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2013-05-15 10:18 am
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You Know Nothing, Matt Yglesias

Today, Slate's Matt Yglesias writes a long piece about the value of the Star Trek franchise focusing specifically on the message. That piece is entitled I Boldly Went Where Every Star Trek Movie and TV Show Has Gone Before and it is mostly a fine piece that I am mostly in agreement with that argues that Star Trek needs to come back as a DS9-like cable show in the vein of "Mad Men" to argue for a utopian progressive future.

I mostly agree with that assessment...except for this minor line: "Some of these one-offs—those set in the Mirror Universe especially—are fun. But others are dreadful (Sisko has to train his crew to beat a bunch of arrogant Vulcans at baseball) or simply bizarre (Sisko fights racism in the sci-fi industry of the 1950s)."

*record scratch*


Aside from being one of the best episodes of television on race ever filmed, "Far Beyond the Stars" is about the enfranchisement of black and female voices in fiction. It says more about racism in America in an hour than the entire series of Mad Men has in six seasons, because its point is simple. It says, quite simply says that our stories matter. OUR stories. To dismiss it as 'simply bizarre' is to show that no, you don't really get Star Trek at all. You're comfortable with a black male lead... so long as that black male never opens his mouth about race.

So yes. Star Trek needs to come back. And it needs to be a cable-drama in the vein of Mad Men.

And writers and fans like Matt Yglesias should have absolutely nothing to do with it.
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2012-01-30 10:17 pm
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This is a picture of Kira Nerys in 40s Menswear

This picture restores my faith in fandom as a delightful purveyor of things. I would not have thought to have asked for this, but now that it is in my life, it completes me. In a deep and fundamental way.

(I am not lying about my feelings about this one tiny bit: I am pretty sure the first time I knew I was queer was when Hologram!Kira sang 'Fever' and to this day if I see a girl wearing a latticed top in beige, my head turns.)
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2012-01-07 02:33 pm

More Yuletide:


All is Cracked and Confusion by agapi42

This is a time-travel story that you have to read twice to fully understand. During the Bajoran Occupation, the Cardassians steal the Orb of Time. Kira went on two missions: one aborted, one where they failed, to stop it from happening. A great story that could have happened on the show, and the author knows just the right amount of sly Garak to provide.

Immortal by tornyourdress

Jadzia, before Dax. This has a lovely look at how much pressure individuals in Trill society are under to be found worthy of joining.

In The Files by tree_and_leaf

A minor Bajoran technician on the station left a surprise for the Dominion. Now she's dead and the station is back in the hands of the Federation. I particularly like this one for the spitfire mother OC.

Slings and Arrows

People Who Don't Understand Brecht Don't Understand Life by Sage.

I don't really get the pairing on this one, but it was highly rec'ed so I gave it a shot... and it works for me! Not the pairing, but what the relationship establishes about the story. A young Darren and Geoffrey join New Burbage and get cast by Oliver in Marlowe's Edward II - the author has a really insightful psychological grasp on how Darren and Geoffrey are developing as young actors, and on Oliver in his middle years. I love the backstabbing, the secret cattiness of the casting, and the OCs who raise Darren do so much to flesh out the world and make him a sympathetic character. Highly recommended by me as well!

Thereby Hangs a Tale... by Satchelfoot.

After the series, Geoffrey eventually returns to acting. A really enjoyable, true to the series tone ficlet. After all, all the world's a stage...


Every year, there are Sandman crossovers. Sandman is a little black dress - it goes with everything. I think the harder challenge is to write stories that take place entirely within the series, and there was one really good choices this year.

Except in Dreams by elynross

A day in the life of Lucien, Head Librarian in the Library of Dreams. This story makes fantastic use of the Dreaming's supporting cast and is hung on the delightful idea that Lucien and Nuala are organizing concerts of the great unfinished (except in dreams!) works of classical composers.
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2011-11-07 03:12 pm
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Fic Recs!

