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I don't care how crazy that book is, I always will love Andre Agassi. HOMETOWN GOTTA REPRESENT.

I'm in the last stages of making my zine for the Vegas Valley Comic Fest. It's been driving me mad because I want to goof off and talk about Doctor Who ~spoilers~ instead of cutting and pasting and photocopying and laying out in photoshop...

If you live in Vegas and didn't get an invite on Facebook, we're having a signing at Frankie's Tiki Bar from 5-7 tomorrow, and then a gallery opening at Atomic Todd's for First Friday. Please come and be awesome. And then Saturday 11-4pm is the Comics Fest.

Okay. Here's important: where's a good place for zines in New York City? I'd like to distro it there but I don't know who has a zine rack and which ones are the best...
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I applied to UNLV today - between that and going to the optometrist I am really feeling the poverty again. Wah, sixty dollar application fee? I hope I get in, but I'm not positive I have the best grades. I had a 2.5 in high school, and I technically only have like, twenty college credits. My best academic years were at SAIC, but it's a pass fail school and... technically I don't think they're going to send that transcript to them anyway.

(Pass fail is why I am sucking at this portfolio class. How can I be failing, we haven't even done anything yet? Except we HAVE.)

Anyway. Yesterday I got a great review for my short story in Drunk: read it here. Fuckin' yay.

This article in the CityLife blog was a big downer about the economy here: What?! Gambling won’t save Las Vegas?

Part of me still doesn't believe that to be true - I KNOW Shane doesn't believe it, he thinks CityCenter's going to turn it all around here. That said, I do believe in the economic plan they outline. We SHOULD legalize prostitution and pot in Clark County - and then tax the fuck out of it.

Randomly awesome links:

Here's a bunch of pictures of an owl in a box.

The Secrets of Star Trek Makeup, Part One, Part Two, and Part Three

This got lots of buzz for being some of the only shots of the new Klingon makeup, which I think looks okay, but I'm not willing to give a full assessment until we see some ridges. More importantly: part one is about the background aliens, and some of the shots are the clearest ones I've seen. I imagine this piece will be hugely important for cosplayers.

Happy Birthday Harvey Pekar!

Lots of awesome drawings of Harvey Pekar.

Boing Boing has an amazing rundown of the art and design of Beatles: Rockband

For those of you who do not rock... a joystick. Or anyone into art, or the Beatles.

Regretsy is the blog of... regrettable Etsy projects.

Las Vegas:

Sep. 25th, 2009 08:21 pm
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Three quick things:

1. Drunk: A Comic About Bar Stories is supposedly out today. If you want one, I would order soon as I don't think the print run was that massive.

2. Filled the moped with gas today for the first time - ha ha, 2.10 in Premium filled it up. (I thought I had done something wrong for a while, though, as the fuel gauge is like something from the stone age. It seriously took half an hour before it was all 'oh yeah, thanks for the gas'.)

3. If you haven't heard, Cinevegas has canceled 2010. My reaction to this has basically been a very Las Vegas style shrug of the shoulder. What can you do, y'know?
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Creative Loafing reviews Drunk!

They gave me a good review! I'm so flattered.

Last night I bought a new 1TB external drive. I paid a little extra for it to get the firewire, only to find out the router I'm using doesn't have a usb or firewire port... meh. Thoroughly meh. Unfortunately, I had already transferred a bunch of files to the new drive so now I'm far too lazy to take it back, and updating the router would be prohibitively expensive. (Like, really, I should have just eaten my hand and bought the home server, but whatever.)

Really, whine whine, I'm privileged enough to have lots of computer stuff but not the computer stuff I want, whine whine.

I have an appointment with the optometrist next week. Apparently I haven't been to see him since 2005, so I need to do that before I can have a new script for glasses.


Jul. 6th, 2009 08:40 pm
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Having a job and no wifi means I have no time for the internet. You'd think this would mean that I would be making more art, but it hasn't substantially been so - I'm trying to watch DS9 with my brother from the beginning.

