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All is Cracked and Confusion by agapi42

This is a time-travel story that you have to read twice to fully understand. During the Bajoran Occupation, the Cardassians steal the Orb of Time. Kira went on two missions: one aborted, one where they failed, to stop it from happening. A great story that could have happened on the show, and the author knows just the right amount of sly Garak to provide.

Immortal by tornyourdress

Jadzia, before Dax. This has a lovely look at how much pressure individuals in Trill society are under to be found worthy of joining.

In The Files by tree_and_leaf

A minor Bajoran technician on the station left a surprise for the Dominion. Now she's dead and the station is back in the hands of the Federation. I particularly like this one for the spitfire mother OC.

Slings and Arrows

People Who Don't Understand Brecht Don't Understand Life by Sage.

I don't really get the pairing on this one, but it was highly rec'ed so I gave it a shot... and it works for me! Not the pairing, but what the relationship establishes about the story. A young Darren and Geoffrey join New Burbage and get cast by Oliver in Marlowe's Edward II - the author has a really insightful psychological grasp on how Darren and Geoffrey are developing as young actors, and on Oliver in his middle years. I love the backstabbing, the secret cattiness of the casting, and the OCs who raise Darren do so much to flesh out the world and make him a sympathetic character. Highly recommended by me as well!

Thereby Hangs a Tale... by Satchelfoot.

After the series, Geoffrey eventually returns to acting. A really enjoyable, true to the series tone ficlet. After all, all the world's a stage...


Every year, there are Sandman crossovers. Sandman is a little black dress - it goes with everything. I think the harder challenge is to write stories that take place entirely within the series, and there was one really good choices this year.

Except in Dreams by elynross

A day in the life of Lucien, Head Librarian in the Library of Dreams. This story makes fantastic use of the Dreaming's supporting cast and is hung on the delightful idea that Lucien and Nuala are organizing concerts of the great unfinished (except in dreams!) works of classical composers.
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The Secret of Kells
Inghinidhe na hÉireann
Suddenly Aisling’s sitting on his branch, out further towards the end, watching him. Pangur mews, surprised to find herself staring at thin air.

“Draw my mother.”

“Your mother?”

THE SECRET OF KELLS. Oh man, sometimes Yuletide really delivers for you. A magical fic that truly captures the feel of this underrated gem of animation.

Young Wizards
Taking In
Honestly, Ronan is probably my least favorite character in this series. So a fic that can take him, show his Ordeal in such beauty and make it work for me? That's a gem.

Spirited Away
By The World Forgot
Kamaji the Boiler Man's backstory. The author manages to weave this story with all the little details that make you gasp, 'of course' with that hint of bittersweet that Miyazaki does so well.

Deep Space Nine
As Was Intended
Jadzia interrogates Garak on Bashir. This could have been painfully trite, but as written makes you wonder why Jadzia, with her past as Curzon, didn't have more to say to Garak in canon.

Past Lives and Propaganda
Kira helps Jadzia clean out Curzon's storage locker, after the zhian'tara - a lovely concept, with a gentle swipe at Trek canon as the punchline.
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Magic School Bus
As I Always Say
How to take the oft-joked upon premise of "Mrs. Frizzle is a Time Lord" and mix it with the bittersweet nature of the Doctor's relationship with his companions, all while sneaking in a third crossover.

Young Wizards/Sandman/Illuminatus! Trilogy
Die Morgensheutegesternwelt
The band names alone are killer. Tom and Carl slip into another universe, on an acid trip, and Carl re-names an Endless in the Speech - a daringly beautiful premise that fits entirely into both universes.

Dragonriders of Pern
Mirrim is tired of being the only woman on a fighting dragon - and decides to ask the Weyrleaders if she can go on Search. A lovely novella-length work with three OCs that fit so perfectly into the Pern universe I forgot they were OCs. (Yay for Lanner.)

Clouds the Color of Fire
The perfect version of "how Lessa discovered she was pregnant" - a great prompt for a missing scene. I love the way the dragons are done in this one.

In the First Interval, a mother and daughter doctor discuss the choices that have to be made as Pern slides away from technology. I have a funny suspicion I know who wrote this - it's a great slice between Dragonsdawn and Dragonseye, and also shows that Pern can be compelling without Thread and dragons.

Octopus Steals My Video Camera and Swims Off With It While It Is Still Recording
Experiments With Intelligence
The secret winner of Yuletide. Three Quick Flickers And All Arms Waving will also steal your heart.

