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I haven't been around DW at all much lately. Months, maybe. I'm sort of GAFIAted from active fandom right now. I'm not politically against anything going on, but it increasingly feels like pointless censorship of the best-intentioned sort while the rest of the world is fucking burning down. Just let old codgers like Manara do their thing. JLaw's still going to be an Oscar-award winning millionaire before she turns 30, guys, and maybe weird race porn on AO3 is just weird race porn. Who has time for this shit? I used to care so much, but man, I don't know. We've got bigger stuff going on in the world.

Ukraine. Israel whacking the tar out of Gaza again. ISIS beheading journalists. Syrian refugees. Ferguson. Robin Williams killed himself. Ebola spreading unchecked because we can't solve the first five of those things let alone get our shit together to help impoverished Africans check another plague.

August. What a bitch. I don't think anyone is going to think of August 2014 with any kind of fondness.

I graduated SAIC in May and ground through a couple of months of really bad unemployment and health issues that left me kind of taxed for everything, so that didn't help. I'm feeling great at the moment, however, and I started working part-time at Steppenwolf Theatre in their call-center fundraising department. Everyone is pleasantly artistic and supportive there, so far, from the Artistic Director on down and I'm surprised by how warm and nice it is even if my actual job is something I could have done pre-degree. I'm doing very well so far. It's paying my rent, too, just barely. Not my student loans, but hey. Rent.

Meanwhile, I got accepted into Northwestern University's new "Masters of Science in Creative Leadership" program, which I'm super excited about for a bunch of reasons - but I haven't been able to pay my deposit yet because of the unemployment thing. I'm trying to raise 500 dollars, and frankly, everyone seems either tapped out (I understand) or waaaaay over my struggles to get fancy degrees. I can almost understand that one too.

If you want to help, or can just share it, that would be great. Ideally I'd like to use this program to launch myself into some sort of media gig where I can afford to make the changes we all want to see... or at least get a full time job at a nice arts organization that will keep my life stable.

As far as fandom things go, I enjoyed "Guardians of the Galaxy" a lot for being refreshingly charming and funny. The final scenes of this season of "Legend of Korra" gave me a lot of deep feels. Mainly I just want to escape and unironically enjoy some respite from this world of horrors.

Yes, I have eaten a LOT of Ben and Jerry's this summer, I can tell you this.


Apr. 29th, 2012 09:18 pm
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-- Gallery show for my arts admin class, "Vitrine" went off really well despite being incredibly stressful.

-- Now I am stressing about my other art show, on May 8th.

-- I'm going to bum around Europe on the 15th.

-- The current plot arc on my Pern MUSH, is incredibly absorbing. Also, we have a proper website now. How about that?

-- "Cabin in the Woods" - really, can Bradley Whitford be in all the Whedon things now? He fucking made that movie for me. I know I'm sad for him, but really. Bradley Whitford. Joss Whedon.

-- "The Hunger Games" - I also liked this. I thought it was very well directed, actually, to leave most of the emotional content unspoken in a huge Hollywood blockbuster is kind of a brave choice. Which speaks ill of Hollywood, but that is a film fan's prerogative, no?

-- "Game of Thrones, Season Two" - Dinklage is still awesome. Tiny dragons are awesome. Everything else about this show is barely tolerable.

-- "The Borgias, Season Two" - Honestly, I had forgotten the fine details of a lot of what happened last season. The first two episodes were a little meh, and although I'm inclined to like the Pope's newest girlfriend due to her proclivities (and I kind of ship her with Cesare as of last episode) I think she's allllmost on this side of Renaissance Mary Sue wish fulfillment. Last week's episode was a rush a minute thrill ride in terms of the plot, though. I like it better than "Game of Thrones" by kind of a lot.

-- "Mad Men" - Less Betty, slightly more filler. Highlights of the season so far have been the conclusion of the miserable "Joan's husband" arc, if only because thank fuck it seems over, and pretty much everything about Lane. And whatever Megan is wearing. I'm not entirely feeling it this season, I think, but I think Peggy continues to be my life model and I kind of ship her with Ginsberg even though my heart tells me that Peggy/Don is endgame.

