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I grabbed Mouse Guard, Mermaids and the Avatar the Last Airbender comic. I also got the Superman comic, and I bought the Saga trade because going to FCBD and not buying at the store is the supreme height of rudeness.

This weekend is a busy one for me. I saw Iron Man 3 on Friday. I have conflicted feelings about this one. It could have been great, but at best it was a pretty fun watch.

Spoilers are like fortune cookies )

I am also seeing all the Cremaster films this weekend AND giving a panel talk on the Armory Show of 1913 at Chicago Axis show tomorrow at 10 am if you're into that.
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I've been up to a lot lately. Elections. School. MUSHing. I met Rachel Maddow and had a gallery show. It's a lot and I've been doing way better at keeping it updated on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm going to try and recap some stuff though, as I'm kind of... eh, not really depressed but clearly not energetic enough to be getting more than the necessaries done. I need to make some art but I'm really blocked - I decided to do some bio comics called 'Famous for Vegas' rather than sort out the Israel trip.

This hasn't been helped by two things: one, my dad left on a two week vacation so I'm doing all the cooking AND fighting with my mom over cleaning the kitchen. The current argument is over how many pots and pans someone needs for a family of four. I personally think that we only need a couple, and I've convinced her to get rid of the ones with the black non-stick coating scratching off (because it causes ~*~cancer~*~ which I don't actually believe but is my magic bugaboo that can get her to do things). Except that of course, getting her to actually take the items to Goodwill is not possible.

Meanwhile, she keeps saying that she should have paid off my SAIC bill and my response is 'so give me the eight grand so I can go back to Chicago, then, I know you have it'. And her response is always some bullcrap about how her online cancer support group is going to go to (pick one): Switzerland, London, or apparently Jerusalem. And she needs the money so she can go for the miracle cure and/or scan which will save her from cancer.

(Bringing the hilarious, this conversation:

My mom: I should take you to Jerusalem with me! You know how to get around there.

Me: If by get around you mean, I know how to make the change on the public bus, then yes.

My mom: And they speak Yiddish there!

Me: ... um. I don't speak Yiddish. Or Hebrew, for that matter, but it doesn't matter because pretty much everyone speaks English there.


My mom is under the recurring impression that all Jews speak Yiddish, and no, I don't know how it happened. I think she hears a lot of stuff at church and then doesn't bother to um, ask any of the people she lives with.

Anyway, so this conversation bookended me going and leaving the Vegas Valley Comic Festival, which was lovely but except for the Keith Knight panel felt like a lot of grousing about how hard it is (yes, it is hard) which wasn't exactly what I needed to hear.

So I went home and after eating the soup I had stuck in the crockpot, decided that life sucked balls and the best answer would be to pull the covers over my head and sleep until life stopped sucking. It's really a shame that this isn't actually possible.
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Look, Kate Beaton, no one doubts there's tons of sexism towards female creators. Not just in comics but pervasively throughout the arts, we know that women are judged not just on the content of their ideas and characters but on their bodies. And we know that women are under-represented in museums, and in the history books.

No matter how true this is, however, throwing a shit fit on Twitter over the phrase 'I want to have your babies' doesn't change the fact that this is a phrase primarily used BY WOMEN towards OTHER WOMEN which almost certainly originated in fandom as a reaction to a lack of positive expressions about feminine sexuality. In fact, the whole rant strikes me as way odd - I have literally never heard a man use this phrase. The very phrasing suggests the speaker has a uterus.

And when people point this out and your response is to continue to be butthurt because people are missing the bigger point, you look about five years old. Ranting about sexism towards your work only works if it's ACTUAL sexism, and if people become rightfully skeptical that you know whence you talk, they have every right to continue to question.

(Wider, I think this is indicative of a problem in which female creators are divorced from female fandom, yet male creators are fully capable of existing in both worlds with their fandom careers lauded as an important training ground for their later work.

In large part I think this has to do with the economic pressure of having a career in a capitalist society which by and large, values female gendered media less than that aimed at a male audience irregardless of how much actual money the works may bring in. There's a bigger pressure for the few women who do make it into comics, or screenwriting, to pretend OR REMAIN IGNORANT of fanwork, because it singles them out as 'different' and 'female'. Yet that pressure seems to continue the cycle in which women's fandom/media is perceived as of-lesser-value. While I don't want to suggest that every woman who makes a creative work has to serve a female audience, I think so long as there's no pressure for women who 'make it' to have to speak up for the rest of us we'll never see the wider change that would be required.)

