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I am cranky as hell. Some of it is PMS, a great deal of it has to do with drama surrounding moving back to Chicago. My parents have been on my ass about what a failure I am. I am also (mildly) bummed about some stuff on the game.

It turns out that SAIC put me on probation when I dropped out for failing to pay. So I have to write an appeal letter. My academic adviser seemed to think it was no big deal for me, and I'm sure I've done plenty of stuff since moving back to justify my existence. I just resent having to do it. But: I'll suck it up and write it tomorrow.

I had a bit of a meltdown about that.

Apparently the credit union hasn't reported that I paid it off yet, another thing to solve.

Just tedious, tedious bullshit. But X-Men was good.
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Olympian quits speed-skating, becomes nun. What I find extra awesome is that she somehow heard the call to become a nun while at SAIC. SAIC made me think many things, but 'get thee to a nunnery' um, wasn't one of them. HEY-O.

So this morning I got up early and went out to buy bartending supplies. My house now has every kind of juice imaginable. You know what sucks though? My dad can't have any because of diabetes, and my mom is convinced the second a drop of alcohol passes her lips she'll become some raving addict. (Quite frankly, raving addiction would be preferable to her current mental health, but I digress.)

Hilarious digression: last night she was really annoying at Olive Garden, because it's like Driving Ms. Daisy except worse, so I escaped to the bar to get a drink? And then she comes over and sits down next to me and puts a Virgin Pina Colada on my tab. Hilarious. I am... no longer glad she is home, but we knew that.

My point is that this is a lot of boozing for one person. And it's not like I can practice making mixed drinks without putting the alcohol in, amirite?
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UNLV turned me down for admission today. 'Cause I owe money to SAIC.

What to do now? I guess I'm free to go apply for the Harry Reid re-election campaign if I want, or maybe I should go to the Art Institute of Las Vegas for lulz.


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