-- "The Legend of Korra" - Everything about this show is fucking great. A 30 minute cartoon for tweens, but it's better than all three of the shows above COMBINED in terms of teasing a plot and then moving it the fuck forward. That is because the above three shows are the bastard children of the "Sopranos effect" whereas Korra is blissfully from another age of television. When they knew how to block an episode as an episode and not as part of a miniseries.
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I had the most heterosexual dream ever. I was back stage in some fancy London theater and some blond hipster orchestra kid started chatting me up. The first question was 'so you like classical music?' And I answered, 'Yeah, sorta,' because it is true that I do but it is also true it's not the first songs I reach for on my iPod. Then he asked me if I like Indian food. I said, 'I love Indian!'

He passed me a folded up piece of lined paper with one of those surveys like 'circle answer a if you like me' and I remember thinking, 'uh, are we sixteen?' But I thought he was hot and I was happy he was hitting on me so we made a date and then I left to text him the answers to his survey...

...and then I woke up and coughed on my pillow and thought: what. the. hell.
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I am cranky as hell. Some of it is PMS, a great deal of it has to do with drama surrounding moving back to Chicago. My parents have been on my ass about what a failure I am. I am also (mildly) bummed about some stuff on the game.

It turns out that SAIC put me on probation when I dropped out for failing to pay. So I have to write an appeal letter. My academic adviser seemed to think it was no big deal for me, and I'm sure I've done plenty of stuff since moving back to justify my existence. I just resent having to do it. But: I'll suck it up and write it tomorrow.

I had a bit of a meltdown about that.

Apparently the credit union hasn't reported that I paid it off yet, another thing to solve.

Just tedious, tedious bullshit. But X-Men was good.
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I hope?

I'm feeling crappy and burnt out. I was hoping it was just PMS, but it's sticking around, so ... yeah.

Things: I hit up First Friday pretty fucking hard this month. My mother basically made me go out with her but by the end I cut loose and had my own time of it. Saw all the major shows, ran into friends I haven't seen in a while. That guy from High School you haven't seen since High School, that person you secretly hate but must be nice to for political reasons, that person you've only spoken to on Twitter...

Brent and Ashanti have a cute kid, and I really approve of Brent's new style.

Then I went out on Sunday to "Shut Down The Strip", which did nothing of the sort. As Laurenn's husband pointed out later, it's hard to shut down the strip in protest if you're ALSO trying to be kind and thoughtful to MGM-Mirage for letting us walk through the Bellagio.

Between the two events, I am pretty sure I ran into everyone I know in Las Vegas.
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Leo McGarry: My generation never got the future it was promised... Thirty-five years later, cars, air travel is exactly the same. We don't even have the Concorde anymore. Technology stopped.
Josh Lyman: The personal computer...
Leo McGarry: A more efficient delivery system for gossip and pornography? Where's my jet pack, my colonies on the Moon?


I don't think I'll ever forget where I was the day John Spencer died. I didn't forget it - I just forgot to post because I've been epically busy. Five years. It at once seems very far away and not long ago at all.

I did finals, then Friday night we went out to the Wynn Buffet and Sinatra: Dance With Me. This is a new show at the Wynn which is basically swing dancing, choreographed to Sinatra tunes by Twyla Tharpe. I wanted to like it more than I actually did. I'll put a proper review on Yelp.

I was kind of dumb and volunteered to work the Neon Boneyard Christmas open house today. I say kinda dumb because I wanted to go, but it turned out to be the same time as the DADT vote. I missed watching it, but luckily saw it go down on Twitter. Ah me. And because I was deliberately dragging my feet, I missed Noelle at it. Oh well, I did take her out to the Sinatra show.

