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I grabbed Mouse Guard, Mermaids and the Avatar the Last Airbender comic. I also got the Superman comic, and I bought the Saga trade because going to FCBD and not buying at the store is the supreme height of rudeness.

This weekend is a busy one for me. I saw Iron Man 3 on Friday. I have conflicted feelings about this one. It could have been great, but at best it was a pretty fun watch.

Spoilers are like fortune cookies )

I am also seeing all the Cremaster films this weekend AND giving a panel talk on the Armory Show of 1913 at Chicago Axis show tomorrow at 10 am if you're into that.
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Well, I'd really like to do a comic to sell at the Vegas Valley Comic Festival, like I did last year, and I was kind of scraping for interesting topics. That's when I realized, duh, I can make a travelogue comic about going to Israel.

It has, of course, Already Been Done.

Actually, I guess the astonishing thing about that is that given X number of Jews who go on Birthright / X number of Jews in comics, it still took until 2008 for someone to get a contract with Vertigo to do it.

I feel like I may have posted this before; deja vu.
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First, I made this weird Hamlet/Doctor Who/Victoria Bitter fanart. It made sense at the time. What can I say?

Speaking of Shakespearean things, I want to recommend this amazing Merchant of Venice fic that [personal profile] selenak recced first. A Wilderness of Monkeys. It's about what happens after, and *fists up to her mouth* OMG SHYLOCK/PORTIA. I ship it so hard and I didn't know it until this fic. It's the ultimate in clever hatesex, but I promise by the second chapter you'll be kind of rooting for this crazy couple to make it work. Which is so wrong in so many ways. (So wrong it's right.)

In fact, I may have cast it in my head so that Shylock is being played by Richard Schiff and Portia is Cate Blanchett.

Unfortunately, there are only two chapters. I live in hope for more.

I also want to rec The Dance by [profile] taraljc, which is the history and the culture of the Orion people, widely varied, as told by Gaila. I love that in this story, none of the Orion women are former slaves. I love the way her Orion is matriarchal. I haven't been able to leave a comment because I was trying to write something like this, but she beat me to it and hers is better.
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A lot of my friends have gallery shows opening up this Friday. [personal profile] devilc did this cool interview with Laurenn McCubbin which you should read.

Last night I went with Shane and Noelle to the Wynn Buffet for the first time. I have to say that Laurenn was correct when she said (months earlier) that the Bellagio is miles better. Still, that luscious cut of lamb t-bone is going to stick in my memory for quite some time. As is the octopus crevice, which was perfection.

Then we walked around CityCenter. Half the art isn't labeled. The casino seemed busy, but I can't help but think the interior space is cold and uninviting - the benches, in particular, all seem to be designed to be as uncomfortable as possible. As if someone had decided that CityCenter would be immensely high traffic, like an airport - without thinking about if anyone would actually like to stay a while and sit. Also I'm sure someone thanked God that Las Vegas eliminated interior smoking in most areas - because the designers used these ridiculous fabric paneled walls. As it is I have doubts on how those will wear from a style standpoint in the years to come, but imagining how disgusting they would have been already really turned me off of life.

This video is wondrous, by the by. Enjoy!
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'Cause God knows I ain't got any moneys... but it's a cool idea.
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I don't care how crazy that book is, I always will love Andre Agassi. HOMETOWN GOTTA REPRESENT.

I'm in the last stages of making my zine for the Vegas Valley Comic Fest. It's been driving me mad because I want to goof off and talk about Doctor Who ~spoilers~ instead of cutting and pasting and photocopying and laying out in photoshop...

If you live in Vegas and didn't get an invite on Facebook, we're having a signing at Frankie's Tiki Bar from 5-7 tomorrow, and then a gallery opening at Atomic Todd's for First Friday. Please come and be awesome. And then Saturday 11-4pm is the Comics Fest.

Okay. Here's important: where's a good place for zines in New York City? I'd like to distro it there but I don't know who has a zine rack and which ones are the best...

