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1. I had drinks and watched Highlander and vids with [personal profile] aria. And it was fabulous. She is a lovely person.

2. My brother and I tried to go to Temple for Rosh Hashanah. He's been bugging me for a month about it - we got all dressed up and went, but they were out of tickets. Oh well. I didn't want to spend the money anyway, heh, I am terrible. So we went to the store what sells the kosher food and bought apples and honey and challah and sat by the lake a while and ate and tossed the bread in the water.

Then I took him out for a fancy Italian meal, since we were all dressed up.

Which I think was a better Rosh Hashanah than if we had gone to Temple anyway.

3. Mad Men - the last three episodes, each one has been better than the one before. It's the kind of excellent streak I haven't seen since maybe the first season of Battlestar Galactica, or the last five or six episodes of West Wing's second season. I have a lot of things to say about this, I hope I find the time.

4. School. Neon. School. Blah blah.

5. My mom is talking about doing some sort of home repair, but of course she wants to buy the cheapest vinyl flooring. Sigh. IDEK. If she's going to pay some guys to come out and tear up the rest of the floor, she can pay the extra 1.00 to have them install Pergo and maintain the value instead of fucking linoleum, is my opinion.
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Everyone in my house has the plague. I woke up this morning to stumble to the bathroom only to find it covered in vomit. This is the part in the zombie films where we start dying like flies and reanimating with a hunger for braaaains.

In other news: my brother and I started watching I, Claudius, which is so our favorite two episodes in that I am about to shamble out to get the other disks from the library. DO NOT SPOIL US. I mean, other than obviously, rocks fall and so does Rome. We want to be surprised when our favorite BBC actors show up.

My brother has a crush on Livia, I think. My brother has excellent taste.

Also, because I'm sick, I've been watching Star Trek fanvids all day long. Here are my new favorites:

Behind a cut. )
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So, on Tuesday my brother broke his arm in gym class. A kid pushed him over and he fell hard, breaking his radius and ulna at the wrist. After a bunch of hospital visits, and much handwringy grief from my crazy ass mother, he had in-and-out surgery where they put four rods down his arm.

My brother was in a lot of pain, so he didn't even make it to the Lakers game last night. (Lakers won, but it was almost a squeaker.)

I think I had other things to say, and I know I owe you all a big Star Trek post, but that's the major news. I'm continuing to work on Bird Poo, the zine for the Las Vegas Valley Comic Fest. It's coming along. OH! [profile] theshakedown, can you get me a scan of one of my old comics? Do you still have them?
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Ted Kennedy.

I was having an awesome day. As true blue Democrats (except for my mother), we are all very crushed. (But no so crushed that the second thing my brother said, after a truly heartfelt sniffle and open jaw of shock was: "Dude, we all just scored on deadpool.")

My awesome day: I went to life drawing session at the CAC with Abby and her friend Tyler, who is pretty awesome and I'm glad to have met him. It was a very serious class, I did some good work despite being starving. After, her mom took us out for Blueberry Hill which was totally perfect since I had skipped dinner to make it to the session in time.


Jul. 6th, 2009 08:40 pm
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Having a job and no wifi means I have no time for the internet. You'd think this would mean that I would be making more art, but it hasn't substantially been so - I'm trying to watch DS9 with my brother from the beginning.

In fact, I'm at the library right now, picking up more DVDs. Season Three, Five and Six? WTF. But I just remembered I have (almost) every episode PAINSTAKINGLY recorded off of late night cable on VHS. Remember when you did that shit? And you made loving labels with glitter pens? I'm forcing him to keep watching it - he loves TNG best. Sigh. He did call it "The West Wing, but in space." He followed it up with: "Except, if it's a boring episode you still have to watch it for the plot."

Okay: enough of that, if you're not following Anbaric blog, there's an ARTICLE ABOUT DRUNK THE COMIC in the Sun today! Noelle got a quote! :D

Oh god, they just turned out the lights. In a library. Before the shadows get me, I should log off my twitter, right? Damn you to hell Moffat.
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Wow, haven't posted in a while. So. This is what I've been up to: on Friday I went to a gallery show - LVSK8 iii, it was excellent btw. Then went to Karaoke at Dino's with Lauren McCubbin and her Feminist Drinking Club. Got kinda liquored up so we all dried out across the street at White Cross (om nom nom fried potatoes) and then came home and stayed up FAR too late obsessing over the Iranian protest situation. I don't think I went to bed until about 6am.

I'm sure you all have seen the horrible video of Neda, right? Right. It's terrible but beautiful. I don't know how to explain - some reflexive American sense of patriotism that dying for freedom is the best death or something. (Though obviously, it would be better were she and all the others to live.)

