May. 15th, 2013

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Today, Slate's Matt Yglesias writes a long piece about the value of the Star Trek franchise focusing specifically on the message. That piece is entitled I Boldly Went Where Every Star Trek Movie and TV Show Has Gone Before and it is mostly a fine piece that I am mostly in agreement with that argues that Star Trek needs to come back as a DS9-like cable show in the vein of "Mad Men" to argue for a utopian progressive future.

I mostly agree with that assessment...except for this minor line: "Some of these one-offs—those set in the Mirror Universe especially—are fun. But others are dreadful (Sisko has to train his crew to beat a bunch of arrogant Vulcans at baseball) or simply bizarre (Sisko fights racism in the sci-fi industry of the 1950s)."

*record scratch*


Aside from being one of the best episodes of television on race ever filmed, "Far Beyond the Stars" is about the enfranchisement of black and female voices in fiction. It says more about racism in America in an hour than the entire series of Mad Men has in six seasons, because its point is simple. It says, quite simply says that our stories matter. OUR stories. To dismiss it as 'simply bizarre' is to show that no, you don't really get Star Trek at all. You're comfortable with a black male lead... so long as that black male never opens his mouth about race.

So yes. Star Trek needs to come back. And it needs to be a cable-drama in the vein of Mad Men.

And writers and fans like Matt Yglesias should have absolutely nothing to do with it.


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