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I skipped out on Gallifrey 2010 on Saturday to go to Disneyland with Shane, Noelle, Noelle's mom and my godchild. Pictures coming some time next week in a locked post.

The reason we went to Disneyland, aside from forcing a toddler to mug for pictures: CAPTAIN MOTHERFUCKING EO. Noelle's a big MJ stan - in fact, Tomorrowland was full of them. The Captain EO tribute only reopened last weekend so there were still Michael Jackson cosplayers and people with original merchandise roaming around. It was actually pretty cute.

I remember thinking that Captain EO was goddamn awful as a kid. It doesn't help that it was next to my most favoritest ride ever: Star Tours. My parents always wanted to go see Captain EO and I was like, 'NO DAMMIT MICHAEL JACKSON TOUCHES LITTLE CHILDREN, HE'S A PERV.' So they would get in the no-line for Captain EO and I would spend dumb money on Star Wars crap until they were done.

Okay so the point I'm coming to is this: I take it back. I take it all back. Captain EO is fucking amazing and I hope it sticks around for a while.

It is pure 80s nostalgia, like someone dug up a can of 80s from a closet long after they had ceased making it, and you all sat down to enjoy one last fresh taste. Francis Ford Coppola! George Lucas! Muppets! Terrible greenscreening and the oldschool 80s version of 3D with motion chairs that force you to chair dance to 'Another Part of Me'! (Yo Disney, I don't need encouragement for that, you know what I'm sayin'?)

So Michael Jackson is the Captain of a Muppet crew in a quasi-Star Wars universe. They have to deliver something to the 'Supreme Leader', who turns out to be a Borg Queen. Naturally, after they have many misadventures with something shooting at them, a holovid bossguy screaming and the Muppets making 'whoops, aren't we adorable' gags. And the Queen is pissed so the Muppet robots turn into musical instruments, so that Michael Jackson can have a dance off, while turning a bunch of Borg Drones into backup dancers through the power of song and sparkling lights.

And at the very end? The Borg Queen is revealed to have been Angelica Huston. Angelica Huston! How could I have ever crapped on such a thing of pure magnificence?

Picard never hit Q, but Picard also never defeated the Borg Queen through the power of song. Hence I am forced to conclude this: Michael Jackson is the true secret badass of all science fiction.

You all should go see it. It's rad, especially because everyone in the audience is in their early 30s/later 20s and thus remembers going to see it the first time/loving Michael Jackson/loving shit exactly like this during their misbegotten youth. The audience participation will give you a contact high of love.

Also, if you go, hit up the Star Tours on your way out if you ever loved it. They're scrapping it to replace it with Star Tours II: Now With More Pod-Racing! I am horribly depressed.
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I applied to UNLV today - between that and going to the optometrist I am really feeling the poverty again. Wah, sixty dollar application fee? I hope I get in, but I'm not positive I have the best grades. I had a 2.5 in high school, and I technically only have like, twenty college credits. My best academic years were at SAIC, but it's a pass fail school and... technically I don't think they're going to send that transcript to them anyway.

(Pass fail is why I am sucking at this portfolio class. How can I be failing, we haven't even done anything yet? Except we HAVE.)

Anyway. Yesterday I got a great review for my short story in Drunk: read it here. Fuckin' yay.

This article in the CityLife blog was a big downer about the economy here: What?! Gambling won’t save Las Vegas?

Part of me still doesn't believe that to be true - I KNOW Shane doesn't believe it, he thinks CityCenter's going to turn it all around here. That said, I do believe in the economic plan they outline. We SHOULD legalize prostitution and pot in Clark County - and then tax the fuck out of it.

Randomly awesome links:

Here's a bunch of pictures of an owl in a box.

The Secrets of Star Trek Makeup, Part One, Part Two, and Part Three

This got lots of buzz for being some of the only shots of the new Klingon makeup, which I think looks okay, but I'm not willing to give a full assessment until we see some ridges. More importantly: part one is about the background aliens, and some of the shots are the clearest ones I've seen. I imagine this piece will be hugely important for cosplayers.

Happy Birthday Harvey Pekar!

Lots of awesome drawings of Harvey Pekar.

Boing Boing has an amazing rundown of the art and design of Beatles: Rockband

For those of you who do not rock... a joystick. Or anyone into art, or the Beatles.

Regretsy is the blog of... regrettable Etsy projects.
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My dad had a drug test for a job at City Center; cross your fingers, it would help out ENORMOUSLY and make all the difference in the world, especially about our health insurance for my mom.

I lost my job. There were only eight days left, and I'm glad to see the backside of it because I knew I wasn't making my goal and so I spent the last week there constantly cringing in fear of the axe. Still don't get paid until the 24th - planning on using it for school. Can't believe this, but I owe CSN a 160 bucks, so I hope I made enough to cover this next semester.

Also, I'm running out of pens. I might put some of the earlier Boccaccio illustrations on Etsy, but I doubt anyone will buy them. :(

Because I lost the job, I have no idea when the internet will get turned back on at my house, and the neighbors seem to have gotten sick of us and locked the network down. I'm at the library right now.

