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First: my dreamwidth paid time is almost up, and I'm not yet sure if I'm going to re-up. Going back and forth about it.

That aside, here are some reviews:

Where the Wild Things Are, I think, is a movie not for everyone and a certain number of reviews have said it's basically for hipsters. I don't THINK I'm a hipster myself, but I loved it. It was basically, exactly what I expected it to be. Not sure I have much more to say about it, except that the sheer level of CRAFT in it was amazing. Max Records is a phenomenal little actor, the monsters are all very real. The cinematography is gorgeous. I expect it'll be a classic, just like the book.

For the record, we took Sabastian who is two, and there were other toddler/pre-schoolers in the audience. Not a single one seemed to be scared. Scary factor is very over-rated. (But only in Las Vegas is the 8:30 for a two hour movie full of parents and kids.)

The Plan

I guess this is not officially out yet, and it was a leaked DVD copy. Oops, I posted all over my twitter about it. Sorry if I spoiled anyone!

The non-spoilery review is that I think it's worth your time to see this if you enjoyed BSG. You have to have liked the Cylons though - I can't imagine anyone who was watching it for the true true love of Adama/Roslin or Lee/Kara getting anything out of this.

Here are some spoilers )

True Facts:

Apr. 1st, 2009 08:54 am
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They are paving my street today, which means we have to walk to the car. I am very enthused about this because it reminds me of Chicago. Unfortunately, I dropped my coffee press so I am un-caffeinated. Fuck My Life.

Topic: yesterday I did my taxes! I'm getting a bunch of tax money back apparently because I forgot all about Bush's rebate check.

So I guess I shouldn't whine about the fifteen bucks to buy myself a new coffee press.

If We Ran Battlestar Galactica, a collection of sci-fi authors responses to the finale. Well, Paul Cornell liked it, guys! Suck on that stick. I tend to agree with most of them in that I think to get a different (better) ending you would have to go back and re-write most of season three and four.

This new Doctor Who episode: looks great. Hope it doesn't suck.

As a notice, I'm moving this journal over to Dreamwidth at opening on April 30th. I guess that gives me impetus to finish designing the new layout. I hope to see a lot of you there.
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End of Line. )

In conclusion: that totally made up for the whole season of suck. It really, really did.
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Hey there, Battlestar. My brother and I watched you tonight.

Here's some thoughts. )
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1. Battlestar Galactica

Hmph. )

Dollhouse: I will keep watching this. I have always liked Eliza Dushku, and the pilot is not NEARLY as big a mess as I was led to believe. Plus I genuinely am not really sure what will happen in the next episodes at this point.

Being Human: Ugh. Wish they hadn't brought this back. The new cast is mostly serviceable, but they're less solid actors than the ones in the one-off pilot and next to them, Russel Tovey's general crappy whining as the main character is even more grating than in the original. Plus, I feel like the show has betrayed a lot of the refreshing originality by having the ghost and the vampire spend more of the episode whining about being monsters. Meh, I tell you, meh. Now it's every dumb urban fantasy with vampires ever. Fuck that noise.
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I really liked this one! It felt more rounded with which characters got screentime than last episode. I'm a bit sloshed (well, I was way tipsy when I got home from drinksies, but less tipsy now because i had coffee+booze.)

Ooh. )

I am going to be trufax embarrassed about drunkposting this tomorrow, yeah?
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Still can't get hold of the unemployment office, don't know what I'm going to do about homework for my science class. I'm only taking nine credits after all, since no one got cut off the Screenwriting class and I was third on the waitlist. (Sucks to be me.)

The budget cut protest at UNLV was quite impressive, as was the show Noelle was in. Nico didn't show up to his own gallery show, though, and that made me sad.

The Impossible Project bought the old Poloroid factory in Poland and is seeking to green-refurb it to make new poloroid film! They need your help and I think it's a quite worthy cause, so check it out.

Elizabeth Moss and Will Armistad are engaged?! Damn. I feel like this means I can't talk smack about his Barack Obama any more.

Attention all Germans on the friends list: if you like Battlestar Galactica, Bear McCreary has a Battlestar Ballet premiering in Hagen.

On the third day of Barack Obama's presidency the President gave to me: new stem cell research and an end to the global gag rule.
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How to make Freebase Caffeine.

It seems like a fun home chemistry project.

San Franciscans rename Bush Street to Obama Street: here, flickr stream: here.

I love it! Especially since apparently they managed to do the entire street. And that picture of them with the cop. San Francisco, you always bring the lulz.

The New White House Website wants you to search it. Great! I love our new tech-sophisticate administration.

My first class was kind of meh; I hate spending 86 bucks on a textbook. My political philosophy teacher reminds me of Richard Belzer, and no I can't decide if that's good or not.

Oh, and I have a Battlestar Galactica theory about the Head!People! )
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1. I don't think I'm ever going to be employed ever again.

2. In the endless 'will the new Star Trek movie be any good' debate, people who shit on DS9 and then immediately start wanking about how the new Battlestar Galactica is the best reboot ever. They're practically the same fucking show! *headdesk*

ETA: 3. For the record, the answer about the Star Trek movie is 'no', because Zachary Quinto really, really sucks.
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I just finished my first pencil page for my [ profile] nanomango. My story is a wordless story of dinosaurs in love. By request of [ profile] tinpan, I decided it was going to be about Coelophysis, so it will have cannibalism. I was worried about what to do for foliage, because um, the Triassic, who ever does anything with the Triassic, but apparently it was all ferns, and everyone loves drawing ferns!

I actually think the idea of Coelophysis is love is ridic, since they probably weren't very clever. I am presuming they nest like crocodiles and have big clutches, but have pairbonds for the purpose of plot. Well, I guess birds had to start somewhere.

I can't wait until they hatch a clutch of like, thirty little Coelophysis and then all the little Coelophysis get eaten by mom and dad. (Spoilers?)

I will make an effort to draw it often while wearing my Coelophysis Madonna t-shirt.

So anyway. Watching Independence Day. Has anyone ever written the crossover fanfiction where this attack on Earth was the beginning of 'All of This Has Happened Before And All of It Will Happen Again' from Battlestar Galactica? And Mary McDonnell's First Lady character later reincarnates into Roslin, where she realizes that Adama = Bill Pullman?

If not, [ profile] nnaylime should get on it right now.

Baltar is obviously the evil reincarnation of Jeff Goldblum.


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