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This is the 24hr life style of me: last night I got really obsessed with the idea of buying the new iPad instead of a new TV, because I adore my iPod Touch. Except that upon consideration my ardor has cooled. You see, apparently @jason has the 2nd Gen iPad already, and that one features DUAL CAMERAS and a SOLAR CHARGER. He says that it will be out in October.

So I guess that can wait, as the reason I really wanted it was because I need to buy a video/camera unit of some sort for my kickstarter project and the idea of having a portable HDTV/camera unit was really appealing. I guess I'll stick to buying a cheap TV and maybe get a Canon Powershot or something.

I do have to say, it's way cheaper than I thought it would be, and I think the AT&T plan is actually a pretty good deal. Let me explain: 14.99/250 gbs a month would be terrible, except that it's non-exclusive so you can cancel at any time. And I'm paying for unlimited wifi at home already. So at 14.99, that prices it right to jaunt around town with, without worrying about going over. I feel like I should get more flash GBs at the top end, though. 64gbs isn't enough to piss in with my collection of data.

Still, it's really pretty cool and I can't wait to have one. It's sort of the computer I always wanted and never thought would be reality.

Speaking of more stuff I had set aside money for, but now cannot buy: the Eleven Doctor boxset isn't out until September? I'm bummed because I can't/refuse to pay for the single card releases of the Doctors.

But you know what is kind of cool and I'm sure I'm gonna buy it? The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, with Phillips and Flathead attachments! Finally, a real reason to keep one in my purse. It would be kind of excellent if the batteries powered a low-speed driveshaft, but I'm sure they're just for the blinky lights. Maybe for Twelve....

Random links:

That Neil Gaiman article in the New Yorker, which I actually read ages ago. 'The Beat' called it correctly on the first night when they said the most interesting thing about it is the on-record comments about Scientology.

Dinosaur feathers were ginger-brown, white and dark brown! Kind of exciting, actually, to know what colors a dinosaur actually was, even if they do sound like jumped up sparrows.
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Details here.

Really, what could possibly be better for comics than for both mainstream superhero houses to be owned by Big Media Congloms? Sorry for having blown up my twitter about this, it's fairly terrible news. Disney's always only one chairman away from total disaster and the guy holding the reigns is Steve Jobs, no real hero to free expression - who may or may not have spent the last three years knock-knocking on death's door.

But I'm sure it'll work out... in that superhero comics will continue to suck and the indie comics world will continue to chug along ignoring it.

FOUR BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS, though. Something to think about the next time a creator gets horribly ill and starts begging for change at conventions...

...In real news, I'm babysitting Sabastian all day. Gotta go wake him up.
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1. CSN is still run by incompetent lazy jerkoffs, but having gone to a big college I now know that having to ask three different people and using the mean, median and mode you can get the correct answer to your question. (And that this is the typical state of things.)

2. Where's your fabled service now, Apple? I went down to the Apple store in an attempt to get a new shuffle headphone to usb cable, and the guy tried to charge me 29 bucks for a whole new dock. And then he tried to upsell me into a new shuffle all together, which sucked because I had my mom's credit card AND my little brother, and little brother now hates me for denying him an iPod. (We didn't get anything. I guess I'll buy another one off ebay for cheap and just have patience.)

3. No one ever emailed me back about that job I got all excited about a few days ago. Typical. But I did get a really long letter from a female neon bender as far as advice. Hm.


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