There have been some spectacularly awesome long fics posted to A03 lately. No idea if they're the product of Big Bangs - I mentioned in the locked post that my ability to access the internet hasn't been astonishingly great since I moved, and one of the consequences of working hard in studio and that has been not checking Dreamwidth or LJ ... well, mostly at all, is that I don't know if these have been rec'ed to death yet or what.

West Wing

War Criminals by FabulaRasa
It's a novella (42,000+ words!) length story slashing Leo McGarry/Lord John Marbury which is a fabulously weird pairing to write 42,000+ words about, isn't it? It's remarkably pacy, despite that, and the author brings in and has equally interesting cameos for many of the other characters.

Except for some structural issues involving how you shouldn't do nested flashbacks of that length in prose, I think it's a wonderful AU story that makes marvelous use of the things West Wing was ABOUT - international politics and the interpersonal crisis of heart that follow - and I genuinely would like to sit in a room and learn from this Lord John and Leo, who sound every bit the international war time consiglieres they are meant to be.

our book won't close by slybrunette

A shorter Josh and Amy fic, post-Santos, that has an all too depressing burnt edges feel in that nothing that happens around the edges is too surprising, but the fact that things fall apart is more Wells and less Sorkin. I like these stories where, rather than the post-admin written during the Sorkin-era, everyone's older and wiser/dumber and politics is meaner and more meaningless. (I think, if you're modeling your life off Leo McGarry's choices - and Josh Lyman very much does so, it doesn't bode well for happy endings.)


Reproduction by kattahj

It starts off as a zany xenobiology story - the Dax symbiont has to lay eggs! - which morphs into a detailed examination of the issues surrounding Ezri and Julian having children of their own. Much care and thought went into this fic, and it feels both pitch-perfect to the DS9 universe as well as managing to convince me that Ezri and Julian were more than an odd fling.

A Space for Faith by beatrice_otter

An all OC-tale that would fit neatly into the universe of post-canon DS9 novels if you let it. This is a five chapter story of a young Bajoran security officer on the threshold of becoming absorbed into Starfleet, and the older Vulcan officer she becomes friends with through tutoring. (There's a little blip where the two discuss religion that I find jarring in context of what Starfleet science can do - and what Starfleet science teaches about the Prophets, but I think the choice of pairing a spiritual Vulcan with a Bajoran developing long rusty skills is more interesting overall than this blip.)
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2011-05-08 11:38 am
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Three Fic Recs

Parallel Evolution by [personal profile] mosca

Seven explorations of sexuality on DS9. Many of these are filling in the details on relationships that exist in canon. I think it's a credit to the way DS9 handled relationships that none of them seem wrong, and a credit to Mosca that they so seamlessly fit into the universe.

F is For Ferengi (remix)

It's a testament to Jadzia Dax's openness to new things that a Dax/Ishka fic makes a lot of sense. It feels really seditious and right to ship Dax with female Ferengi.

Scenes From The Wedding Album of Canton Everett Delaware III by [personal profile] raven

"Yes," says Canton, after a moment. "My partner of forty years is about to marry me with cheese Danish crumbs on his collar, let me get those, you idiot."

The journalist takes a picture while he fixes it. Groom-to-be nervously adjusts tie, he guesses the caption will be. God damn the New York Times.

The gay agenda lives on!
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2011-03-02 12:07 pm

Positive Fandom Things:

1. Rachel Maddow follows me on Twitter now. You are all insanely jealous, right?

This wasn't as big of a freak out for me as it was my other friends, because I don't write fanfiction about real people and thus never have to worry she'll find my Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox stories. They don't exist.

2. Just Like Starting Over, a Mad Men Peggy/Don future fic. I'm not sure if there are a lot of stories in this fandom that project the characters forward - this one does a great job at applying the 1980s to the characters and style of the series. The little details are what makes this work - the opening gambit of Peggy's interview with Ms. Magazine, being asked about the Diana/Charles wedding. Don reading 'Rabbit is Rich'. It's the details that make the relationship seem believable.

And how can you not love the period-appropriate John Lennon title?