Other stuff: I let my paid LJ time expire. So I really need to get on the ball with fixing this Dreamwidth up. My neon equipment now has air running through it. I need to get the propane line hooked up to it, which makes me nervous - but it just occurred to me that there are probably quite a few tutorials on this on tube of You.
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I've been up to a lot lately. Elections. School. MUSHing. I met Rachel Maddow and had a gallery show. It's a lot and I've been doing way better at keeping it updated on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm going to try and recap some stuff though, as I'm kind of... eh, not really depressed but clearly not energetic enough to be getting more than the necessaries done. I need to make some art but I'm really blocked - I decided to do some bio comics called 'Famous for Vegas' rather than sort out the Israel trip.

This hasn't been helped by two things: one, my dad left on a two week vacation so I'm doing all the cooking AND fighting with my mom over cleaning the kitchen. The current argument is over how many pots and pans someone needs for a family of four. I personally think that we only need a couple, and I've convinced her to get rid of the ones with the black non-stick coating scratching off (because it causes ~*~cancer~*~ which I don't actually believe but is my magic bugaboo that can get her to do things). Except that of course, getting her to actually take the items to Goodwill is not possible.

Meanwhile, she keeps saying that she should have paid off my SAIC bill and my response is 'so give me the eight grand so I can go back to Chicago, then, I know you have it'. And her response is always some bullcrap about how her online cancer support group is going to go to (pick one): Switzerland, London, or apparently Jerusalem. And she needs the money so she can go for the miracle cure and/or scan which will save her from cancer.

(Bringing the hilarious, this conversation:

My mom: I should take you to Jerusalem with me! You know how to get around there.

Me: If by get around you mean, I know how to make the change on the public bus, then yes.

My mom: And they speak Yiddish there!

Me: ... um. I don't speak Yiddish. Or Hebrew, for that matter, but it doesn't matter because pretty much everyone speaks English there.


My mom is under the recurring impression that all Jews speak Yiddish, and no, I don't know how it happened. I think she hears a lot of stuff at church and then doesn't bother to um, ask any of the people she lives with.

Anyway, so this conversation bookended me going and leaving the Vegas Valley Comic Festival, which was lovely but except for the Keith Knight panel felt like a lot of grousing about how hard it is (yes, it is hard) which wasn't exactly what I needed to hear.

So I went home and after eating the soup I had stuck in the crockpot, decided that life sucked balls and the best answer would be to pull the covers over my head and sleep until life stopped sucking. It's really a shame that this isn't actually possible.
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1. I had drinks and watched Highlander and vids with [personal profile] aria. And it was fabulous. She is a lovely person.

2. My brother and I tried to go to Temple for Rosh Hashanah. He's been bugging me for a month about it - we got all dressed up and went, but they were out of tickets. Oh well. I didn't want to spend the money anyway, heh, I am terrible. So we went to the store what sells the kosher food and bought apples and honey and challah and sat by the lake a while and ate and tossed the bread in the water.

Then I took him out for a fancy Italian meal, since we were all dressed up.

Which I think was a better Rosh Hashanah than if we had gone to Temple anyway.

3. Mad Men - the last three episodes, each one has been better than the one before. It's the kind of excellent streak I haven't seen since maybe the first season of Battlestar Galactica, or the last five or six episodes of West Wing's second season. I have a lot of things to say about this, I hope I find the time.

4. School. Neon. School. Blah blah.

5. My mom is talking about doing some sort of home repair, but of course she wants to buy the cheapest vinyl flooring. Sigh. IDEK. If she's going to pay some guys to come out and tear up the rest of the floor, she can pay the extra 1.00 to have them install Pergo and maintain the value instead of fucking linoleum, is my opinion.
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I haven't been posting much, though I can't think of why. I've been entertaining myself by adding stuff to Fanlore. I've almost whipped the Pern page into shape, and I've been dipping my toes into editing the West Wing pages, which are all stub-like and sad. Please go over there and help me add stuff.

Which reminds me: I have a ton of AO3 invites if you want one. Your fic will not get a lot of feedback there, but it's a great archival space with a ton of nice features.

School starts on Monday. My mother is going away for two days. My Pell Grant arrived today and she made greedy grabby hands about it because I owe her five hundred bucks. We've been having a lot of fights because I wanted (briefly) to go work for Harry Reid's reelection but then I was reminded that I need a car because I basically have maxed out the jobs I can take without one.

