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First, I was to say I was saddened to hear about the passing of [profile] iamsab. As far as I know, despite being in many of the same fandoms we never had direct contact, but I deeply admired her work in West Wing fandom, and she was far, far too young.

Second, for those of you in West Wing fandom: TWW-Caps is here to provide you with HD episode caps.

I'm pretty distraught over the news that JJ Abrams is abandoning Trek 3 to Star Wars. Not that I thought he was the greatest to ever put his hand on the franchise, or that he had this real deep understanding of what makes Star Trek great or anything. It's just difficult not to feel jilted; not to have really deep fears about the next guy, about the franchise withering on the vine again. There's also something deeply boring about the choice on the part of the Disney/Lucasfilm merger. All your franchises WILL taste like hamburger.
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While it blows that 9/10ths of American media consumed in childhood is now owned by a single corporate entity, in a lot of ways once the shock was over it makes more sense than Marvel selling out. Disney had long owned the park rights to Lucasfilm properties - haven't been on the new Star Tours yet, but the old one and the Indiana Jones rides were favorites as a kid. And there have been rumors since I was knee high that the House of Mouse wanted to own them outright. George Lucas is pretty much a one-man band in his mid-60s with two franchises that he'd run into the ground, so it makes sense that he'd sell the family business rather than try and pass it on to a kid.

What it clarifies for me is this:

- corporate monopoly in all forms blows, especially for artists. Good luck if you've pissed off the Mouse, future animators/character designers of the world. Your options are now extremely limited.
-- sub-point: be well, friends who work for Lucasfilm. Long may you be employed.

- I still can't believe Marvel sold out. Why? WHY? You were poised to own their ass with your own media empire!

- I have never loved the corporate masters of Star Trek more. STAY FREE, PARAMOUNT.

- So Princess Leia is now officially a Disney Princess, eh?

- I will probably see Star Wars 7, but I hope that it's something fresh and magical.

But wow, does it blow that about 9/10ths of American media is owned by Apple Computers/ABC/Disney-Pixar/Lucasfilm/Marvel. It's such terrible, terrible news if you care about creatives.


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