Jan. 15th, 2013

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It bothers me that I basically wish Skyler White away, actually. I am not normally a person who takes the side of people who argue that female characters are useless for having feminine interests and couch their argument in misogyny. And I've had scraps with people whose opinions ([personal profile] lizbee, [personal profile] selenak) I usually respect.

But I think the actress is deeply miscast in the role, evincing no chemistry with her lead and consistently hampered by bad writing to boot. I'd argue that Skyler should die for the narrative drag she brings on the show, but that would be fridging and her existence is already too predicated on giving the main male lead reasons to do things. Still, it tasks me, because I do not want to be on Team Skyler Sucks. They seem to be uniformly awful people with whom I don't agree. In fact, I think it would be appropriate if Skyler is the one to off Walter in the end - if Walter should die at all.

So I started looking at her CV, because maybe somewhere on it she was in something I liked, and that can sometimes be an entry to liking the actress and her choices more, right?

Oh! Deadwood! Never finished it, hmm, but that was a good show for...

Oh. Right. Anna Gunn was the reason I straight dropped that show in the second season. I never even finished the DVD set before selling them back.

I'm sorry, Skyler White. We were never meant to be.


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