Because I've been staying up late, my times sleeping and waking are getting really erratic. It doesn't help that my little brother is basically nocturnal and after he gets tired of PvP on XBox live he comes to my room and we puddle up and gorge ourselves sick on Star Trek. We're actually watching it faster than I can write reviews, so I think I'm going to stop doing them unless we have actually interesting thoughts.

When I'm NOT obsessing over Star Trek and Iranian politics, I've been doing art. I'm launching the project I've been working on over at [profile] anbaric_art on Monday, so please friend it and spread the word. It's 106 illustrations, one for every woman in Boccaccio's "On Famous Women".

Oh, and I have a job interview on Monday. Please think good thoughts; I have to land one of these someday, right? It could be this one!
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This time, with the added perspective of my fourteen year old brother, who has never seen much of the latter-day franchise.

Transfigurations )

Best of Both Worlds, pt.1 )

So then we watched the Tribble episodes. )

Take Me Out to the Holosuite )
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Unexpected visit from the relatives and their passel of adorably hyper children! My brother got tasked with watching the older ones and completely got overwhelmed until I relieved him, sat them down and made them watch Doctor Who.

God bless you, RTD. Doctor Who really is like crack for eight year olds.

Meanwhile, my brother now thinks I am AMAZING.

Brother: I can't believe how they just sat down to watch Doctor Who and started to behave!
Me: Yes, can't fathom how I learned that trick.
Brother: ... *squint*.

Moments later:

Me: So you see, all you need is Doctor Who and crayons.
Brother: It's not really that easy.
Me: iPod and a pen? Same difference.
Brother: 0_0 I hate you.


Mar. 1st, 2009 02:16 pm
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So, life moves on.

This Bruce Sterling article ought to scare the pants off you if you love the internet - the way I love the internet. Oy.

In other news: the only reason I dragged myself out of bed yesterday, besides the yard sale, was that my brother went to some Halo tournament. He had pre-ordered Halo Wars with some mixture of allowance and sell-back games. He ended up beating the tar out of a bunch of adults. (I don't have the heart to tell him that gaming is all downhill from thirteen.) Grand prize: free copy of Halo Wars. So he has fifty bucks in store credit now. I asked for Katamari for Wii, but he'll probably blow it on something else, because we love each other ... but maybe not that much.

I'm proud of him though.
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Rubbish. I already lost a job interview because I asked to reschedule it because I had a class that I can't skip. Meh! I tell you, meh! Stupid astronomy exam.

Argh. So I watched "The Menagerie" because [ profile] sarking has a regular who buys coffee from her with 'CptPike' license plates, which made me laugh. My brother pointed out that Captain Pike in the chair looks a lot like Davros, which...

...look, if there's art of this later, it's all his fault.
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1. Took my mom and brother to Red Rock.

We climbed around Calico Hills, sorta, because even though my mom lost a zillion pounds to CAAAAANCER she's still out of shape and heavy. My mom is funny, "Red Rock is only fifteen minutes from the house?" WHO KNEW. If she's gonna make me walk around with her for exercise, I'd rather walk around in nature than the neighborhood.

'Cause walking in the neighborhood is not actually a pleasant fun distraction when you do it several times a week to, you know, get to the bus stop. Just saying!

2. Had Mexican food at Red Rock the Casino

My dad's bff's husband is in the hospital, which is a bummer, but she gave us a comp to the Mexican place because it was going to expire. It was pleasantly not shitty, but I ate too much due to having been quite the scamp at the park.

3. Tutored my brother in art class.

He can't draw and his coursebook doesn't understand what it's supposed to be teaching but it's okay because I'm the one who signs the grade sheet. Ha ha ha.

This coursework is seriously too hard for him, though, because there's no textbook and he's not taking art history on top of it, so how on earth was he supposed to figure out triangular composition on his own? Sticking an 8th grader in front of a Raphael and telling them to 'draw something a bit like this' is probably a good recipe to frustration.
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I'm pretty sure my brother's new teacher thinks we're all insane. That might be because my mother starts doing some task and then spazzes out and forgets how to use the internet and/or whatever she's doing at the time and ends up screaming at me when I'm in the middle of doing something else (tweeting about the Obama pressers and reading crappy fanfiction) which causes me to go downstairs irritably to fix whatever it is the poor teacher is trying to explain to her for the third time.

Which is why I really need to call her for a proper conversation instead of goofing off most of the morning and now I have class. Also to train my mother to say 'I'm calling the teacher now' so I don't arrive half in the conversation without knowing the objective.

I was going to do homework tonight except I forgot I have to go to Noelle and Nico's art show and the student funding protest after that. So tomorrow is homework day.
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Nevada Unemployment Office swamped, really terribly sorry about it.