In fact, I'm at the library right now, picking up more DVDs. Season Three, Five and Six? WTF. But I just remembered I have (almost) every episode PAINSTAKINGLY recorded off of late night cable on VHS. Remember when you did that shit? And you made loving labels with glitter pens? I'm forcing him to keep watching it - he loves TNG best. Sigh. He did call it "The West Wing, but in space." He followed it up with: "Except, if it's a boring episode you still have to watch it for the plot."

Okay: enough of that, if you're not following Anbaric blog, there's an ARTICLE ABOUT DRUNK THE COMIC in the Sun today! Noelle got a quote! :D

Oh god, they just turned out the lights. In a library. Before the shadows get me, I should log off my twitter, right? Damn you to hell Moffat.
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Non-spoilery: I took my little brother after dropping off the PDFs for Drunk: A Comic About Vegas Bar Stories. (The art for that, btw, is fucking phenomenal and I hardly deserve to be in it, but what the hell. I encourage you to buy a copy now.) OH MY GOD. It's so awesome we wanted to stay in the theater and watch it again and again. I'm really, really glad I made my brother watch some old Star Trek before we went: I think he got a hell of a lot out of it.

But we're going tomorrow with my dad! I'm hopeful I can convince Cooper to come see it too.

Some spoilers! )

I'll probably have even more to say tomorrow!
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I think I should say something about life, about how the Moulin Rouge burnt down today (again) but it doesn't matter because there was never going to be the money to rehab it (are you kidding me, they're trying to wall off that neighborhood so no one notices we have a downtown full of poor black crack-addicts) but thank God we're getting a new Performing Arts Center. I'm glad that the preservation company had moved the sign off the building last week.

I don't know. I'm being too hard on Vegas. The past goes out and in comes the new. We specialize in the rhythm of gentrification. At least the building looks like it belongs to downtown, all Art Deco limestone. They're going to rent the space out to worthy Las Vegas performing companies, and don't you know that it'll make us a world class city for the arts (we mean it for real this time, please don't notice that if we were really a world class city for the arts the LV Philharmonic and the Las Vegas Ballet would be able to afford their own buildings. And people might show up.)

There'll be a gift shop and a Starbucks and retail opportunities, yeah, and someone will make a lot of money, probably, because no one's ever gone broke betting on art in Las Vegas before.


Peter Dinklage is going to be in the Songs of Fire and Ice movie! Tom McCarthy is directing it! Sounds epic. I'm excited.

Drunk: A Comic about Vegas Bar Stories is due tomorrow. After, I think I'll go see Star Trek at the Neonopolis and then pretend to get a beer at Quark's.
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Okay, I have been up to a lot lately. There was a big family wankstorm between me and my sister over who would take my mom to LA for her cancer conference, because whomever did had to pay for it. My sister wanted to try out for America's Next Top Model: Midget Edition, and got permission to use her boyfriend's grandparent's beachhouse, but only on the condition that we left at 6pm on Friday. I said I wanted to go, but I had a meeting for Drunk: The Comic at 7pm and we could go after that.

She got angry because she said I only changed my mind about going because I wanted to go to the beachhouse. (Which is true, and I'm still waiting for her point. Who doesn't want to go to a beachhouse?) So she had a wankflop and stuck me with the bill and the driving.

This is ultimately the dumbest thing she ever did, because I went to my meeting AND had a good time in LA but now she'll never know if she can be Tyra's Favorite. I think this illustrates a really good point about FAIL, because FAIL happens when you don't show up.

ANYWAY, so I blew a lot of money I shouldn't have on taking my mom to LA for her cancer conference. It didn't suck, though, as I got to draw in the La Brea Tar Pits for a couple of hours and met with [ profile] soaked_in_stars for lunch and then spent the rest of the day at LACMA -- which is amazing, by the way. Must go back again soon.

And my mom seemed to have a good time making friends at her thing. All it did was put me a week back in my moped fund.

Check out the awesome video about Drunk: A Comic About Bar Stories.

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I just blabbed it all over my Facebook, so I might as well talk about it here. I'm going to be in this comic, Drunk: A Comic About Bar Stories, with Lauren McCubben and Noelle and, like, some dude named Ivan Brunetti.

It needs pre-orders, so if you feel so inclined, that would rock.

I finished rough sketches for this the other day, so talking about it no longer feels like counting the chickens before I draw them.


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