So, sorry, Kate Beaton. I still want to have your babies.
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I'm still stunned by the sudden death of Harvey Pekar on Monday. He was just here in Las Vegas three months ago, on a tour with Alison Bechdel. I'm glad I made it, because while I have a lot of respect for Pekar's work - American Splendor, the adaption of Working - I was really there to see Bechdel who is one of my heroes.

Except that Harvey's talk really inspired me, and I thought that he seemed excited about his upcoming projects. In particular, the one on Israel and Palestine, which I thought about a lot as I traveled the region in consideration of making my own comic about it.

He looked pretty good, is what I'm saying, for a 70 year old who'd fought off cancer. He was thrilled to be alive and still working, and it's sad to know he's gone. Even sadder, for me, to think that the book on Israel will probably never come out. I'm glad I fought off my own 'must not spend money, am poor' issues - with I think, the help of [profile] kadymae, to get an autographed book, because I could have missed out on even the brief moment I met him.

Here's Allison Bechdel's blog post about his passing, with a short video of the two of them in Las Vegas.

Anthony Bourdain wrote one as well, about the episode of 'No Reservations' they based around Cleveland and Harvey's work.

Heidi at the Beat collected the rest of the tributes here.
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I went almost four days without checking my LJ/DW friendslists. I'm sorry, all, though I didn't miss it that much because most of you are on Twitter these days.

Here, I updated my website with the comics from Bird Poo. I feel like shit, so updating it with the comic from Drunk is going to have to wait.
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Well, I'd really like to do a comic to sell at the Vegas Valley Comic Festival, like I did last year, and I was kind of scraping for interesting topics. That's when I realized, duh, I can make a travelogue comic about going to Israel.

It has, of course, Already Been Done.

Actually, I guess the astonishing thing about that is that given X number of Jews who go on Birthright / X number of Jews in comics, it still took until 2008 for someone to get a contract with Vertigo to do it.

I feel like I may have posted this before; deja vu.
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Girl Comics!

The Beat had the exclusive this morning.

I think this is a really cool project. In an industry that has frequently had sexism issues, it's nice that Marvel decided to celebrate the women who are currently making comics with these one shots. I'm looking forward to buying this. Shame about the title, though.

The ONTD_P comment thread on this made me want to tear my hair out, however.

Merlin: Meh. I guess the recent events were supposed to feel epic and groundchanging, but they don't for me, partially because I suspect this season will end with some sort of reboot. Show is far, far too attracted to its monster-of-the-week format. Also, I increasingly dislike the choices Merlin is making. Major Kira would call him a collaborator.

Princess and the Frog: Enjoyed this a lot! Lovely animation, especially in Tiana's dream sequences and surrounding the baddie. I did feel it was a tad long for the material - the frog adventures in the bayou seemed to stretch on FOREEEVER. I desperately wanted them to get back to New Orleans and to be human because it seemed as though those earlier sequences were far more interesting to me. And the songs are very slight.

Hai spoilers! )

In conclusion: there was no real race or genderfail in this that I saw, and I enjoyed it, but it is a slighter work than their previous offerings. I hope that Disney continues its newfound commitment to 2D animation, though, as this is a promising start.
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I don't care how crazy that book is, I always will love Andre Agassi. HOMETOWN GOTTA REPRESENT.

I'm in the last stages of making my zine for the Vegas Valley Comic Fest. It's been driving me mad because I want to goof off and talk about Doctor Who ~spoilers~ instead of cutting and pasting and photocopying and laying out in photoshop...

If you live in Vegas and didn't get an invite on Facebook, we're having a signing at Frankie's Tiki Bar from 5-7 tomorrow, and then a gallery opening at Atomic Todd's for First Friday. Please come and be awesome. And then Saturday 11-4pm is the Comics Fest.

Okay. Here's important: where's a good place for zines in New York City? I'd like to distro it there but I don't know who has a zine rack and which ones are the best...
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I applied to UNLV today - between that and going to the optometrist I am really feeling the poverty again. Wah, sixty dollar application fee? I hope I get in, but I'm not positive I have the best grades. I had a 2.5 in high school, and I technically only have like, twenty college credits. My best academic years were at SAIC, but it's a pass fail school and... technically I don't think they're going to send that transcript to them anyway.

(Pass fail is why I am sucking at this portfolio class. How can I be failing, we haven't even done anything yet? Except we HAVE.)

Anyway. Yesterday I got a great review for my short story in Drunk: read it here. Fuckin' yay.

This article in the CityLife blog was a big downer about the economy here: What?! Gambling won’t save Las Vegas?

