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I've been up to a lot lately. Elections. School. MUSHing. I met Rachel Maddow and had a gallery show. It's a lot and I've been doing way better at keeping it updated on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm going to try and recap some stuff though, as I'm kind of... eh, not really depressed but clearly not energetic enough to be getting more than the necessaries done. I need to make some art but I'm really blocked - I decided to do some bio comics called 'Famous for Vegas' rather than sort out the Israel trip.

This hasn't been helped by two things: one, my dad left on a two week vacation so I'm doing all the cooking AND fighting with my mom over cleaning the kitchen. The current argument is over how many pots and pans someone needs for a family of four. I personally think that we only need a couple, and I've convinced her to get rid of the ones with the black non-stick coating scratching off (because it causes ~*~cancer~*~ which I don't actually believe but is my magic bugaboo that can get her to do things). Except that of course, getting her to actually take the items to Goodwill is not possible.

Meanwhile, she keeps saying that she should have paid off my SAIC bill and my response is 'so give me the eight grand so I can go back to Chicago, then, I know you have it'. And her response is always some bullcrap about how her online cancer support group is going to go to (pick one): Switzerland, London, or apparently Jerusalem. And she needs the money so she can go for the miracle cure and/or scan which will save her from cancer.

(Bringing the hilarious, this conversation:

My mom: I should take you to Jerusalem with me! You know how to get around there.

Me: If by get around you mean, I know how to make the change on the public bus, then yes.

My mom: And they speak Yiddish there!

Me: ... um. I don't speak Yiddish. Or Hebrew, for that matter, but it doesn't matter because pretty much everyone speaks English there.


My mom is under the recurring impression that all Jews speak Yiddish, and no, I don't know how it happened. I think she hears a lot of stuff at church and then doesn't bother to um, ask any of the people she lives with.

Anyway, so this conversation bookended me going and leaving the Vegas Valley Comic Festival, which was lovely but except for the Keith Knight panel felt like a lot of grousing about how hard it is (yes, it is hard) which wasn't exactly what I needed to hear.

So I went home and after eating the soup I had stuck in the crockpot, decided that life sucked balls and the best answer would be to pull the covers over my head and sleep until life stopped sucking. It's really a shame that this isn't actually possible.
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Okay, I've been filtering people based on who seems to comment to the private entries on LJ, and who doesn't seem that interested in them. If I get it wrong and you really do want to read lots of crap about my nearly continual unemployment and mother's anal cancer polyps, please feel free to speak up.
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Okay, I have been up to a lot lately. There was a big family wankstorm between me and my sister over who would take my mom to LA for her cancer conference, because whomever did had to pay for it. My sister wanted to try out for America's Next Top Model: Midget Edition, and got permission to use her boyfriend's grandparent's beachhouse, but only on the condition that we left at 6pm on Friday. I said I wanted to go, but I had a meeting for Drunk: The Comic at 7pm and we could go after that.

She got angry because she said I only changed my mind about going because I wanted to go to the beachhouse. (Which is true, and I'm still waiting for her point. Who doesn't want to go to a beachhouse?) So she had a wankflop and stuck me with the bill and the driving.

This is ultimately the dumbest thing she ever did, because I went to my meeting AND had a good time in LA but now she'll never know if she can be Tyra's Favorite. I think this illustrates a really good point about FAIL, because FAIL happens when you don't show up.

ANYWAY, so I blew a lot of money I shouldn't have on taking my mom to LA for her cancer conference. It didn't suck, though, as I got to draw in the La Brea Tar Pits for a couple of hours and met with [ profile] soaked_in_stars for lunch and then spent the rest of the day at LACMA -- which is amazing, by the way. Must go back again soon.

And my mom seemed to have a good time making friends at her thing. All it did was put me a week back in my moped fund.

Check out the awesome video about Drunk: A Comic About Bar Stories.

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Internet's back, but in a moment of low blood sugar I appear to have lost my cell phone.

I think it's in my mom's car, but between her bugging off to her doctor's appointments and her Christian convention and her carcinoid cancer support group, I only see her when she chaperons me to school.

Fragment of actual conversation:

Mom: It's been so long since I've been in the Christian movement, I don't know any of the speakers any more!

Me: The... Christian... movement? Movement towards what?

Mom: It's a movement!

Me: Um. But it's still like the same books from two thousand years ago, right? Or...

Mom: Last night's speaker taught us how to pray.

Me: ... er. Right. Sounds fun. (thinking) Are they doing it in Latin or something?

Anyway, us Secular Jews politely try not to rag on it too much, because we like that she goes out and makes friends now. Or we assume she will be making friends. I haven't met any of them, but the carcinoid cancer support group kind of reminds me of LINDA from Doctor Who: only I assume they'll eventually move on to nice old-people crafts like a book club or sharing dietary restrictions and not, you know, making a cover band before getting their faces sucked off by aliens.
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Interesting. We have the green pool problem partially because my mom does all the yard maintenance, or lack thereof, and when she was in the hospital my father and I didn't know how to fix it. (Apparently my sister does, but she spent those two weeks in California with her boyfriend on a surfing trip.)

So I keep dumping shock in the pool ever week or so, but I'm starting to advocate for draining it.

In the mean time: my sister is currently on the outs with her man and just got a full-time job selling snowboards and women's apparel at Sports Chalet.
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My mom came home today. (But she leaves tomorrow night for LA, so we're really just a pit stop.)

I had to give her a shot in the stomach. This didn't really bother me because I'm quite used to using sharps and had more trouble opening the special mailing tub for sharp disposal than I did using the needle. No, it bothered me because it gave me flashbacks to my shaking hands guided by Minax in play piercing class the night they put my dog to sleep.

Life sucks. I wish I was using my skills for evil instead of good.


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