Millennium Trilogy
The Desk Clerks Dressed In Black
I am kind of going through a Lisbeth Salander thing right now after promising myself I never would do that. (Promises are made to be broken!) So of course, Cesperenza requested Mikael/Lisbeth and it is AWESOMELY them while simultaneously resolving one of the big blocks between the two of them getting together. (It is awesome to have a ship where, spoilers, the main characters have canonical sex long before the issues keeping them apart are resolved.)
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Toby Occupies Wall Street by apocryphile


Ahem. Now, it's true that Toby Ziegler had precious little time for the WTO protesters, but it's also true that the majority of his criticism had to do with the fact he thinks they're toothless and undeserving heirs to the Spirit o' the 60s. He was always a radical on the inside, Toby. That's one of the few reasons to buy that he's the leaker: the chance to make a real Daniel Ellsberg strike at the Military-Industrial complex (and become the hero to millions of liberals disenchanted with President Bartlet's administration) seems utterly like something he would be interested in.

I believe in Toby Ziegler at Occupy. You know he would do it.

Fic Recs!

Nov. 7th, 2011 03:12 pm
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There have been some spectacularly awesome long fics posted to A03 lately. No idea if they're the product of Big Bangs - I mentioned in the locked post that my ability to access the internet hasn't been astonishingly great since I moved, and one of the consequences of working hard in studio and that has been not checking Dreamwidth or LJ ... well, mostly at all, is that I don't know if these have been rec'ed to death yet or what.

West Wing

War Criminals by FabulaRasa
It's a novella (42,000+ words!) length story slashing Leo McGarry/Lord John Marbury which is a fabulously weird pairing to write 42,000+ words about, isn't it? It's remarkably pacy, despite that, and the author brings in and has equally interesting cameos for many of the other characters.

Except for some structural issues involving how you shouldn't do nested flashbacks of that length in prose, I think it's a wonderful AU story that makes marvelous use of the things West Wing was ABOUT - international politics and the interpersonal crisis of heart that follow - and I genuinely would like to sit in a room and learn from this Lord John and Leo, who sound every bit the international war time consiglieres they are meant to be.

our book won't close by slybrunette

A shorter Josh and Amy fic, post-Santos, that has an all too depressing burnt edges feel in that nothing that happens around the edges is too surprising, but the fact that things fall apart is more Wells and less Sorkin. I like these stories where, rather than the post-admin written during the Sorkin-era, everyone's older and wiser/dumber and politics is meaner and more meaningless. (I think, if you're modeling your life off Leo McGarry's choices - and Josh Lyman very much does so, it doesn't bode well for happy endings.)


Reproduction by kattahj

It starts off as a zany xenobiology story - the Dax symbiont has to lay eggs! - which morphs into a detailed examination of the issues surrounding Ezri and Julian having children of their own. Much care and thought went into this fic, and it feels both pitch-perfect to the DS9 universe as well as managing to convince me that Ezri and Julian were more than an odd fling.

A Space for Faith by beatrice_otter

An all OC-tale that would fit neatly into the universe of post-canon DS9 novels if you let it. This is a five chapter story of a young Bajoran security officer on the threshold of becoming absorbed into Starfleet, and the older Vulcan officer she becomes friends with through tutoring. (There's a little blip where the two discuss religion that I find jarring in context of what Starfleet science can do - and what Starfleet science teaches about the Prophets, but I think the choice of pairing a spiritual Vulcan with a Bajoran developing long rusty skills is more interesting overall than this blip.)
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Parallel Evolution by [personal profile] mosca

Seven explorations of sexuality on DS9. Many of these are filling in the details on relationships that exist in canon. I think it's a credit to the way DS9 handled relationships that none of them seem wrong, and a credit to Mosca that they so seamlessly fit into the universe.

F is For Ferengi (remix)

It's a testament to Jadzia Dax's openness to new things that a Dax/Ishka fic makes a lot of sense. It feels really seditious and right to ship Dax with female Ferengi.

Scenes From The Wedding Album of Canton Everett Delaware III by [personal profile] raven

"Yes," says Canton, after a moment. "My partner of forty years is about to marry me with cheese Danish crumbs on his collar, let me get those, you idiot."

The journalist takes a picture while he fixes it. Groom-to-be nervously adjusts tie, he guesses the caption will be. God damn the New York Times.