3. The cosmos own our luck. CJ and Toby, post series. Again, with the details. They're both political people, their lives take place in the background of big events - the choice to frame the dialogue as dashed off emails sent as CJ runs about fixing the world is inspired.

4. Malice Aforethought - DS9 needs a few more lawyers. I don't want to spoil it, but this is a fic about how Kira is awesome. Everyone likes that, yes?

5. That I can rec new fic from twenty and eleven year old fandoms makes me happy. Continue shining on, you crazy diamonds.
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2010-11-07 07:30 pm

Bashir wishes he was James Bond:

Perfect song, perfect fandom. [personal profile] selenak needs to see this:

DS9: I Wish I Was James Bond
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2010-08-08 03:11 pm
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Oh, DS9 ♥

The resurgence in new DS9 stuff in fandom lately warms my heart.

This Odo/Kira picspam, for example? Makes me happy on the inside.
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2010-05-13 11:30 pm

How about some fic recs?

Star Trek

The Desert Between by [personal profile] beatrice_otter. The Enterprise visits the new Vulcan colony, and Uhura starts to notice something funny about the human volunteers. Of course, in the traditional Vulcan society she has to be vetted to marry Spock and learn about Pon Farr. What I really loved about this fic, besides the immersive way the author has blended the canon and Diane Duane's Vulcan stories, was Jalila, the author's OC. The way it addressed the culture of the Federation's Earth is really interesting.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Misremembering the Alamo by [personal profile] loneraven. Written for [community profile] lgbtfest. Newly joined Ezri Dax has to come to terms with the symbiont's sexuality. My favorite thing about this fic is the way that [personal profile] loneraven got all the voices of the DS9 crew, and the gentle feeling that they were all a family. Perfection.

Also, if you haven't seen it, Good in My Head is an awesome Kira vid by [personal profile] meddow.

Calvin and Hobbes

Stupendous Man and Pretty Cool Dude (for an old guy) Join Forces by [personal profile] mjules. Uncle Max and his lover take Calvin for the weekend and have to explain to Calvin about being homosexual. I really enjoy that Calvin sounds like Calvin despite the story being told from an adult perspective.

Iron Man

for today or the rest of my life by [personal profile] calicokat. Written before the new movie so it's been Jossed now, but it is awesome. Pepper Potts starts to date a lovely man, who has nothing whatsoever to do with Tony Stark and superheroics. So of course, Tony gets jealous... this sounds like a really stupid summary, but [personal profile] calicokat has perfect voice for these two. And her OC is great.

"Wow. The yuppie who thinks he's going to singlehandedly save the world," Blair jokes at the razor's edge of caution.

He's right in assuming that a woman who laughs at urinalysis humor can treat her high-powered career with levity. Pepper likes that he's willing to take calculated risks.

Pretty awesome!

Concession by obsession_inc. Iron Man dark-fic from before Iron Man 2, with the author taking Howard Hughes example to extremes. Both Tony and Pepper have gone missing, and a global hunt is on. Christine Everhart is assigned to the story and finds herself becoming obsessed, not with Tony, but with Pepper and what happened to her.

Christine Everhart gets assigned the story the same day that the search for Tony Stark begin to focus on French Polynesia-- if "focus" is a term that can even be used for an area encompassing approximately fifteen-hundred square miles-- and she finds the parallels apt. Both have a certain needle-in-a-haystack feel to them, with a questionable probability of success that's far outweighed by the public interest in the story. There's pressure that goes along with that level of public interest, to have something timely to report even if accuracy is impacted. Christine hates that kind of pressure, and she's well known for fighting with the editors about it, but she's considered the resident expert on all things regarding Tony Stark, so she still gets the assignment.

Doctor Who

The Angel in the House by [profile] cryptile.

So, Harold. Here we are, as was perhaps inevitable: you, huddled in the corner of the kitchen, whimpering uncontrollably, and me, doing this stationary and silent flamenco. I don't enjoy this, you know.

No, well, you don't know. And there is no way of letting you know. Ten years I've been living with you and this farce is the most interaction we've had in this entire time. Of course, 'interaction' is a relative concept as far as I'm concerned, but you get my drift.