Part of me still doesn't believe that to be true - I KNOW Shane doesn't believe it, he thinks CityCenter's going to turn it all around here. That said, I do believe in the economic plan they outline. We SHOULD legalize prostitution and pot in Clark County - and then tax the fuck out of it.

Randomly awesome links:

Here's a bunch of pictures of an owl in a box.

The Secrets of Star Trek Makeup, Part One, Part Two, and Part Three

This got lots of buzz for being some of the only shots of the new Klingon makeup, which I think looks okay, but I'm not willing to give a full assessment until we see some ridges. More importantly: part one is about the background aliens, and some of the shots are the clearest ones I've seen. I imagine this piece will be hugely important for cosplayers.

Happy Birthday Harvey Pekar!

Lots of awesome drawings of Harvey Pekar.

Boing Boing has an amazing rundown of the art and design of Beatles: Rockband

For those of you who do not rock... a joystick. Or anyone into art, or the Beatles.

Regretsy is the blog of... regrettable Etsy projects.
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Details here.

Really, what could possibly be better for comics than for both mainstream superhero houses to be owned by Big Media Congloms? Sorry for having blown up my twitter about this, it's fairly terrible news. Disney's always only one chairman away from total disaster and the guy holding the reigns is Steve Jobs, no real hero to free expression - who may or may not have spent the last three years knock-knocking on death's door.

But I'm sure it'll work out... in that superhero comics will continue to suck and the indie comics world will continue to chug along ignoring it.

FOUR BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS, though. Something to think about the next time a creator gets horribly ill and starts begging for change at conventions...

...In real news, I'm babysitting Sabastian all day. Gotta go wake him up.
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First, if you have yet to see it: I made this awesome comic about why the Founding Fathers kind of suck.

Or at least my position is that the Founding Fathers can hardly be called on to help us sort out healthcare, as a. they were not exactly a monolithic bloc on thoughts about the responsibilities of a Federal government and b. none of them are exactly equipped for the 21st century, if you know what I mean.

Anyway: here are also, some thoughts on Ben Sisko. Namely, they were kind of all over the map on his family history, weren't they? Joseph Sisko being alive was a retcon they kind of barely get away with because Sisko doesn't exactly refer to his father in the past tense, just the heart attack. But then they go off and decide he's half-Prophet, which is weird because: dude, Ben Sisko has siblings? You know? Judith who lives in Oregon.

Just sponsored by the fact that I randomly hit his biography on Memory Alpha and was shocked to be reminded that in addition to Judith he also has two unnamed brothers (!)
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This is a Very Modern Muse by 'Irene Adler' on Bleeding Cool.

I'm really disappointed in this. First, because it should be obvious that the last thing comics needs is more of an excuse to sexualize ladies in the industry. Second, because: this isn't even a GOOD sex worker's blog - it sounds like someone who kinda sorta wants to imagine being a sex worker except like, she'll be classy like a courtesan and it'll be just like being Billie Piper on Secret Diaries!

Aren't corsets so naughty? Tee hee.



Jul. 29th, 2009 01:25 am
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IDW picked up DS9 comics?!


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I haven't heard about the job interview from last week, so I'm going to assume that was a negative. Bummer. I have a job interview tomorrow, though, which I think would be a much better position for me, so we'll see. The only trouble is that my mom is going to be out of town, and she cut a deal with my sister for money in exchange for letting my sister have the car.

So naturally my sister is behaving like the spoiled cunt she so is and throwing a mini-tantrum over that.

Last night, Cooper and I got good and toasted and watched Slings and Arrows. Cooper apparently went out after I went home and got MORE drunk with Monte - which I know because I thought I had left my fan cord over there. He seems vastly hungover.

Meanwhile, Nevada has domestic partnerships now, wooh! It's too bad we can't have proper gay marriage, because of Mormons. I applaud Nevada's legislature for this year - crazy Jim Gibbons is making them right proper legislative heroes. When do we get to vote that idiot out of office, again?

Also, Rich Johnston's new gossip site, Bleeding Cool launched today, replacing Lying in the Gutters.
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OH RACHEL. <3 <3 <3

I question 'Identity Crisis', but well, sometimes we just got to bite it and read the shitty multiverse events because we want to be up to date. Also, I love that she's creeped out about the subtext in Fables.
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I made a macro tonight here and here. I just want to archive that I made it for posterity since without a doubt, no macro I ever make again will be as awesome.