The gay agenda lives on!
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1. Rachel Maddow follows me on Twitter now. You are all insanely jealous, right?

This wasn't as big of a freak out for me as it was my other friends, because I don't write fanfiction about real people and thus never have to worry she'll find my Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox stories. They don't exist.

2. Just Like Starting Over, a Mad Men Peggy/Don future fic. I'm not sure if there are a lot of stories in this fandom that project the characters forward - this one does a great job at applying the 1980s to the characters and style of the series. The little details are what makes this work - the opening gambit of Peggy's interview with Ms. Magazine, being asked about the Diana/Charles wedding. Don reading 'Rabbit is Rich'. It's the details that make the relationship seem believable.

And how can you not love the period-appropriate John Lennon title?

3. The cosmos own our luck. CJ and Toby, post series. Again, with the details. They're both political people, their lives take place in the background of big events - the choice to frame the dialogue as dashed off emails sent as CJ runs about fixing the world is inspired.

4. Malice Aforethought - DS9 needs a few more lawyers. I don't want to spoil it, but this is a fic about how Kira is awesome. Everyone likes that, yes?

5. That I can rec new fic from twenty and eleven year old fandoms makes me happy. Continue shining on, you crazy diamonds.
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I almost had a technical KO with the last post - all the links had gotten shifted around. I think it was my bad, and not the Archives, but how it happened exactly I bloody don't know. So. Let's do this again, shall we?

ETA: I started this one days prior to the reveal. Don't feel like going back to add names, so assume authors get credit when you make with the clicky.

Indiana Jones/Casablanca:
Indiana Jones and the Standard of Dishonour
What a brilliant idea for a crossover. Everyone's voices are great and this manages to make me not completely loathe the background information in Crystal Skull.

Ray Bradbury:
The Sun Shone on Venus
Oh, you clever clogs. Everyone read the Bradbury short story about the girl on Venus, the one where it only has sunshine every seven years and her evil classmates lock her in a closet, correct? This is the story of what happens to the girl as an adult - with the most Of Course She Did crossover with another Bradbury short story at the end.

Batman/Feminist Hulk/Old Spice Guy:
Feminism First Thing In the Morning
Batman, Feminist Hulk, and the Old Spice Guy have a Twitter conversation. LOVE IT.

How to Train Your Dragon
How To Hatch Your Dragon
Hiccup's father has trouble adjusting to the village's new life. Short and has ikkle dragons. I love it.

Stay Close To Me
Even after the events of the film, Hiccup's relationship with his father isn't great. Astrid helps him understand.

I Have Been One With the Sea
How does a research oceanographer fall in love with the Goddess of the Sea anyway? This perfectly captures the world of Miyazaki's film - the appreciation for science with the breathtaking moments of beauty under water. And there's a lovely smutty interlude.

Spirited Away:
Tales of the Bathhouse
Three short stories of people spirited away to work Yubaba's bathhouse, framed by Lin. All three have the lovely feeling of fairy tales, and I like the backstory the author gives Lin.

Calvin and Hobbes:
This kid I once knew.
From the POV of an adult Suzie, this fic had me from the opening paragraph with her friends discussing daemons from His Dark Materials. I particularly like the bittersweetness of this one, and that ending seems real and not quite right - which is of course, why it is so right.

Young Wizards:
But There Is This
Tom and Carl share stories of their own misbegotten wizard youths. I love the adventure. Bear wizards!

Of Whales and Florists
S'ree the young whale wizard is one of my favorite minor characters. I love the way that she and Nita's father find common ground in this one - it's so very right for this universe.
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The Dying Gaul
Methos, so sharp and pricky and vivid in this single Highlander story. I love the free way it mixes art, and history, and Immortality.

His Dark Materials:
All of the His Dark Materials stories were really good this year.

This fandom is a challenging one, with its free mix of theology, fantasy, and steampunk Victoriana. The author on this piece does a convincing job with the world of Lyra's Oxford, in the tale of the first meeting of Marisa Coulter and Lord Asriel. The characters are themselves, younger and growing into their deviousness. And the twists are quite interesting.

Three Heresies
Three meetings between Serafina and Xaphania - lovely and poetic, this one.

A Brief History of the Witches and their Culture
The lives of Serafina and Ruti Skadi, Queens of the Witches. A very dense look at their lives, intersecting and different. Another one that gets the culture of their world correct.