Besides, I'd just be unemployed again in November. Fixing the moped up again will be cheaper than buying a car and leave me money to continue fixing the garage up into neon studio space.

On Monday, I have training to docent at the Neon Museum. I'm going to be leading tours there. My mother is going away, however, and will not let me drive her car so I guess I'll take the bus to get down there.


Aug. 7th, 2010 07:36 pm
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1. I have been really sad the last few days. The mother of a friend of mine died, and while not at all unexpected, she was a good person and a good mother and I don't do grief that well.

2. I really need to work on comics, but nothing is coming - I don't know if I'm ready to say anything about the Birthright trip. Lately I want to make comics about Las Vegas. It's stupid. Other than fixing up this workspace, I have borderline wasted my summer.

3. I've been really nostalgic for 2005, partly because of the death, partly for some reasons I don't want to discuss, and partly because I'm missing a friend who I don't speak to anymore. In any event, lots of hours spent wasted reading Josh/Donna fanfics in bed - I seem to be favoring the post-series Santos stories but there aren't that many of them so I've now worked my way to other crazy shit.

4. If anyone still remembers that I was even working on this: The Grandfather Clause is what I ended up titling the Mutant Fic. I'm posting the chapters that are finished. I might even, you know, really complete it someday that way.

5. Told you. Really bizarrely nostalgic for 2005.
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I had my first moped accident yesterday. I was being stupid and trying to go to Dr. Sketchy's at Dino's, even though I knew there was something wrong with the front brakes and they weren't working properly. Well, I don't use the front brakes that often - only when I need to stop very very quickly for some reason, so I was like, 'I'll be a careful driver and it'll totally be fine'.

Gorey details. )

Anyway. Later last night after the fistful of Motrin kicked in, Mom and I went back and retrieved the moped. I was angry and felt like I didn't give a shit if I ever: a. rode a moped again and b. if the fucking thing got stolen. Forcing me to ride it home was a good lesson, though, as it wasn't as bad as I feared. Even though I knew it was still unsafe, it didn't feel that way. Get back on the horse and all.
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I went almost four days without checking my LJ/DW friendslists. I'm sorry, all, though I didn't miss it that much because most of you are on Twitter these days.

Here, I updated my website with the comics from Bird Poo. I feel like shit, so updating it with the comic from Drunk is going to have to wait.
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Very cute film! The end song by Sigur Ros got stuck in my head - apparently Abby is a big fan. (She says that she doesn't like their new stuff because 'they discovered happiness' but that I would like the new CD.) Noelle, Shane and the baby were also with us.

And unexpected David Tennant was unexpected. (It's a blink and you miss it VO, like his appearances in the Big Finish audios.)

The one thing I really disliked, though, is that none of the other dragons in the film have remotely the charm of the lead dragon, Toothless. His design is full of appealing Chris Sanders-style. It feels like they probably brought him on to the project to redesign Toothless to be appealing, and they left the other dragons as they were. Which is a success because I want a plush Toothless like ten minutes after I left the theater, but sucks for plot reasons.

Which is to say... )

It had the charm of making me remember what it was like to be eight, in that I left the theater imagining childish fanfiction where they meet a girl Night Fury dragon and she's like TEH AWESOMEST!!

Also, where's my fuckin' Pern movie? Sigh.
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I got accepted for the Birthright Israel trip I wanted to go on! Cue freakout about the money - I was hoping it would leave from LA (and hence would be cheap) but of course I wanted to go on the specialized one for artists. And it leaves from NYC.

So I have to buy plane tickets from Las Vegas to NYC. I'm running short on money anyway, which sucks because I really, really wanted to extend the trip and go to Egypt. ('Cause I'm never going to be able to afford going there on my own, at least not for years.)

My mom said she'll get Dad to help with the plane tickets, though. So maybe I can get them to pitch in for going to Egypt. Or maybe if I'm lucky my Pell Grant for Summer will come through before May 31st (since the last day of class is the 15th).

