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... and trying to apply for private loans, and considering finding a sugar daddy... I decided to put up a GoFundMe.

I am pleasantly surprised to have reached 625 in two days! I am now aiming to crack 1000 in the first week, although I don't know how, because I think I've rather tapped the friends and family who have money to give. I am also considering adding a reward level of postcard sketches for 10 dollars? So maybe I should change the pic to my pen-and-ink self portrait rather than slightly drunk at last year's birthday party.

But what the hey, here it is, please share it! Feedback welcome.


Jan. 18th, 2010 08:46 pm
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I thought long and hard about what sort of donations I wanted to make and then decided that I would give more of the amount to organizations that have long term goals for Haiti. I think discussing which groups I decided to give to is kind of gauche, but maybe some of you will want to help out as well.

So. Habitat for Humanity, Haiti Fund. They built lovely houses for many Tsunami victims - I like that they focused on job creation within the local community, that the houses represented a local style appropriate to the area, and that in addition to requiring community sweat-equity, the Asian Tsunami houses have designated income-developing areas for the family to open little shops or gardens. Based on my happiness with previous donations, they were a natural choice. People in Haiti are going to need homes.

Healing Hands for Haiti. Taking a flier on this one because they don't have a Charity Navigator rating, but they're run out of Salt Lake City and mentioned positively in the papers there, so I feel confident. They run a clinic that employs Haitians to fit prosthetics - it sounds like a lot of people will need them.

Doctors Without Borders general fund got a teeny tiny bit of money from me, because I'm SURE that even if it doesn't go to Haiti, someone in the world will benefit. MSF is made of secret badass like that.

This is also a note to myself to donate some money around Christmas for more rebuilding type projects. It kind of sucks to be the EFF or ACLU tonight, though, as this was my renewal membership money.


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