The Incredibles:
Of Capes and Kindred Spirits
Edna Mode designs Buddy's new suit, and has regrets.

James Bond Reboot:
The Care and Feeding of Your M
From the perspective of Miss Moneypenny: A female M changes everything, or does it?

Jurassic Park:
A Year of Women
Stop everything. You must read this one, even if you only casually like the fandom. This is about twelve women in Alan Grant's life, but the author has really just blown up the book fandom, the movies and put them back together in an elegy about life, and the role of women (and gender) in science.

Lilo and Stitch:
Mountains, Molehills
The entire ohana is concerned about when David and Nani will get married. Short, but so in tone with the film.

The Little Mermaid:
So many good fics for this fandom this year!

Mysterious Fathoms Below
Little vignettes of Ariel's life interspersed with a Victoriana lecture about the merpeople. I love the not-so-cryptic Disney crossover, and the way this uses material from the recent sequel.

Triton's Cove
The temptation with the Disney fics is always to make them darker and more sinister - because the Disney Princess films are full of flawed messages (and none so much as The Little Mermaid). I like this one for its effort to stay away from that, to take canon for what it is and find the happy medium between the characters and the story.

The Skin Beneath the Skin
Of course, the original story was a bitter and melancholic affair much driven by Anderson's closeted homosexuality. Ariel's ever-after. I like the stories hinted in a couple of lines - I wish this one was longer, actually.

Lion in Winter
Should have a warning for rape. A really interesting take on how the memory lies.

Oh Gosh, how I thought about signing up for Yuletide just to write the story for this person. My favorite painting of all time, Manet's Olympia. The author took an interesting tack on this one, narrating the story from the perspective of the painting and not any of the interesting historical people surrounding its creation.

The Never-Green Tree
I know one of these days Gaiman might get around to writing the sequel to this, and Joss all these Yuletides to bit. None the less, I love them every year. On the quest to find Door's missing sister, Ingress, Richard Mayhew decides to go on a quest of his own: to discover what happens to Anesthesia, the rat-girl. The author of this one takes clear delight in remixing London Above's history with the world of London Below.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
Let It Be
The author of this one is patently obvious, and as if she knew it, hasn't bothered to wipe all her smudgy fingerprints off of it. Missing scenes from the death of Jadzia and the arrival of Ezri Dax - I love the way she's brought in Worf's backstory from TNG to DS9, and made the eventual relationship between Ezri and Julian make a lot more sense. They do have much in common after all.

buckle up, we're wayward bound.
Gert and Chase, so alive. This fic made me feel the rush of shipper love, which is something I didn't really know I could feel about comics.

Lady Lazarus
Title rather gives it away, but it perfectly captures the spirit of the comic - and manages to include the new team members around the edges. Plus: they fight evil hipsters in a Starbucks. That's perfection.

Mad Men:
Some truly brilliant fics for this fandom this year. It feels like Yuletide (and fandom) may have finally figured out what they want to say about this show.

Two Omissions, One Acknowledgment
A year in the (sex) life of Peggy Olson. It just gets her right.

The Hot 100 Number 1 Singles of 1965 & 1966
Another long, STOP you must read this fic, the kind that Yuletide is famous for, and that I was almost afraid wouldn't appear. This fic does the seemingly impossible task of making a Peggy and Joan friendship believable - there's an appearance of a ridiculous fic trope towards the end and I could not BELIEVE that I not only bought it, but loved it. Everyone's voice is perfect. I love the scenes with Joan and Lane, and the Joan/Roger scene is worth the price of admission. I hope season five is as satisfying as this fic, but I know it'll be more frustrating: this fic is the perfect expression of Mad Men wish fulfillment.
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Handlebars by [personal profile] chaila.

I debated whether I wanted to make a West Wing vid to this song for a while and ultimately dismissed it because I decided it was a. overplayed in fandom and b. pretty dark.

Now I wish I had. [personal profile] chaila has focused it strictly on Bartlet and it's an absolutely chilling look at the character. Go watch.

Which reminds, me, I saw "The Social Network" Thursday on screener passes. I tweeted about it but I never got around to writing an entry on it. Let's do that now, shall we?

Non-spoilery: While maybe not the 'greatest movie of the year', the glowing reviews have been fairly on the money. Easily the best thing Sorkin's written since 'The West Wing' and in many ways the apogee of a lot of things he's been working through. Thus I recommend highly that you see it, especially if you are a fan of his and on the fence - it's always good to see an artist finally LAND the theme they were circling around for ages.