Anyway, I'm excited. I don't know how it'll work with my health - I get double vision every time I get hot, though I've discovered it also has to do with when I last ate/drank. Except I'm thinking Israel probably isn't quite as hot as Las Vegas in the summer, so since it leaves by late May hopefully I'll have figured out how to deal with that crazy shit.
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I skipped out on Gallifrey 2010 on Saturday to go to Disneyland with Shane, Noelle, Noelle's mom and my godchild. Pictures coming some time next week in a locked post.

The reason we went to Disneyland, aside from forcing a toddler to mug for pictures: CAPTAIN MOTHERFUCKING EO. Noelle's a big MJ stan - in fact, Tomorrowland was full of them. The Captain EO tribute only reopened last weekend so there were still Michael Jackson cosplayers and people with original merchandise roaming around. It was actually pretty cute.

I remember thinking that Captain EO was goddamn awful as a kid. It doesn't help that it was next to my most favoritest ride ever: Star Tours. My parents always wanted to go see Captain EO and I was like, 'NO DAMMIT MICHAEL JACKSON TOUCHES LITTLE CHILDREN, HE'S A PERV.' So they would get in the no-line for Captain EO and I would spend dumb money on Star Wars crap until they were done.

Okay so the point I'm coming to is this: I take it back. I take it all back. Captain EO is fucking amazing and I hope it sticks around for a while.

It is pure 80s nostalgia, like someone dug up a can of 80s from a closet long after they had ceased making it, and you all sat down to enjoy one last fresh taste. Francis Ford Coppola! George Lucas! Muppets! Terrible greenscreening and the oldschool 80s version of 3D with motion chairs that force you to chair dance to 'Another Part of Me'! (Yo Disney, I don't need encouragement for that, you know what I'm sayin'?)

So Michael Jackson is the Captain of a Muppet crew in a quasi-Star Wars universe. They have to deliver something to the 'Supreme Leader', who turns out to be a Borg Queen. Naturally, after they have many misadventures with something shooting at them, a holovid bossguy screaming and the Muppets making 'whoops, aren't we adorable' gags. And the Queen is pissed so the Muppet robots turn into musical instruments, so that Michael Jackson can have a dance off, while turning a bunch of Borg Drones into backup dancers through the power of song and sparkling lights.

And at the very end? The Borg Queen is revealed to have been Angelica Huston. Angelica Huston! How could I have ever crapped on such a thing of pure magnificence?

Picard never hit Q, but Picard also never defeated the Borg Queen through the power of song. Hence I am forced to conclude this: Michael Jackson is the true secret badass of all science fiction.

You all should go see it. It's rad, especially because everyone in the audience is in their early 30s/later 20s and thus remembers going to see it the first time/loving Michael Jackson/loving shit exactly like this during their misbegotten youth. The audience participation will give you a contact high of love.

Also, if you go, hit up the Star Tours on your way out if you ever loved it. They're scrapping it to replace it with Star Tours II: Now With More Pod-Racing! I am horribly depressed.
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Olympian quits speed-skating, becomes nun. What I find extra awesome is that she somehow heard the call to become a nun while at SAIC. SAIC made me think many things, but 'get thee to a nunnery' um, wasn't one of them. HEY-O.

So this morning I got up early and went out to buy bartending supplies. My house now has every kind of juice imaginable. You know what sucks though? My dad can't have any because of diabetes, and my mom is convinced the second a drop of alcohol passes her lips she'll become some raving addict. (Quite frankly, raving addiction would be preferable to her current mental health, but I digress.)

Hilarious digression: last night she was really annoying at Olive Garden, because it's like Driving Ms. Daisy except worse, so I escaped to the bar to get a drink? And then she comes over and sits down next to me and puts a Virgin Pina Colada on my tab. Hilarious. I am... no longer glad she is home, but we knew that.

My point is that this is a lot of boozing for one person. And it's not like I can practice making mixed drinks without putting the alcohol in, amirite?
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A lot of my friends have gallery shows opening up this Friday. [personal profile] devilc did this cool interview with Laurenn McCubbin which you should read.