I posted the first of two or three Amazon illustrations.

Here's some stuff I liked:

Now Let Us Praise Awesome Dinosaurs: this is like the story of dinosaurs from my dreams. It's about dinosaurs from Mars who move back to earth, an earth where dinosaurs do gutterpunk things like race cars and fight in youtube videos. Really, truly awesome dinosaurs.

This article on horse puppets in "Warhorse": anyone else think that puppetry for the stage is the place to be lately? This is really amazing.

I also saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Here are my thoughts: Dumbledore dies on page 596. )

Other than that, liked the movie at least as much as I like anything Harry Potter.
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The reason wanking is annoying is because it is not a productive activity. It replaces that energy with angry self-righteousness, which is an emotion that is SO SATISFYING, but is actually empty calories.

In other news, I spent most of my night in a depressive funk about my unemployment, but I did go out to dinner with my dad and then my brother and I watched Persepolis in an attempt to spark discussion about Iranian politics. It did not work, but I did discover that Persepolis has an English language dub. I had no idea.

Look! This woman has a pet capybara! Cute pictures!
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Every time there's an election in Iran, I hope that this is going to be the one. The lack of media coverage in America right now on the brewing revolution there is positively shameful; Iranians, you're totally in my thoughts. I wish I could be there, actually, but it's something you guys gotta do on your own.

Best of luck.

Cocaine use isn't as bad as claimed.

A brief story that opens the door to a WHO report on cocaine use that was shelved due American pressure because the researchers reported that brief and occasional recreational use of cocaine is not harmful.

Chaz Bono is transitioning.

Good for him!

This company makes Escher-based tiles.

Weirdly enough, they are apparently very strict about copyright. Ha ha ha.
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I am having intestinal distress, but I'm trying to hide it because if I make a big deal about it it will freak my mother out.

Luckily, there's a Ninth Doctor marathon on SciFi! And she had to take my brother to mandatory state testing! Also a turtle having sex with a shoe!

It makes the cutest squeaking noise.

The True Story of the World's Greatest Modern Diamond Heist.

My favorite bit is where the critical evidence is discovered by a cranky old man who is tired of trash being dumped on his property.

El Tango de Romana

What's not to love? The Tenth Doctor has wandering hands.

[ profile] ursulav's Digger is free online now. Yay.
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Shiny pink dolphin!

Why TV Lost

The Bush Administration briefly considered curtailing First Amendment rights.

Quelle surprise there.

Kepler Space Observatory going to be launched soon.

On the hunt for exoplanets!

Here are some arts I made today:

Old Lace sits on her hip pad. Don't know how I feel about the arms.

Old Lace also always looks cold and naked. Poor baby, could someone put a sweater on her?
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New take of Revolution that conceptually joins Revolution #1 to Revolution #9. I actually like this a lot and I'm not the sort of person who gets off on obscure bootlegs of anything, even though I know that scores you 'cool points' at parties.

Yes, Virginia, you can has David Tenannt 'Hamlet' DVD.

omfg. Best.

Alexander McQueen's Target line is out today. And really disappointing. I think Target needs to rethink the designer concept - it's good to get everyone all hot and bothered about their favorite designers at Tar-zhay, but not good if the line ends up looking nothing at all like the work of the designer. In short: couldn't there be more feathers or ruffles or goth accouterments? Bummer.


Mar. 1st, 2009 02:16 pm
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So, life moves on.

This Bruce Sterling article ought to scare the pants off you if you love the internet - the way I love the internet. Oy.

In other news: the only reason I dragged myself out of bed yesterday, besides the yard sale, was that my brother went to some Halo tournament. He had pre-ordered Halo Wars with some mixture of allowance and sell-back games. He ended up beating the tar out of a bunch of adults. (I don't have the heart to tell him that gaming is all downhill from thirteen.) Grand prize: free copy of Halo Wars. So he has fifty bucks in store credit now. I asked for Katamari for Wii, but he'll probably blow it on something else, because we love each other ... but maybe not that much.

I'm proud of him though.
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1. I think this article about Pixar's 'girl problem' is completely retarded. While true that none of the Pixar films have a lead female, they are a response in part to traditional animation - where believe it or not, it is thin on the ground to find a film with a male lead. (And lots of them fail at feminism WAY HARDER than not passing the Bechdel test, looking at you 'Little Mermaid'.)

Also it means you're discounting that the women characters Pixar do have starring in their films are usually genuinely feminist. EVE has big guns and is the muscle. Mrs. Incredible and Violet are far more powerful and competent than the boys. And what about Collette?

So, fuck that noise hard. Call me back when Pixar fails harder on this issue.

2. WETA makes mermaid prosthesis for woman. Pretty awesome looking.

3. [ profile] caboodleranch runs a ranch/sanctuary for abandoned cats and needs your help.

4. Neil Gaiman is posting lots of his old journalism articles on comics.

5. Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery is out today. I really waaaant it but I don't want to spend more money today because I let myself have Starbucks and Subway.