Spoilery )

Also, any film where part of the plot involves drunken emo break up Livejournaling? You guys should all be lining up for it.
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Star Trek

The Desert Between by [personal profile] beatrice_otter. The Enterprise visits the new Vulcan colony, and Uhura starts to notice something funny about the human volunteers. Of course, in the traditional Vulcan society she has to be vetted to marry Spock and learn about Pon Farr. What I really loved about this fic, besides the immersive way the author has blended the canon and Diane Duane's Vulcan stories, was Jalila, the author's OC. The way it addressed the culture of the Federation's Earth is really interesting.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Misremembering the Alamo by [personal profile] loneraven. Written for [community profile] lgbtfest. Newly joined Ezri Dax has to come to terms with the symbiont's sexuality. My favorite thing about this fic is the way that [personal profile] loneraven got all the voices of the DS9 crew, and the gentle feeling that they were all a family. Perfection.

Also, if you haven't seen it, Good in My Head is an awesome Kira vid by [personal profile] meddow.

Calvin and Hobbes

Stupendous Man and Pretty Cool Dude (for an old guy) Join Forces by [personal profile] mjules. Uncle Max and his lover take Calvin for the weekend and have to explain to Calvin about being homosexual. I really enjoy that Calvin sounds like Calvin despite the story being told from an adult perspective.

Iron Man

for today or the rest of my life by [personal profile] calicokat. Written before the new movie so it's been Jossed now, but it is awesome. Pepper Potts starts to date a lovely man, who has nothing whatsoever to do with Tony Stark and superheroics. So of course, Tony gets jealous... this sounds like a really stupid summary, but [personal profile] calicokat has perfect voice for these two. And her OC is great.

"Wow. The yuppie who thinks he's going to singlehandedly save the world," Blair jokes at the razor's edge of caution.

He's right in assuming that a woman who laughs at urinalysis humor can treat her high-powered career with levity. Pepper likes that he's willing to take calculated risks.

Pretty awesome!

Concession by obsession_inc. Iron Man dark-fic from before Iron Man 2, with the author taking Howard Hughes example to extremes. Both Tony and Pepper have gone missing, and a global hunt is on. Christine Everhart is assigned to the story and finds herself becoming obsessed, not with Tony, but with Pepper and what happened to her.

Christine Everhart gets assigned the story the same day that the search for Tony Stark begin to focus on French Polynesia-- if "focus" is a term that can even be used for an area encompassing approximately fifteen-hundred square miles-- and she finds the parallels apt. Both have a certain needle-in-a-haystack feel to them, with a questionable probability of success that's far outweighed by the public interest in the story. There's pressure that goes along with that level of public interest, to have something timely to report even if accuracy is impacted. Christine hates that kind of pressure, and she's well known for fighting with the editors about it, but she's considered the resident expert on all things regarding Tony Stark, so she still gets the assignment.

Doctor Who

The Angel in the House by [profile] cryptile.

So, Harold. Here we are, as was perhaps inevitable: you, huddled in the corner of the kitchen, whimpering uncontrollably, and me, doing this stationary and silent flamenco. I don't enjoy this, you know.

No, well, you don't know. And there is no way of letting you know. Ten years I've been living with you and this farce is the most interaction we've had in this entire time. Of course, 'interaction' is a relative concept as far as I'm concerned, but you get my drift.

Well, no; you don't. My kingdom, my gnome-infested kingdom for a larynx.

Oh. Brilliant. That's it, call the police. What are they going to do, slap a pair of cuffs on me, read me my rights? Lash me to the top of the cruiser like I'm an old mattress? You had any sense, you'd be calling that idiot brother-in-law of yours who works in construction.

You could look away, you know. This is killing my arms.

The most hilarious Weeping Angel POV fic you will ever read. Possibly the only one.
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First, I made this weird Hamlet/Doctor Who/Victoria Bitter fanart. It made sense at the time. What can I say?

Speaking of Shakespearean things, I want to recommend this amazing Merchant of Venice fic that [personal profile] selenak recced first. A Wilderness of Monkeys. It's about what happens after, and *fists up to her mouth* OMG SHYLOCK/PORTIA. I ship it so hard and I didn't know it until this fic. It's the ultimate in clever hatesex, but I promise by the second chapter you'll be kind of rooting for this crazy couple to make it work. Which is so wrong in so many ways. (So wrong it's right.)