Las Vegas:

Sep. 25th, 2009 08:21 pm
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Three quick things:

1. Drunk: A Comic About Bar Stories is supposedly out today. If you want one, I would order soon as I don't think the print run was that massive.

2. Filled the moped with gas today for the first time - ha ha, 2.10 in Premium filled it up. (I thought I had done something wrong for a while, though, as the fuel gauge is like something from the stone age. It seriously took half an hour before it was all 'oh yeah, thanks for the gas'.)

3. If you haven't heard, Cinevegas has canceled 2010. My reaction to this has basically been a very Las Vegas style shrug of the shoulder. What can you do, y'know?
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Ted Kennedy.

I was having an awesome day. As true blue Democrats (except for my mother), we are all very crushed. (But no so crushed that the second thing my brother said, after a truly heartfelt sniffle and open jaw of shock was: "Dude, we all just scored on deadpool.")

My awesome day: I went to life drawing session at the CAC with Abby and her friend Tyler, who is pretty awesome and I'm glad to have met him. It was a very serious class, I did some good work despite being starving. After, her mom took us out for Blueberry Hill which was totally perfect since I had skipped dinner to make it to the session in time.
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First, if you have yet to see it: I made this awesome comic about why the Founding Fathers kind of suck.

Or at least my position is that the Founding Fathers can hardly be called on to help us sort out healthcare, as a. they were not exactly a monolithic bloc on thoughts about the responsibilities of a Federal government and b. none of them are exactly equipped for the 21st century, if you know what I mean.

Anyway: here are also, some thoughts on Ben Sisko. Namely, they were kind of all over the map on his family history, weren't they? Joseph Sisko being alive was a retcon they kind of barely get away with because Sisko doesn't exactly refer to his father in the past tense, just the heart attack. But then they go off and decide he's half-Prophet, which is weird because: dude, Ben Sisko has siblings? You know? Judith who lives in Oregon.

Just sponsored by the fact that I randomly hit his biography on Memory Alpha and was shocked to be reminded that in addition to Judith he also has two unnamed brothers (!)
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Here are the sketches I made at Dr. Sketchy's.

Team Gaila is voting on submissions for a postcard campaign. I think mine is the best, naturally, but I'm losing pretty bad at the moment. If you like it, go vote for it. Just make sure whichever wins, you print out some postcards and send 'em in, because I really want more Gaila in my Star Trek.

I realized today that if I just finish everything on my board + "Bus Date" from Drunk, I'll have 20 pages of comics for a mini-comic for the Vegas Valley Book Festival.

Finally, some vid recs:

I was going to rec [personal profile] trelkez's Take It Off first because it's an amazing pure four minutes of fierce women getting what they want and not taking no for an answer, and it's a track from 'The Donnas' which means it slams.

But then she released a fantastic West Wing vid, American Tune which manages to smoosh every important clip from the show in 4 minutes, 10 seconds. I cried twice, maybe, or three times. Oh god, it wrings your heart. It does this amazing thing where it brings you low in the first minute, and even lower in the second - I had tears streaming down my face, and then she loads you up with happy, like a blessing. GOD. Watch it.
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I made a self portrait today. It's pretty good, I don't hate it.

Speaking of mr. spike jonze, have you guys read his blog? 100% guaranteed to make you feel 20% cooler. Impress your friends by knowing cool shit six months before it's in the Times. (Not that this is hard.)

Today I made this, signed up for biology (still no idea how to pay for it idk idk will deal with it when we get there) and talked to a counselor. She was not helpful.

Then I watched a bunch of X-Men cartoons. Still haven't finished "Wolverine and the X-Men", but it's kind of a crazy show. At least once an episode they try and stress to the audience that Wolvie just IS SO RESPONSIBLE that he can lead the X-Men and every time I get a little thrown by all that.

