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Christopher Eccleston and Naoko Mori in 'Naked Lennon'

Yes, that's right. The Ninth Doctor will finally shag Toshiko Sato of Torchwood, except they'll be playing the parts of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

I ask you, interwebs: was there any project more clearly conceived as 'this is a thing which will make Tori happy' before? The only thing better would be if John Lennon and Yoko Ono then fought dinosaurs.
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In this one, the disembodied head of John Lennon has to dodge musical notes spawned by the playing of Norwegian Wood. If you think about it conceptually, it makes you laugh.
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The first one is pretty hilarious too: watch here. My favorite part is where he goes to check the tape and then obviously, has to do it again because the light level sucks.

I know no one but me would ever write it, but I'm always sad when I check to see if there's John/Yoko fic and there NEVER IS. I'd request it for Yuletide but I don't think anyone would write it either.
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1. Thanks to the anon who got me a V-Gift. It's cute and appreciated.

2. I have picked up a cold off either my brother or my godchild. :(

3. Patrick Swayze: At first I was bummed because my dad had him on Deadpool and now we're tied, but then people started reminding me of Ghost, and Too Wong Foo... and yeah. He'll be missed.

4. Here's a picture of John Lennon and Yoko Ono I've never seen before:

Kinda cheered me up, I want those pants.
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Quick, which Star Trek movie are we watching! A flowchart handy-guide. Print it out and give to your non-Trekkie family members.

Right off the heels of the OMG BEATLES GAME video is the Opening Animation to said Beatles Game. OMG. It's too cute. I'm tempted to make icons. I admit though, it's kind of weird that it just fades out to the game post-psychedelia. We already know there's a rooftop stage for Let It Be...

Admit it: this is the only band game you'll want to buy to see how they do story mode.
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This looks like it's going to be awesome.
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New take of Revolution that conceptually joins Revolution #1 to Revolution #9. I actually like this a lot and I'm not the sort of person who gets off on obscure bootlegs of anything, even though I know that scores you 'cool points' at parties.

Yes, Virginia, you can has David Tenannt 'Hamlet' DVD.

omfg. Best.

Alexander McQueen's Target line is out today. And really disappointing. I think Target needs to rethink the designer concept - it's good to get everyone all hot and bothered about their favorite designers at Tar-zhay, but not good if the line ends up looking nothing at all like the work of the designer. In short: couldn't there be more feathers or ruffles or goth accouterments? Bummer.
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It's been three weeks and no one's made a shitty Doctor Who vid to "Human" by the Killers yet? Dammit, letting me down, fandom.

This post is an excuse to post this picture:

Bing bing bing. Prize winner!


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