In fact, I may have cast it in my head so that Shylock is being played by Richard Schiff and Portia is Cate Blanchett.

Unfortunately, there are only two chapters. I live in hope for more.

I also want to rec The Dance by [profile] taraljc, which is the history and the culture of the Orion people, widely varied, as told by Gaila. I love that in this story, none of the Orion women are former slaves. I love the way her Orion is matriarchal. I haven't been able to leave a comment because I was trying to write something like this, but she beat me to it and hers is better.
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Festivid recs:

Wall-E: "Mr. Blue Sky"

What a perfect combo! The vidder does an excellent job here with both the color clues from the actual film, and in making the editing punchy to the song. The opening 30 seconds are really impressive, and I LOVE the villain intro.

Classic Doctor Who: "Lollipop"

Mmm, cracktacular. It's the Seventh Doctor fighting the Kandyman to "Lollipop". What the fuck is wrong with you if you don't want to watch THAT?

Slings & Arrows: "Unity Mitford"

Um, wow. Another great song choice - this time a song I've never heard before but which is perfect. I love the repetitious appearances of Oliver on a certain lyric until he gets his own segment, and the way it ships Ellen/Geoffrey. And I especially think the use of actual audio clips from the show, bookending the video, do great work at driving home the vid's thesis. Really good stuff.

Iron Man: "You Won't See Me Coming"

I think songs to fast vids are the hardest to do, I think there's not a lot of disagreement on this matter. This video takes a really fast song, and slams it with a ton of editing, but finds a good use of overlay to ensure that the lyrics and point of each section is understood.

Watchmen: "Afraid of Americans"

If you didn't know better you would think David Bowie wrote this song about the Watchmen. As it is, this video is kind of a perfect seething boil of the comic/movie's questions about the role of American power in the 20th century. Just about every choice of lyric to clip is really inspired - I especially like "Johnny wants to suck on a coke", and um, "God is an American."

Y'know what. This song has the line "God is an American." And it's a Watchmen video. If you don't want to watch that, okay, but that's a bit perfect.

Back to the Future: "Here It Goes Again"

You've probably seen it rec'ed a half dozen times by now, but yeah. Cracky brilliant fun, the vidder finds every possible parallel to highlight and poor, poor Marty McFly. fan
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Beauty and the Beast (Disney)

Bittersweet - this one goes out to all the people who think the movie would have had a better ending if the Beast had stayed a monster and not become a man. It's tragic.

The American President

I liked Of Old and New Beginnings for the way it focused on the secondary characters of Shepard's staffers, and told their stories with an eye towards the story it would become on 'The West Wing' - not just in terms of the characters themselves becoming CJ and Josh, but the actual nods to Bartlet.

Love, Actually

Speaking of politics, Impropriety is a terrifically cute story from 'Love, Actually', about Natalie's adjustment to being the Prime Minister's girlfriend. It's laugh out loud funny, and told with a lot of verve and spirit. And a lot of curse words. If you liked this segment of the film, I think you'll really enjoy this.

Body Worlds Exhibition

What a WEIRD fandom to be suggested. You gotta read it for the this-could-only-be-Yuletide factor. I enjoyed both stories, but In the bleak midwinter has one of the strangest, most memorable and heartwarming Nativities ever made to bend electrons.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

The fic in this fandom this year is focused on making Mr. Yunioshi an actual character of color, and not just horrible yellowface. This story, Mr. Yunioshi's Photographs, gives him a Japanese background appropriate for the time period, and is sticky enough that I'll think of it the next time I see the film, and feel a little more at ease. (The book is better, though.)

My Little Ponies

Every year there's one of these brain bendingly serious takes at a children's fandom. I loved Another Rainbow in Another Sky for the serious attempt at making the humans in the my Little Pony fanchise interesting and for the completely unexpected fandom crossover at the end. Oh, and the cursing.

Breakfast Club

Most Likely To features a dot-com washup Brian forced to move back home, where he runs into Bender. The story is of excellent length and build-up, really good work as a gen piece until it brings out some achingly sweet slash towards the end. I enjoyed it a lot.

Firebringer Trilogy

asdfgh someone requested Firebringer fic and then someone wrote it omfg.