Last night I went with Shane and Noelle to the Wynn Buffet for the first time. I have to say that Laurenn was correct when she said (months earlier) that the Bellagio is miles better. Still, that luscious cut of lamb t-bone is going to stick in my memory for quite some time. As is the octopus crevice, which was perfection.

Then we walked around CityCenter. Half the art isn't labeled. The casino seemed busy, but I can't help but think the interior space is cold and uninviting - the benches, in particular, all seem to be designed to be as uncomfortable as possible. As if someone had decided that CityCenter would be immensely high traffic, like an airport - without thinking about if anyone would actually like to stay a while and sit. Also I'm sure someone thanked God that Las Vegas eliminated interior smoking in most areas - because the designers used these ridiculous fabric paneled walls. As it is I have doubts on how those will wear from a style standpoint in the years to come, but imagining how disgusting they would have been already really turned me off of life.

This video is wondrous, by the by. Enjoy!
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It only worked because my mother was at church all day and hence I couldn't run to Lowe's. By about noon, I realized I needed a prybar because the hammer wouldn't suffice to take the trim off the wall. And whomever constructed the built in desk/shelves in this room? Yeah, they put the wallpaper behind the shelves and then made it so you can't pull the shelves out to take the wallpaper off, unless you take the trim off.*

Which is fine because I wanted to re-lacquer all the shelves after slapping up some fresh white paint. I just couldn't do any of that because of lack of prybar.

I did throw some more things away but I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted. Which is fine because I ended up doing a bunch of classwork for my online courses instead. So I guess today WAS productive, it just wasn't what I had planned on doing.

Also, I was out of soy milk creamer. And AAA batteries.

*Ick. I just realized this means that NO ONE has dusted in the gaps between desk and wall in nearly twenty years. GODDAMN THAT IS GROSS.
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I was wired like a motherfucker last night, and didn't sleep until 4am. And then I did sleep, but didn't get up until noon.

All the news out of Washington DC is intensely depressing me. This Brown in MA Senate thing kicked it off pretty bad - I really supported healthcare reform long before it turned out I also desperately need it.

So that's one thing, and then the Supreme Court has to decide to get right-wing activist and throw out every campaign finance law on the books because of the misguided notion that corporations are people entitled to free speech. So we're back to massive corporate money in every election. God only knows how that'll impact Obama's chances in 2012. Part of me suspects it's some big conspiracy based on the fact that we've had one black populist President and now they'll do their damnedest to make sure other women and minorities can't possible raise the money to run.

And then late today, Air America - a radio station I admittedly don't listen to but support on principle, announced it's closing immediately.

Oh, and the liberal media office I used to work at fired one of the last co-workers I still liked who was working there last night. It's a bum deal.

It feels like we've ruined eight years of progressive political growth in less than a week.

In the meantime, once I got up I started working on a project to raise funds to buy myself some neon bending equipment. It looks pretty good. I'm waiting to hear back from the guy selling all the equipment about what kind of deposit I would need to put down tomorrow, if he decides to make a deal with me.

It's very nerve-wracking because I think this could be a really good move for me artistically, but it involves sinking a lot of my own money into it for uncertain results.
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Yay, student loan moneys!

I know it seems kind of ridiculous on the face of it, what with my medical bills and other school bills all, but I'm laying out some of this to go to some conventions this year. My life isn't stopping because of medical issues - it's not like it suddenly gave me some new skills that are applicable for the job market here in Las Vegas. And if I'm serious about comics, I kind of have to start going. It's unavoidable.

So the cons I'm considering attending are: Gallifrey One (okay this one is just for fun but it's in LA so it's not that splurgey), APE in San Francisco and SPX in Maryland. APE'll probably be pretty cheap because I'll just stay in the SF Hostel up the street - SPX is the one I'm worried about affording.

I'd go to SDCC but I don't think it'll be worth the money, despite how close it is.

I'm also kicking around the idea of buying a flatscreen TV, which sounds completely ridiculous but Wal-Mart has a really good Sony on sale. And I've been trying to eek every little bit of usable space back into that room - if I could toss my old giant CRT and the dresser it sits on, I'd have a lot more breathing room.


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