Well, no; you don't. My kingdom, my gnome-infested kingdom for a larynx.

Oh. Brilliant. That's it, call the police. What are they going to do, slap a pair of cuffs on me, read me my rights? Lash me to the top of the cruiser like I'm an old mattress? You had any sense, you'd be calling that idiot brother-in-law of yours who works in construction.

You could look away, you know. This is killing my arms.

The most hilarious Weeping Angel POV fic you will ever read. Possibly the only one.
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2010-04-28 10:42 pm

How Chinese Fans Talk About Cardassians:

Click to see it!

I just thought this was really cool, to see Chinese fans using their own idioms to make Cardassian fanart. Yay fandom! I feel like I learned new things.

OH! A Kink Meme for the other Star Treks is here

And for those of you who like The Last Unicorn, new [community profile] scans_daily has a preview of the comic version here.
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2010-01-17 01:15 pm
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Vid: "Grapetown Fires" (Star Trek)

I couldn't think, of anywhere I would have rather been, to watch it all, burn away...

Fandom: pan-Star Trek (movies, 24th Century Prime timeline)
Characters: Spock, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway...
Song: "Grapevine Fires" by Death Cab for Cutie
Length: 4:19

Streaming and downloads at my Dreamwidth!
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2010-01-10 10:28 pm
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Where Doctor Who fandom and Star Trek fandom collide:

Here's more on Russell T Davies planning on crossing Doctor Who over with Star Trek:

4. Yet another [idea for the 2009 Easter Special] was a kind of Star Trek pastiche – essentially “the Doctor on board the Enterprise, puncturing all that Starfleet pomposity with this sheer Doctor-ness”.

Sounds kind of like a Galaxy Quest thing, which I probably would have really enjoyed. (Also, as if 'Waters on Mars' weren't Trek pastiche enough, though I understand it's also a Troughton 'we're all doomed on a space base' episode.)

Though I have to say, the phrase 'Starfleet pomposity' gives me serious doubts. If you're going to do it, even as a pastiche, you should have a little respect, dare I say love, for the material. Though I guess pomposity also depends on which of the series, and which of the Captains you're most trying to play off... Picard and Archer and Janeway were pretty up their own asses from time to time. Kirk and Sisko would have slapped the shit out of the Tenth Doctor and not thought twice about it.

What I'm saying is: so I'm sad it didn't happen, but at least my brother and I didn't BREAK OUR TELEVISIONS IN RAGE.

In other crossover news, the awesome Una McCormack is writing a Doctor Who novel for the Tenth Doctor! It is called 'The King's Dragon', out in July. I think this is very new news, as I can't find a blurb or anything for this. Based on that title, I dream about a Merlin crossover which I am 100% sure isn't what it will be about, but girls can wish.

This reminded me that I have long-delayed posting about her last Star Trek: Deep Space Nine title, "The Never-Ending Sacrifice", literally a Star Trek book I was SO excited for that I almost pre-ordered on Amazon. It could only be a book about Cardassia with that title, and Una McCormack had previously distinguished herself by writing an excellent Garak.

I think all DS9 fans, or maybe all people who vaguely like Star Trek should get this, as it was both great and a unique addition to the line. )

So you should pick that up if you like Star Trek. In fact, I'd push [personal profile] selenak to read it, as I think she'd love it. I couldn't put it down.

In other DS9 news, we're getting an ongoing comic series from IDW! I picked up the first issue excitedly.

Fool's Gold, Issue One )

Anyway, that's shaping up to be a fun trip back to my favorite Star Trek. I hope you all pick it up so they continue to make more comics for meeeee.
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2009-08-23 03:19 pm
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I haven't posted in a while, oops.

First, if you have yet to see it: I made this awesome comic about why the Founding Fathers kind of suck.

Or at least my position is that the Founding Fathers can hardly be called on to help us sort out healthcare, as a. they were not exactly a monolithic bloc on thoughts about the responsibilities of a Federal government and b. none of them are exactly equipped for the 21st century, if you know what I mean.