Silver Feathers and Golden Hair is a perfect Firebringer story. It opens with Jah-lila's narration and a fairly flawless imitation of Meredith Ann Pierce's writing style, with the opulent descriptions of the world that characterize her stories. This is the story of Lell and Illishar, possibly the biggest hanging edge left over from the original trilogy. I think anyone who loves these books will enjoy this one.


Casablanca is a perennial Yuletide favorite, and always seems to turn out really interesting novella-length stories. This year was Sam's turn to shine.

Sentimental Reasons is the story of Sam meeting Rick in 1930s Harlem, told in rich detail. I especially liked the development of Rick's employment, his disillusion, and the two of them leaving off to explore the world together. The crush that Sam has for Rick is built up slowly, so slowly I almost missed it at first. This also has an unexpectedly happy ending, which I appreciated.

Sam in Casablanca, on the other hand, starts immediately after the close of the movie and details what happens to Sam after Rick's left his life. I think I like this one a little more for its disillusionment and focus on the re-definition of self, for the way it uses the secondary characters who worked for Rick (oh Karl), and for its look at Ilsa and Laslo after the war, which I found convincing.
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Handmaid's Tale

Sisters of Bilhah is a brilliant look at Gilead from the other side of the pond. In post-WW3 Britain, a young social worker takes a job at a center for former-American refugees. There are definite shades of Children of Men in this, but even if you've never read the book, or seen the film, I think you would appreciate it on its own. It's a stunning example of when fanfiction can do it right.


A Lesson in Manners has my favorite hard-ass witch Thessaly perturbed at Dream, post-series. She decides to teach him a brutal, and effective lesson. One which his own sister might have advised.

Recoil and Grace features the sort of ending I'm normally loathe to enjoy, but for this character I'll make an exception. Post-series, Delirium has another mission for Lucifer, one which draws him out of his nightclub and into the taverns at World's End. There he must exchange some stories of him and the Dream King... pretty slashy though safe for work.

Historical RPF

Il'uomo d'oro, or Five people thought they knew Cesare Borgia. The veil of history has drawn itself over the Borgias, so that only entrenched history majors care about the excess of the Italian Renaissance. Despite that, this fic features the perspective of two notables that you HAVE heard of: DiVinci and Maccavelli. And it's very brilliant, bringing to life someone you may have forgotten in all his diabolical glory.

Addams Family

Charming Women Grandmama Addams makes dinner, in a normal day for the Addams household. Which is to say that there's several disturbing stories imparted to the other Addams women along the way. (I especially like the part where she ate Santa.)

The Way to a Woman's Heart One of the few canonical couples who enjoy BDSM and powergames, Morticia reminisces on toys that she has known and used, and training her daughter in the dark arts.

Disney Princesses

Mortal Kombat: Disney Princesses is a fic of the purest crack known to mankind. Disney Princesses enter the ring, and only one will come out! I feel bad for the others, actually, as the fic's protagonist is Fa Mulan, but the ending is hilarious with a dollop of slash.
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So that I can close tabs and also mark which ones to leave feedback on, as the comment tab hasn't been working at all for me.


This year brought a bumper crop of Pern fics, interestingly a lot of femmeslash between Mirrim and Menolly. And Stinging As a Well-Aimed Dart is one of those, from Mirrim's perspective. There's a lovely bit on Pernese girls playing Mirrim-fights-Thread games and of course, a firelizard flight to provide the Pern universe's version of Pon Farr. The author does a lovely job balancing the fanon tendency to make the dragons sassier, while still making Path sound as Pernese dragons should do.

I also really enjoyed The Ballad of Mirrim and Menolly's Ride, which is not femmeslash but rather an adventure fic in which the two girls fight an unexpected Threadfall, and Path keeps accidentally betweening them to worse and worse alternate universes in an attempt to warn Pern. The idea that you can between to an alternate universe is one I haven't seen done before and the author chose some really interesting ones to explore.

Perspective is a short fic which peers into Pern's very far future. I enjoyed this one because the author obviously has the same problem with the dragons as I do.

Fifty Years After the Fair is a story of Benden Weyr in the First Pass - a time period with interesting characters established by Anne McCaffery but sort of forgotten and/or ruined by her son's continual attempts to inherit the franchise. This one I feel is a very Pern story, compressed for Yuletide: it's generational, following the children and granchildren of one of the background goldriders. And it also features some unusual plot twists - family resentments over who Impresses and what color, abrupt deaths due to Thread and other maladies, basically things which should occur more often in the series but do not.