I kind of admire their sheer desire to cram as much X-Men lore into one season as possible, though. It has sentinels! It has ninja Logan-san! It has Emma and Nightcrawler and Polaris and Genosha and House of M and Days of Future Past and the High Evolutionary! Remember him? What's even left for a second season?

I hope we get to see some Shi'ar and space pirates and the Brood and Lockheed for sure.
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I won't lie, I've been abusing my neighbor's wifi, but at this distance it's like using 56k or worse. (I can't get it at all on iPod.) So I can't say I've been on much.

I got the job. Started today. It runs a month, but because of how the temp agency pays me I won't hardly see any of the money until it is almost over. I have Friday off because of the holiday.

Here's today's Famous Woman: Ceres, which is Cooper's favorite and one of the ones I really like. Please check the art out!

[profile] yahtzee63 wrote another amazing Trek fic, which has kept me happy the past hour or so. I'll probably save it to my hd to read through again. Of Two Worlds in which Spock has to pick between the new universe and the old universe due to a strange intervention.
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Wow, haven't posted in a while. So. This is what I've been up to: on Friday I went to a gallery show - LVSK8 iii, it was excellent btw. Then went to Karaoke at Dino's with Lauren McCubbin and her Feminist Drinking Club. Got kinda liquored up so we all dried out across the street at White Cross (om nom nom fried potatoes) and then came home and stayed up FAR too late obsessing over the Iranian protest situation. I don't think I went to bed until about 6am.

I'm sure you all have seen the horrible video of Neda, right? Right. It's terrible but beautiful. I don't know how to explain - some reflexive American sense of patriotism that dying for freedom is the best death or something. (Though obviously, it would be better were she and all the others to live.)

Because I've been staying up late, my times sleeping and waking are getting really erratic. It doesn't help that my little brother is basically nocturnal and after he gets tired of PvP on XBox live he comes to my room and we puddle up and gorge ourselves sick on Star Trek. We're actually watching it faster than I can write reviews, so I think I'm going to stop doing them unless we have actually interesting thoughts.

When I'm NOT obsessing over Star Trek and Iranian politics, I've been doing art. I'm launching the project I've been working on over at [profile] anbaric_art on Monday, so please friend it and spread the word. It's 106 illustrations, one for every woman in Boccaccio's "On Famous Women".

Oh, and I have a job interview on Monday. Please think good thoughts; I have to land one of these someday, right? It could be this one!
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1. Filed for extended unemployment today. They have to check and see if I qualify which of course, has me convinced that I do not qualify. It was like a two hour phone call, almost an hour of which was holding and menu button pressing. Gah.

2. Got a letter on nice stationary saying I didn't get that job. Alas.

3. But I also went to the library where the book on Francis Perkins I had requested came in. Hurrah.

4. Watched some Doctor Who while having Indian. Trader Joe's is cheap. Stocked up on coffee and soy milk as well. Zoinks!

I'd probably be really depressed, but a liberal application of Doctor Who and Star Trek is good and distracting. Of course, I haven't really gotten anything done besides running the errands and filing extended unemployment. I have tons of art to do, self, no excuse for lazy.
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I made a macro tonight here and here. I just want to archive that I made it for posterity since without a doubt, no macro I ever make again will be as awesome.

Cooper and I watched the new Wonder Woman cartoon and we basically loved the crap out of it. It has a really, really high body count. The Amazons kill the fuck out of people and that's even before Diana gets made out of clay. There's some snarky bondage jokes, Themiscara looks convincingly majestic and spacious and there's a lot of good lines. Our favorite was "Nobody messes with Lincoln!"

Don't know how we felt about the depiction of Hades (they uh, mix it up quite a bit) or the very last scene, but I would gladly watch this one again and again.

I also bought a copy of Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter, which actually has two different pieces on it: the Black Freighter and a documentary on Hollis Mason's book, "Under the Hood", which covers the fictional history of crimefighting in the Watchmen universe. I got the feeling that they tried to sell lots of DVDs by promising animated zombie pirates, but I actually thought it was ridiculous. Fortunately, "Under the Hood" totally, totally is worth renting this.

