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Yes, it's an hour long, but if you're a fan of the West Wing this is well worth watching. A lot of reminiscing about the West Wing without the usual stories as well as some really in-depth thoughts about the American political process.

ETA: Though as a former graphic novelist, I object to some of Whitford's comments about comic books. Maybe YOU should read one, eh?


Apr. 29th, 2012 09:18 pm
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-- Gallery show for my arts admin class, "Vitrine" went off really well despite being incredibly stressful.

-- Now I am stressing about my other art show, on May 8th.

-- I'm going to bum around Europe on the 15th.

-- The current plot arc on my Pern MUSH, is incredibly absorbing. Also, we have a proper website now. How about that?

-- "Cabin in the Woods" - really, can Bradley Whitford be in all the Whedon things now? He fucking made that movie for me. I know I'm sad for him, but really. Bradley Whitford. Joss Whedon.

-- "The Hunger Games" - I also liked this. I thought it was very well directed, actually, to leave most of the emotional content unspoken in a huge Hollywood blockbuster is kind of a brave choice. Which speaks ill of Hollywood, but that is a film fan's prerogative, no?

-- "Game of Thrones, Season Two" - Dinklage is still awesome. Tiny dragons are awesome. Everything else about this show is barely tolerable.

-- "The Borgias, Season Two" - Honestly, I had forgotten the fine details of a lot of what happened last season. The first two episodes were a little meh, and although I'm inclined to like the Pope's newest girlfriend due to her proclivities (and I kind of ship her with Cesare as of last episode) I think she's allllmost on this side of Renaissance Mary Sue wish fulfillment. Last week's episode was a rush a minute thrill ride in terms of the plot, though. I like it better than "Game of Thrones" by kind of a lot.

-- "Mad Men" - Less Betty, slightly more filler. Highlights of the season so far have been the conclusion of the miserable "Joan's husband" arc, if only because thank fuck it seems over, and pretty much everything about Lane. And whatever Megan is wearing. I'm not entirely feeling it this season, I think, but I think Peggy continues to be my life model and I kind of ship her with Ginsberg even though my heart tells me that Peggy/Don is endgame.

-- "The Legend of Korra" - Everything about this show is fucking great. A 30 minute cartoon for tweens, but it's better than all three of the shows above COMBINED in terms of teasing a plot and then moving it the fuck forward. That is because the above three shows are the bastard children of the "Sopranos effect" whereas Korra is blissfully from another age of television. When they knew how to block an episode as an episode and not as part of a miniseries.


May. 24th, 2011 06:42 pm
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Reviewing media things is the only thing I'm doing with this journal lately. Still. Let's go.

1. Pirates Four )

2. Doctor Who was good this week, but you should never review them until the second part. Sure, it's mostly a hash of a bunch of different science fiction stories, but if you must rip, rip shamelessly and from the best. There's some subtle character choices and at least one really nice scare. Looking forward to the next part. Gulp. Almost at that season divide already?

3. This week's Game of Thrones was the best one yet! Script by Jane Esperson. Of course. Golden Crown )

4. A little fandom wank: Joshua Malina, of Sports Night and Will Bailey fame, apparently made a fake Bradley Whitford twitter account tonight and has spent the day trolling gullible fans. Which is a terrible thing to do, no less to spoof a divorced father of three by following NAMBLA and joking about his ex-wife. Yo dude, there's a line, and it was WAY THE FUCK BACK THERE. Also, dude, you're not a good enough actor for me to find that funny and if I were involved in hiring you, you wouldn't be.

5. Speaking of, Bradley Whitford has some serious alimony issues or something because he's been on three guest spots in less than a week. I always look forward to seeing him on TV and the first two roles were awesome, but he could do a lot better than Slimy Defense Lawyer of the Week on a Law and Order Spinoff.


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