His Dark Materials

like gold to ayery thinnesse beate I enjoyed very much and I was surprised by that - I very rarely enjoy Will/Lyra reunion fics because most of them are silly tosh. But this one is quite clever in that it features adult Will and Lyra, both of whom have had interesting careers. And I quite like the indomitable spunk in which an adult Lyra, having suddenly arrived on our Earth, set about to finding Will again. The author revels in the little details which make up the massive change between going from a mid-Edwardian universe, to ours with google and airports and national ID cards. There are two sequels for your instant gratification as well.

By far my favorite though, and possibly going to be my favorite of the year, was Dinosaurs in the Architecture. The main character is a young woman with a paleontologist father, whose daemon has inadvertently settled as a dinosaur. In a world where the Church has forced Darwin into exile, this spells problems for our heroine. I adore this, as I adore all long looks at Lyra's world and the concept of having your soul on the outside. If I didn't know better I would think I knew the author for this. Dinosaurs! Angels! Quasi-Victorian Steampunk Adventure!

Young Wizards

But Rather Darkness Visible, the one that Aria got, is a crossover between Doctor Who and Young Wizards... which is actually canon for that universe! (No, really. These two characters have in canon met.) In this one, Dairine is tasked with having a friendly chat with Ten post-Waters on Mars. It's quite lovely and smooshes the two canons together effortlessly. What I wouldn't give to see the Tenth Doctor greet a wizard-on-errantry with "Dai stiho" onna telly.

I also liked and the city stood in its brightness for the lovely vignettes, and the errand Dairine is sent to run is the Wizardry series at its best: cutting edge science fiction.

Finally, I really really enjoyed A Matter of Choice in which Dairine notices something off with her Twilight-obsessed schoolmate and enlists Ronan's help in a brief battle for her soul. But not in the way that you would think! Twilight is surprisingly not bashed in this story as silly, but rather something bittersweet. It broke my heart, a little.
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Everyone in my house has the plague. I woke up this morning to stumble to the bathroom only to find it covered in vomit. This is the part in the zombie films where we start dying like flies and reanimating with a hunger for braaaains.

In other news: my brother and I started watching I, Claudius, which is so our favorite two episodes in that I am about to shamble out to get the other disks from the library. DO NOT SPOIL US. I mean, other than obviously, rocks fall and so does Rome. We want to be surprised when our favorite BBC actors show up.

My brother has a crush on Livia, I think. My brother has excellent taste.

Also, because I'm sick, I've been watching Star Trek fanvids all day long. Here are my new favorites:

Behind a cut. )
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Here are the sketches I made at Dr. Sketchy's.

Team Gaila is voting on submissions for a postcard campaign. I think mine is the best, naturally, but I'm losing pretty bad at the moment. If you like it, go vote for it. Just make sure whichever wins, you print out some postcards and send 'em in, because I really want more Gaila in my Star Trek.

I realized today that if I just finish everything on my board + "Bus Date" from Drunk, I'll have 20 pages of comics for a mini-comic for the Vegas Valley Book Festival.

Finally, some vid recs:

I was going to rec [personal profile] trelkez's Take It Off first because it's an amazing pure four minutes of fierce women getting what they want and not taking no for an answer, and it's a track from 'The Donnas' which means it slams.

But then she released a fantastic West Wing vid, American Tune which manages to smoosh every important clip from the show in 4 minutes, 10 seconds. I cried twice, maybe, or three times. Oh god, it wrings your heart. It does this amazing thing where it brings you low in the first minute, and even lower in the second - I had tears streaming down my face, and then she loads you up with happy, like a blessing. GOD. Watch it.

A Rec Post

Jun. 17th, 2009 12:59 am
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Long overdue, which means you've no doubt read them already.

An open letter to Winona Kirk

Meta. Dear Winona Kirk,

Is that even really your name, did you take your husband’s name? Did you have a big wedding, did you wear a big white dress? (Do they still do that in the future?)

Is it weird, meta that makes you cry?

Lunch and other obscenities

A Uhura&Gaila friendship fic, about taboo and society. This is the Federation I know and love. The author does a beautiful job fleshing out the Orions - I particularly like that Gaila, in this story, is not an escaped slave.


You know when you fall in love so much with a fic that you scroll back up mid-paragraph and read it again, and roll the idea around in your head to see if you want to keep it forever (but you already know you do.)

That's this fic. It's a beautiful long fic about Uhura and Spock, falling in love at the Academy.


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