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Obama names Two Net Neutrality fighters to FCC transition team.

I saw Quantum of Solace yesterday with Cooper, and we both really enjoyed the crap out of it. Not sure why exactly people have been claiming the plot is wonky: it's sort of big and expansive, but all made sense to me. (This is apparently the week for that.)

Things I liked In Particular: )

I'm going to see it again on Tuesday, I'll probably have more clever thoughts later. At the very least: this is the first time in my life I'm really into the Bond franchise, so whatever they're doing it is correct and good.

In other news: my brother was talking about his favorite pundits in the car yesterday, so I said, 'hm, sounds like you're now old enough for the West Wing'. After a tiny bit of symbolic kvetching, we puddled under the covers and watched the first three episodes together. Half way through the first scene with Bartlet, my brother turned to me and said: "Oh my god, this really /is/ the best show ever."

Ha ha ha. And when I came home today, he had these observations: one, that having seen the Christmas episode he now understood what I saw in Josh and Donna because they are very cute together. Two: every fourth episode he describes as a 'guilt trip episode' in which a significant portion of the action revolves around someone feeling guilty for something someone else did. I'm not exactly sure how that works out, but it struck me as a very clever thing to say about the show.


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