingles. Forgot to mention that. Too poor to see the doctor about it since I don't have insurance, so I'm just sharing her prescriptions. I realize every doctor in the world is like, :0 :(, but well, fuck it. Lack of universal healthcare will be the real reason the mutated shingles plague will eat off people's genitals, and I'm not that sorry. Call your congresscritter.

Apparently that whole thing about not getting shingles until you're 60 because it's just mutated chicken pox is bullshit. The doctor told her she was contagious and we were all, 'so what, we've had chicken pox'. Ye-ah. Now you all know, when he says contagious he really means contagious. Don't touch the sores. My mistake was in helping her put on a lidocane patch and I was all 'la la la, but I've HAD chicken pox'.
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Friday, July 31st
7:00p.m. - Franklin Theater

Join us for an evening of conversation with actor and Rutgers professor Avery Brooks (the African-American captain of "Deep Space Nine") and iconic African-American science fiction author and Temple professor Samuel Delany. The two men, known for testing boundaries and barriers within their work, will explore race, science fiction and other themes in a wide-ranging and fascinating dialogue. Programmed as part of The Franklin Institute's Race and Star Trek exhibits, the event will be moderated by Betty Lawrence.

Admission is $5.00. Members are free.
Call 215.448.1254 to register.

I don't get to see Haiyo Miyazaki, Ray Bradbury will probably die long before I get to go to SDCC, and for the first time in my life, I regret not living in Philadelphia.

What IS my world coming too?


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