I'm gonna try again tomorrow since Thursday is a slow day and I don't have class 'till two. Cross your fingers? It would be nice if my mom didn't have to pay for all my books.

Tomorrow's class is one I have to add in, it's the Screenwriting one which is also the only one I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to take. Cross your fingers that I get in, and that my desire to take it doesn't jinx it to failure. That happens to me a lot.

Check out some awesome Watchmen stuff here. The Dr. Manhattan + fake!Moon Landing one is my favorite.

Also, sign this petition to tell the RSC you'd really like Tennant's Hamlet on DVD. Really important and relevant to today's interest, since Hamlet's one of the plays I have to do in 'Structure and Analysis' class.

I now have to figure out how my brother's distance/online school thing works, because my mom is too crazy to do it. I kind of didn't really want to take up the responsibility, but I guess if I have to do homework I can help my brother with his at the same time. They sent him a whole bunch of boxes with cool shit in it - tons of books and a printer and art supplies. Kind of nifty, not sure why anyone would let their kids go to shit Las Vegas public junior high when you could get this set up.

ETA: I forgot! This Dinosaur RAPE comic that was posted on [ profile] scans_daily made my night. Guys. A guy shape-changes into a raptor because if he breeds with them he will somehow ensure the survival of the species. Despite being in the 80s, the artist gets the birds=dinosaurs meme, and even gives them proper feathers, but FORGETS TO DRAW KILLING CLAWS ON A DROMEOSAURIDE.

Fail. I mean. It's a comic about a guy who shapechanges into a raptor to rape her, though, so why am I so whiny?
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I can't remember really, what in the conversation led to me talking about Ecco the Dolphin, but I needed to show someone a video to prove how crazy the plot to this game gets. I ended up showing my brother this LP, which is genuinely one of the funniest Let's Play I've ever seen. Inspired, we found the cartridge and have been playing it in bits and pieces.

Just to prove to him that you could, I did the first jump. It was a technical beauty, too, since I didn't even have to rockflop to land it.
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Well, I've been kind of neglecting my little brother so I went and got hamburgers with him, and then we watched the Doctor Who Confidential. My brother immediately mocked the way new Doctor Matt Smith does his hair -- for he has the same emo haircut but doesn't put so much 'mousse and crap' in his hair.

I was going to write about money problems, but it's so much easier to pretend I don't have them. Except when it effects other people, that's less than good.
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We are watching Time Enough at Last, and my brother turns to me right as Mr. Bemis's bitch wife tears up the pages of the book:

My Brother: What a cunt. Lemmie guess, at the end he's gonna be in a library, and then break his glasses.
Me: ... how did you know that?
My Brother: They did this joke on Futurama already. Plus, hello, coke bottle glasses?

On the other hand, we really want the new Sweating to the Oldies DVD set, because we are so going to try it out. "It looks fun!"
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My dad got me a silver 't' necklace from Tiffany. This is actually a step up from usual, when he gets me cheap mexican silver.

I was all, 'aw... that's nice.' It's going back to Tiffany's tomorrow, though, because ... because, dammit, who the fuck knows me and gets me Tiffany's? Also because I never got around to pawning last year's jewelry and now I dunno where it went. Seriously. I was all, 'dammit, this should have gone to some daughter out there who would like this, like Elizabeth.'

I took one look at it and knew it was going back because even though it's probably the least annoying thing at Tiffany's he could have picked out, it's on the world's most thin silver chain. Breathing on it makes me afraid I'll break it.

My brother got a 50 dollar game card from Game Crazy, because I was there to help and convinced my dad not to buy a number of cheap shitty games, so my brother admits he got off better than I did.

Actual discussion:

My brother: (vaguely disappointed) I thought I was getting the Doctor Who Dalek Arc set.
Me: (uncomfortable) Well, I tried to point him that way, but ...
My brother: But at least I can pick out whatever. We can take the necklace back and get Daleks?
Me: True.

Later, my brother: You know what jewelry I would have helped him pick out and you woulda liked it?
Me: What?
My brother: A silver fobwatch with a T on it.
Me: OH YEAH, that would have been awesome. *sigh*
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My Brother: (wanders in) Is there a REAL LemonLyman website?

Me: (casually unpacking new printer) Yeah, I used to own it.

My Brother: (sputters, falls on to ground laughing.)

Me: What? I really did!
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My brother: Sam Seaborne is like Rose Tyler.
Me: *chokes on pomegranate seed* They're nothing alike!
My brother: They're both boring and useless. That makes them alike.

Apple. Tree.

Also: my driving test is tomorrow. I don't know how to parallel park. (And remain unconvinced this is a skill I need for driving in Las Vegas.)


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