Cooper and I watched the new Wonder Woman cartoon and we basically loved the crap out of it. It has a really, really high body count. The Amazons kill the fuck out of people and that's even before Diana gets made out of clay. There's some snarky bondage jokes, Themiscara looks convincingly majestic and spacious and there's a lot of good lines. Our favorite was "Nobody messes with Lincoln!"

Don't know how we felt about the depiction of Hades (they uh, mix it up quite a bit) or the very last scene, but I would gladly watch this one again and again.

I also bought a copy of Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter, which actually has two different pieces on it: the Black Freighter and a documentary on Hollis Mason's book, "Under the Hood", which covers the fictional history of crimefighting in the Watchmen universe. I got the feeling that they tried to sell lots of DVDs by promising animated zombie pirates, but I actually thought it was ridiculous. Fortunately, "Under the Hood" totally, totally is worth renting this.

I had to buy it because none of the stores I went to were renting it. There's another documentary about the importance of the interstitial material to the main narrative. It is an unfortunate waste of time because I think the only person who could really comment on the purpose of all of it is Moore and he doesn't want to oblige us.

Cooper and I managed to make it almost all the way through the motion comic preview chapter: seriously, what the fuck is the point of that? It feels like an audio book (the narrator is especially clumsy with Rorschach's dialogue). Except that you have to watch it for the panels so it somehow manages to not be that. Apparently they're selling the motion comic separately, I suppose for people too lazy to read?

I'll be taking Tales of the Black Freighter back to Zia for store credit soon.
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I am having intestinal distress, but I'm trying to hide it because if I make a big deal about it it will freak my mother out.

Luckily, there's a Ninth Doctor marathon on SciFi! And she had to take my brother to mandatory state testing! Also a turtle having sex with a shoe!

It makes the cutest squeaking noise.

The True Story of the World's Greatest Modern Diamond Heist.

My favorite bit is where the critical evidence is discovered by a cranky old man who is tired of trash being dumped on his property.

El Tango de Romana

What's not to love? The Tenth Doctor has wandering hands.

[ profile] ursulav's Digger is free online now. Yay.
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Those dirty icky girls, they got what they deserved anyway, when WILL THEY REALIZE that copyright protection is in their best interests? Why can't they just follow the rules? The content maker should ALWAYS get the final say in how their media is used. Marvel needs money! You're stealing someone's livelihood by posting all those scans. They were all just a bunch of rude assholes anyway who hated everything they touched.

And why don't they realize that no one wants to read about gay sex, it's wrong and filthy. What do you mean there was slash on [ profile] scans_daily? [ profile] scans_daily was run by women?

Whine whine, bitch bitch, just go to CBR because you can read the handouts that Marvel gives you and like it.
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I'm too tired to breathe, but I got up and went to the yard sale of Clean House today, where I got a classic Pyrex cassarole dish with serving dish, a brand new glass salad bowl with stainless steel tongs, a triplicate strand of freshwater pearls and a vintage copy of Countess Mapie de Toulouse-Lautrec's "La Cuisine de France", which I've heard lots about. And my mom got some stuff too -- three little crystal dishes (only one has a tone, so I think the other two are faux molded glass) and some unwrapped cooking knives and a turkey platter. I spent 25 bucks for all that, which was pretty excellent, I think.

I bought the casserole dish set in hopes there would be lots of French baked dishes, but not so much. Also, the book proves that even the French were not immune to the 50s.

So what up LJ? I hear the episode of BSG I'm downloading sucks ass. Obviously I haven't seen it yet, but I'm not that surprised because the whole season has been on the downward spiral.

Oh, and I see that [ profile] scans_daily is strikethrough and I'm told we're all to be marching out to battle with Peter Davis? Bummer, but the ways of the internet vox populi are strange and cruel and it must be done. Sadly, we are done now, Peter Davis, and that sucks because [ profile] scans_daily was your biggest booster and I never would have bought issues of MI-13 without that comm telling me it existed.

ETA: Dead tired, [ profile] selenak is right, I mean "X-Factor". Oh Layla Miller. :(
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I went to the Las Vegas Comic Fest today and had a really brilliant time. Even though NO ONE ELSE CAME. Fail, friends, fail. After I'd been pimping it to them for months. Well, sigh. 2008's been a rough year for everyone.

After, [ profile] kadymae and her hubby (new feed: [ profile] ralph_mathieu, hope that works) and I went and got gyros. It's really weird going out to eat with friends who I haven't seen in person in a while, yet who read the blog because apparently there's not a lot of small talk to make.

I'm pretty tired now, but I was going to try and do roughs for three more pages of my [ profile] nanomango because then I'll be caught up.


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