6. This is a pretty awesome political ad. Will Rahm clean up his potty mouth? FUCK NO. Good times, would vote and lol again.
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Have some links:

On the 10th anniversary of Gene Siskel's death, Ebert's memorial. Beyond touching.

Outtakes from a proposed Last Unicorn Graphic Novel. Absolutely gorgeous. Not sure how I feel about aping the character designs from the movie, although it is beloved so it's probably a savvy move. I hope the rumors are true and someone picks up the license again.

Twitter connects two guys with Shaq. At a diner! They show up and he pays for their meal. It's a really great story.

Now: I could watch Wall-E, or I could start with the collected work of Derek Jarman...
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I'm supposed to be writing some essay answers about The Republic right now, but since "Thrasymarchus is a retarded straw man character," is not, I suspect, an acceptable interpretation of Plato, I make you with the links right now.

Did you know that Facebook is reliving all the old LJ wanks, one by one? This time: pictures of boobies in user icons! I, for one, eagerly anticipate the day when the Googlehosebeast has to fight off angry pedo-slashers and then gets bought by Russians.

Here are some pictures of birds, shot at high speed. Who knew sparrows were such vicious aerial fighters? How come there are a zillion stories about mice with swords but no stories about sparrow dog-fighting?
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How to make Freebase Caffeine.

It seems like a fun home chemistry project.

San Franciscans rename Bush Street to Obama Street: here, flickr stream: here.

I love it! Especially since apparently they managed to do the entire street. And that picture of them with the cop. San Francisco, you always bring the lulz.

The New White House Website wants you to search it. Great! I love our new tech-sophisticate administration.

My first class was kind of meh; I hate spending 86 bucks on a textbook. My political philosophy teacher reminds me of Richard Belzer, and no I can't decide if that's good or not.

Oh, and I have a Battlestar Galactica theory about the Head!People! )
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I can't remember really, what in the conversation led to me talking about Ecco the Dolphin, but I needed to show someone a video to prove how crazy the plot to this game gets. I ended up showing my brother this LP, which is genuinely one of the funniest Let's Play I've ever seen. Inspired, we found the cartridge and have been playing it in bits and pieces.

Just to prove to him that you could, I did the first jump. It was a technical beauty, too, since I didn't even have to rockflop to land it.
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Creepy guy pretends to be a Rockafeller for like, twenty years.

I feel like there's a new version of this story every five years, but this one is extra creepy because this guy married a woman, had a kid and is implicated in murders.

Barney Frank is Massachusetts' adorable cranky gay granduncle, sez The Advocate.

Too true. I'm kinda shocked he still does his own laundry, though.

John Maynard Keyes' sekrit gay sex diaries.

Not just one sex diary, but two! One of which is written in code!
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Memories of knowing Obama as he grew up, a bunch of interesting perspectives on Obama before he was famous.

The 10 Worst Political Ads of 2008

I enjoyed every minute.

This cartoon on Obama's Batman references.

Because, yeah, when he called McCain the Robin to Bush's Batman I was aghast. BUT ROBIN BECOMES NIGHTWING. THE MAVRICKY NIGHTWING. Fail, Obama, fail.

Longish piece on Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway.

He's working on Stirling engines, perpetual energy generators that run off ambit heat, but says he can't find an investor. Dammit, man, start selling those online independently! Don't wait for some heartless corporate baron to buy it and stick it in a closet.
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Everyone saw this thing about how LM Montgomery, creator of Anne of Green Gables, committed suicide right?

Now, this is not to slam on suicide, because suicide is pretty awful and I've lost some people, and had to fight for others and I'm a depressive myself. No!

I simply mean to point out that I had this friend in middle school who was OBSESSED with Anne of Green Gables, especially the live action one on Disney channel which had like a zillion episodes. And of course, I tried to watch it with the proper Felicity and Gus shipping spirit. But alas, it was terrifically boring golden wheat pastures which stuck in my mind and probably greatly contributed to my fear of 'the heartlands' and cotton dresses.

Avonlea curiously struck me, as an irritating and irritable twelve year old, as to be so safe and clean and wholesome as to be a strange sort of buffer from anything resembling objective reality. The walls of Avonlea were padded. In calico.

This is all a round-about way of saying: I remain absolutely ignorant of anything about LM Montgomery the person. And I am not surprised. Nor was I particularly surprised to find out, many years ago, that the Japanese love her and have a creepy Anne of Avonlea cult.

It's all [ profile] iceb0x's parents fault anyway. I should never have been forced to socialize with other people.
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An amazing post by Suzanne Vega about the writing of 'Tom's Diner'. Hat tip to [ profile] dianora2 for linking it to me, especially since I'd never heard the story of how Suzanne Vega is the mother of the mp3. (No, really! Sorta.)

This depresses me. A little. Russel T Davies is actually a pretty amazing cartoonist.

Scans by [ profile] sensiblecat.

Rabbit Fall: a Canadian cop/sci-fi show with several First Nation characters. I am going to be dl'eding for Noelle.


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