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I may have let a ficathon slip out of my grasp. (I had an idea for it and then forgot. [ profile] fashionbeast, didn't I tell you?)

I may have ALSO not finished my [ profile] nanomango or the spec script I started.

But I am for sure going to LA on Tuesday. [ profile] soaked_in_stars, want to help me find all new ways of procrastinating?
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I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow with the LJ outage. We have tickets to go see James Bond again (with my dad and brother this time), but that's only two hours.

Bugger. Maybe I'll catch up on my [ profile] nanomango.

My brother is on "Celestial Navigation". He is pleased as punch that Admiral Adama is going to be on the Supreme Court, and ran around making muffled mouth noises for half the afternoon.
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Nanomango: 7/30. When the [ profile] nanomango folk said 'rough pencils' I apparently took them at their word, as many panels are nothing but stick dinosaurs. On the other hand, I went through and cleaned some of those stick dinosaurs up today. I could probably ink page one and two tomorrow, if I finally look up a suitable cynodont for the Coelophysis to be eating.

I figured out how to do their eyes, too. I'd been trying to give them eyelids, but it made them look cuter and more evolved than I wanted them to look. So now they don't have eyelids and they also have cat's eyes. I guess crocodiles also have slit eyes and sclerotic rings, so fffpth. Biology! Who cares about biology.

I think I missed this at the time: Dromeosaur trackway discovered! Look guys, they do move in herds!

(Actually, the genuine coolness is in seeing they did walk with the claw up, but hey.)
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I went to the Las Vegas Comic Fest today and had a really brilliant time. Even though NO ONE ELSE CAME. Fail, friends, fail. After I'd been pimping it to them for months. Well, sigh. 2008's been a rough year for everyone.

After, [ profile] kadymae and her hubby (new feed: [ profile] ralph_mathieu, hope that works) and I went and got gyros. It's really weird going out to eat with friends who I haven't seen in person in a while, yet who read the blog because apparently there's not a lot of small talk to make.

I'm pretty tired now, but I was going to try and do roughs for three more pages of my [ profile] nanomango because then I'll be caught up.
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I just did three really rough pages of my [ profile] nanomango, which brings me up to 4/30.

Blah. I need to know a lot more about the biology of Coelophysis. The toes are stubbier than I've been drawing them. (On the other hand, fuck it, Coelophysis is basically the type specimen of theropods, so no one will give a shit. It is truly the original generic dinosaur.)
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I just finished my first pencil page for my [ profile] nanomango. My story is a wordless story of dinosaurs in love. By request of [ profile] tinpan, I decided it was going to be about Coelophysis, so it will have cannibalism. I was worried about what to do for foliage, because um, the Triassic, who ever does anything with the Triassic, but apparently it was all ferns, and everyone loves drawing ferns!

I actually think the idea of Coelophysis is love is ridic, since they probably weren't very clever. I am presuming they nest like crocodiles and have big clutches, but have pairbonds for the purpose of plot. Well, I guess birds had to start somewhere.

I can't wait until they hatch a clutch of like, thirty little Coelophysis and then all the little Coelophysis get eaten by mom and dad. (Spoilers?)

I will make an effort to draw it often while wearing my Coelophysis Madonna t-shirt.

So anyway. Watching Independence Day. Has anyone ever written the crossover fanfiction where this attack on Earth was the beginning of 'All of This Has Happened Before And All of It Will Happen Again' from Battlestar Galactica? And Mary McDonnell's First Lady character later reincarnates into Roslin, where she realizes that Adama = Bill Pullman?

If not, [ profile] nnaylime should get on it right now.

Baltar is obviously the evil reincarnation of Jeff Goldblum.

My Day:

Oct. 31st, 2008 05:21 pm
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Went to work, came home.

I also paid some money on the Verizon bill, then went to Starbucks for lunch, then went and bought art supplies for [ profile] nanomango. I have a few hours left to decide what the story should be about, but it's going to be fiction for sure. I figure I'll have plenty of time to work on comics this November.

Depressing: we have a big plastic cauldron in the yard, which we drag out each Halloween. My mother says that she cleaned it out this afternoon and found three or four dead yard lizards in the bottom. :0 I feel so guilty, I love our yard lizards! And now they're about to go into hibernation so there's no way I can think of to make it up to the Lord of the Yard Lizards! Woe.

The credit agency who holds my back rent account, which I've been chipping away at, offered all the poor debtors a settlement due to the economy. Unfortunately, even if I am still employed on the 5th, I cannot afford to pay the settlement amount to them by the end of November. Too bad, so sad.

Sometimes I wish that being in debt meant I got to be exported somewhere exotic by the government. Like Australia! Or Georgia. (Well. Maybe not Georgia.)

Leftover chicken curry is yummy.


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