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I'm bummed my mom won't be home to watch it with me in GLORIOUS HIGH DEF.

Like me, do you watch figure skating pretty regularly but even decades later still have no idea what the judges are even grading on? [personal profile] mosca breaks it down for you here. I am not convinced I will ever be able to tell any of the jumps apart, but I totally fucking understand the new scoring system now.

NBC needs to stop playing like me like "Math is Hard" Barbie. The new system totally makes sense.


Aug. 26th, 2008 06:55 pm
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Allegiant Air is having a ridiculous fare sale, including 29$ from Las Vegas to anywhere they stop in California. I'm thinking about a weekend in Monterey, but I could also do Fresno to Berkeley via train.

Here's a flickr stream of a woman's crazy Bento boxes.

Disturbingly amazing.

A National Geographic Photoessay on Sailfish.

Really fascinating, gorgeous pictures. I had no idea sailfish turned different colors based on their moods! That makes them a little bit like the suped-up version of my bettas...

Photospam of the best pictures of the Olympics

I love that on page three they went out of their way to cover the nipple slippage.

Followed by an article about how the Olympic Village is the epicenter of sex.

As the commentators say: sounds amazing, sign me up.

Last, but never least: Richard Schiff talks about Joe Biden.

As if you need a reason to watch Richard Schiff talk about anything.
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Aaron Sorkin announces new West Wing Animated Series at SorCon.

Sorkin plans to write all of the new episodes as well as animate them himself. He has not yet sold the series for broadcast, but said he was "certain" that any network would "jump at the chance to work with Aaron Sorkin."

ROFL Onion. Only matched by how I'd probably have tickets to that thing and go in cosplay. :(

Meet Emma and Scott's post-apocalyptic future child.

Lo, Emma Frost has now completed her complete usurpation of Jean Grey's role in the X-Men universe. LONG MAY SHE REIGN WITH SNARK AND BADASSERY.

What if HP Lovecraft wrote the Whitman's Sampler Guides?

My favorite: Dark Chocolate Fudge

Dark! All-encompassing, eternal darkness! Human eyes cannot penetrate the stygian blackness of this unholy confection!

Six Great Olympic Moments

My favorite was number six, the eternal Take That!

Epicly Long Rona Munro interview. (She wrote the very last episode of Doctor Who before it came back.)

Why did you think that Doctor Who was the place for a lesbian subtext?

Anywhere is the place for a lesbian subtext!

This is old, but it's new to me, so enjoy.

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Aug. 16th, 2008 08:35 pm
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Aaron Sorkin feels guilty about Studio 60.

Also met with the head of HBO programming, calls the internet a "bronchial infection on the First Amendment" (really, Sorkin, really?) and tells a hilarious story about trying a dinner where he and a bunch of other famous screenwriters tried to pressure an end to the Writer's Strike. The money quote: I know it sounds like a bunch of revolutionaries getting together to do the right thing, but you should know the dinner was catered.

The cut scene from Iron Man with Ghostface Killa. Kinda glad they left this out, even if I like his 'I have a giant glowing pill counter in my chest' performance anxiety.

Scottish penguin knighted by the King of Norway.


Swedish wrestler stripped of bronze medal.

Good. What a poor sport.
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Dude. When did our men's gymnastics team become so quietly awesome? Remember when they used to suck so bad that when men's team came on I turned the channel? Roxxor. I think the judges were way biased, but gymnastics scores are always so ridiculously incomprehensible. I mean, sure, the Chinese were apparently doing crazy brand new badassery bullshit, but they also made a ton of fuckups.

(Instead of athlete bios all the time, NBC should cut away to some animated diagrams of what a perfect vault would be, or whatever. That would be way more interesting, especially for sports like water polo or badminton which don't get play regularly.)
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What the fuck, why is PRESIDENT BUTTMUNKEY interrupting my Olympics? GTFO. Back to girls doing twirly things on bars right the fuck now.
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Nadia Comaneci is still hot.

The Chinese gymnastics team really does look like they're in middle school still.

I know I ask this every year, but the woman who does the 'special interest' interviews? She's trans, right? (I want to say her proper name, but I've googled it for the last hour and I got nothin'.)
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My brother is pestering me to try and get tickets to the 2012 Opening Ceremonies because he's convinced that David Tennant is going to come out of the TARDIS and light the torch. We've been making jokes about it all day, annoying my dad.
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Issac Hayes?

SAD. Goodnight, sweet chocolate salty balls. is surely the dorkiest website in existence. I don't care if there ARE a million websites dedicated to the Enterprise-D versus the Millenium Falcoln or your Care Bear Babies slash... people obsessive compulsive about the arcane rules of who gets the next Olympics? DORKS.
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Hotties of the Olympics Watch:

Raj Bhavsar. He's a gymnast. And hot. Mmmhm.
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Some hilarious comments from my brother:

Robert: (frowns) "Oh, I wish this was play-by-play instead of color commentary."
Me: "Yeah, Bob Costas sucking ass is one of the universal experiences of the Olympics, Robert."

About five minutes later.
Bob Costas, on a British swimmer: "Her name is Hannah Miley! Ha ha, my kids are going nuts."

It was time, what can we say?


On an even more cynical note, sarcoidosis? OH, is that what's we're calling it now? Who catches pneumonia in Chicago in AUGUST?
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As far as opening ceremonies go, I didn't thing that one was ALL THAT; who knows, though, since NBC usually cuts all the moderately interesting bits for fear of offending someone in Dubuque with nipples. Cooper and I got pretty ripped and made Communism jokes all night.

The weird part is that I don't remember us doing Yakov Smirnoff.

I friggin' love Badminton.


Aug. 2nd, 2008 09:22 pm
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The NRA paid moles to spy on the gun control lobby.

Includes quotes from a bunch of people I used to work with! I never met her, to my knowledge, however. (I miss my old job a lot. I miss my old life a lot.)

This is an article about countries that suck at the Olympics.

The bit about Peru makes me sad, whereas Israel's suckitude at the Olympics is LOLarious.

Interactive article about clothing on 'Mad Men'.

It focuses mainly on the men, but is pretty interesting.


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