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Actually, I spent most of the day watching City of Death and playing with Sebastian, so that doesn't count as doing lots of stuff.

I have an inksome now, skywaterblue. Please friend me. If you want an invite code, ask and I can get one for you. I'm already getting tired thinking of importing all the entries... but I guess I can do it first thing tomorrow.

Unrelated to everything, but cool, you can get a whole bunch of back issues of The Whole Earth Catalog online. I flipped through one and it's not nearly as satisfying as the one I found in a friend's storage room in my youth. The magic of knowing you - yes, YOU, can make stuff (and here are all your myriad choices) is not easily replicated by having to turn pages in Flash.

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Dec. 23rd, 2008 11:04 pm
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Change, change, change and the 90s a blog-cum-essay that Neil Gaiman linked to several days ago. I really thought it good and insightful into what people like about the Sandman, why it gets into people's skins.

I will say that I think the one flaw is that writer underestimates teenagers. I'm sure there are teens who read Gaiman's Sandman with the thought that it was some vast teenage allegory about high school on the cosmic level but I suspect that view is post-shaded by your own impression of yourself at sixteen. It's missing what makes the best YA literature last: it's because you're taking something important about life and the adult you want to become from it.

I think it's important to note that I reserve a special hell for television and literature that is all a deep metaphor about fuckin' High School. As if the High School experience were the most interesting bits about becoming an adult. (Case in point: The first seasons of Buffy suck ass. It only gets interesting when they all graduate.)

I also thought these paintings by Laurie Hogan were really interesting.

Christmas Cheer: The Writers of Doctor Who and their favorite Christmas music.

I got reminded today that, even in Las Vegas, there is nothing to do for the next two days and all of my friends are too busy with their families. Which sucks because I'm not sure I laid in enough television provisions to last two days... but maybe I'll accomplish some writing.


Sep. 10th, 2008 09:12 pm
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I think this profile of Maurice Sendak in the NYT might be the saddest thing ever written.

Way to not puff the puff piece, NYT. :( Reading this made me feel like bleeding on something.

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Aug. 16th, 2008 08:35 pm
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Aaron Sorkin feels guilty about Studio 60.

Also met with the head of HBO programming, calls the internet a "bronchial infection on the First Amendment" (really, Sorkin, really?) and tells a hilarious story about trying a dinner where he and a bunch of other famous screenwriters tried to pressure an end to the Writer's Strike. The money quote: I know it sounds like a bunch of revolutionaries getting together to do the right thing, but you should know the dinner was catered.

The cut scene from Iron Man with Ghostface Killa. Kinda glad they left this out, even if I like his 'I have a giant glowing pill counter in my chest' performance anxiety.

Scottish penguin knighted by the King of Norway.


Swedish wrestler stripped of bronze medal.

Good. What a poor sport.
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The only woman on the Afghanistan Olympic team has run away. She's looking for asylum and her sport is track and field.

The Watchmen video game. I was heinously opposed to this until I found out that the plot is Kill Bernstein and Woodward to prevent the Watergate story from breaking. That's awesome, guys. SOLD.

Las Vegas Book Festival???

AND THE LINEUP IS NEIL GAIMAN AND MICHAEL CHABON? That is excellent. I was just whining to [ profile] tangleofthorns the other day that Gaiman never comes here to do squat because Las Vegas sucks eggs.


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