Anyway: here are also, some thoughts on Ben Sisko. Namely, they were kind of all over the map on his family history, weren't they? Joseph Sisko being alive was a retcon they kind of barely get away with because Sisko doesn't exactly refer to his father in the past tense, just the heart attack. But then they go off and decide he's half-Prophet, which is weird because: dude, Ben Sisko has siblings? You know? Judith who lives in Oregon.

Just sponsored by the fact that I randomly hit his biography on Memory Alpha and was shocked to be reminded that in addition to Judith he also has two unnamed brothers (!)
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2009-08-06 11:00 pm
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NASA is sexy:

You guys saw the Louis Vuitton site with astronauts, right?

Kwatsi Alibaruho is NASA’s first African-American flight director.

He has a Ben Sisko/Defiant themed mission patch. That's a real hardcore Niner, there.

Kepler is operational!

The real reason I made a 'space is sexy' post tonight: OMG KEPLER WORKS NOW GUYS. Eh, I think Kepler is a pretty cool project, looks for planets and doesn't afraid of anything.
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2009-07-29 01:25 am
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IDW picked up DS9 comics?!


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2009-07-23 03:21 pm

Does anyone live in Philly?

Friday, July 31st
7:00p.m. - Franklin Theater

Join us for an evening of conversation with actor and Rutgers professor Avery Brooks (the African-American captain of "Deep Space Nine") and iconic African-American science fiction author and Temple professor Samuel Delany. The two men, known for testing boundaries and barriers within their work, will explore race, science fiction and other themes in a wide-ranging and fascinating dialogue. Programmed as part of The Franklin Institute's Race and Star Trek exhibits, the event will be moderated by Betty Lawrence.

Admission is $5.00. Members are free.
Call 215.448.1254 to register.

I don't get to see Haiyo Miyazaki, Ray Bradbury will probably die long before I get to go to SDCC, and for the first time in my life, I regret not living in Philadelphia.

What IS my world coming too?
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2009-07-20 07:42 pm
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But Crisis on Multiple Kiras is finally over?

It really does pain me to have to write this, but: dude, the Star Trek book line for 2010 looks really crappy. Except for the new JJ-verse novels. (Is it too late to petition for more Gaila?)

I'm basing this on the fact that the books are the only way to get your 24th Century Trek fix, and I'm not all that happy with what happened in Destiny.

This is a spoiler cut for books. )

Why so relevant: the Typhon Pact books seem fun, Riker v. Gorn. But I also still don't like the fact that Ezri Dax is a Captain. No one knows what to do with that character still, pah. It's technically a DS9 book, but what's the big appeal of Ezri Dax v. Breen?

Meanwhile: holy shit, they're jumping the DS9 timeline up to meet the rest of the 24th Century books. But what happens to the next season's storyline, with the Ascendants, the Gamma Quadrant baddies who want to kill the Prophets? Are they going to drop all of it? WILL WE NEVER FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO ODO?


Meanwhile: Star Trek Online and the IDW comics seem like they've created a second branch of 24th Century canon which is kind of more appealing, but with way less DS9. I don't know where to go with it.
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2009-07-06 08:40 pm


Having a job and no wifi means I have no time for the internet. You'd think this would mean that I would be making more art, but it hasn't substantially been so - I'm trying to watch DS9 with my brother from the beginning.

In fact, I'm at the library right now, picking up more DVDs. Season Three, Five and Six? WTF. But I just remembered I have (almost) every episode PAINSTAKINGLY recorded off of late night cable on VHS. Remember when you did that shit? And you made loving labels with glitter pens? I'm forcing him to keep watching it - he loves TNG best. Sigh. He did call it "The West Wing, but in space." He followed it up with: "Except, if it's a boring episode you still have to watch it for the plot."

Okay: enough of that, if you're not following Anbaric blog, there's an ARTICLE ABOUT DRUNK THE COMIC in the Sun today! Noelle got a quote! :D

Oh god, they just turned out the lights. In a library. Before the shadows get me, I should log off my twitter, right? Damn you to hell Moffat.