I had to buy it because none of the stores I went to were renting it. There's another documentary about the importance of the interstitial material to the main narrative. It is an unfortunate waste of time because I think the only person who could really comment on the purpose of all of it is Moore and he doesn't want to oblige us.

Cooper and I managed to make it almost all the way through the motion comic preview chapter: seriously, what the fuck is the point of that? It feels like an audio book (the narrator is especially clumsy with Rorschach's dialogue). Except that you have to watch it for the panels so it somehow manages to not be that. Apparently they're selling the motion comic separately, I suppose for people too lazy to read?

I'll be taking Tales of the Black Freighter back to Zia for store credit soon.

More art:

Mar. 4th, 2009 11:57 pm
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Some dinosaurs, a bird (what difference?), and some human skeletons

I did that page without photo reference.

More dinosaurs

This page does use photo reference.

I do pages and pages like this every day and have for ever. Every piece of paper I own gets covered in sketches.
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Rubbish. I already lost a job interview because I asked to reschedule it because I had a class that I can't skip. Meh! I tell you, meh! Stupid astronomy exam.

Argh. So I watched "The Menagerie" because [ profile] sarking has a regular who buys coffee from her with 'CptPike' license plates, which made me laugh. My brother pointed out that Captain Pike in the chair looks a lot like Davros, which...

...look, if there's art of this later, it's all his fault.


Feb. 19th, 2009 06:26 pm
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Emma Frost GIP!

I have a retarded busy week coming up: three job interviews, a bunch of art shows, my classes including a big exam, and some other crazy adventures. I had to get a planner!

Have a sketch page I did in astronomy class:

Sketch page )
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1. Took my mom and brother to Red Rock.

We climbed around Calico Hills, sorta, because even though my mom lost a zillion pounds to CAAAAANCER she's still out of shape and heavy. My mom is funny, "Red Rock is only fifteen minutes from the house?" WHO KNEW. If she's gonna make me walk around with her for exercise, I'd rather walk around in nature than the neighborhood.

'Cause walking in the neighborhood is not actually a pleasant fun distraction when you do it several times a week to, you know, get to the bus stop. Just saying!

2. Had Mexican food at Red Rock the Casino

My dad's bff's husband is in the hospital, which is a bummer, but she gave us a comp to the Mexican place because it was going to expire. It was pleasantly not shitty, but I ate too much due to having been quite the scamp at the park.

3. Tutored my brother in art class.

He can't draw and his coursebook doesn't understand what it's supposed to be teaching but it's okay because I'm the one who signs the grade sheet. Ha ha ha.

This coursework is seriously too hard for him, though, because there's no textbook and he's not taking art history on top of it, so how on earth was he supposed to figure out triangular composition on his own? Sticking an 8th grader in front of a Raphael and telling them to 'draw something a bit like this' is probably a good recipe to frustration.
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Still can't get hold of the unemployment office, don't know what I'm going to do about homework for my science class. I'm only taking nine credits after all, since no one got cut off the Screenwriting class and I was third on the waitlist. (Sucks to be me.)

The budget cut protest at UNLV was quite impressive, as was the show Noelle was in. Nico didn't show up to his own gallery show, though, and that made me sad.

The Impossible Project bought the old Poloroid factory in Poland and is seeking to green-refurb it to make new poloroid film! They need your help and I think it's a quite worthy cause, so check it out.

Elizabeth Moss and Will Armistad are engaged?! Damn. I feel like this means I can't talk smack about his Barack Obama any more.

Attention all Germans on the friends list: if you like Battlestar Galactica, Bear McCreary has a Battlestar Ballet premiering in Hagen.

On the third day of Barack Obama's presidency the President gave to me: new stem cell research and an end to the global gag rule.


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