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Soon there will be more Doctor Who in the world, and no sorrow will live in my heart as long as that joy - except for one. And I thank you for that too, BBC.
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This ad played during BBC America's airing of Doctor Who tonight and made me laugh myself sick.

Anyway, on to the episode! Asylum of the Daleks )

In other news, I watched this at school and one of the freshmen (a dude, of course) was dumb enough to try and tell me that "Love and Monsters" was a Moffat episode. Naturally, after I schooled his ass - to his utter shock, he didn't pay up. I am going to heckle his dumb ass for the ten bucks for the rest of the semester, because someone has to teach nineteen year old chubby nerds that yes, sometimes women know things.
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There's going to be an Inspector Spacetime web series!

None of that’s necessary anymore. When everyone has easy access to their favorite diversions and every diversion comes with a rabbit hole’s worth of extra features and deleted scenes and hidden hacks to tumble down and never emerge from, then we’re all just adding to an ever-swelling, soon-to-erupt volcano of trivia, re-contextualized and forever rebooted. We’re on the brink of Etewaf: Everything That Ever Was—Available Forever.

-- Patton Oswalt, Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die.

There was a point in my life when I would have reacted to the above news with unheralded glee, but I increasingly find the commodification of fandom to be disturbing. A TV show on NBC markets itself to geek culture at Gallifrey One by announcing a webseries of the fictional show created to lampoon Doctor Who and what does ANY of that mean except money for NBC and the fog of nothingness to the minds ready to receive it?

I know. Killer of fun, am I. But we won, and it BLOWS.
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Once upon a time, I sat down to write myself the ideal Wonder Woman story. Like many women, I feel an innate connection to Wonder Woman - she's a demi-Goddess from the ideal feminist society, trained as a warrior but chooses to become a diplomat - that has nothing to do with the actual quality of Wonder Woman.

She's historically underwritten when compared to Batman and Superman of the DC Trilogy. Compared to the big male heroes (Batman, Spider-Man) she has far fewer villains anyone can pick out of a line up. There are very few storyarcs or graphic novels that comics fans can quote by name as being 'the essential Wonder Woman stories'. Of the options, two names seem to float up frequently: the Perez era of Wonder Woman and the Greg Rucka Wonder Woman, Perez being far more archetypal due to the recentness of the Rucka era.

So, why is that? I sat down to have a think about what made those eras interesting to me and I came up with a bunch of stuff: both are more interested in the Greek mythology than in necessarily fitting her into the wider DC universe. The Rucka books focus mainly on her political role as an Ambassador (I am in the habit of referring to them as 'West Wing with Xena') but within that context they have a lot to say about women as role models to other women, and the depiction of women within the political sphere. The Perez books are rather more domestic, with Diana building a family-of-choice in modern-day America. The Perez era, especially, feels like it would have been more at home in Vertigo had it existed yet. Strong roles for women, particularly with an age disparity always has feminist undertones, then.

What I realized was that the monomyth, the Hero's Journey - that great Joseph Campbell tool that's been run into the ground by a generation of crappy American screenwriters, has fuck all to do with women. You can make your female protagonist go through the Hero's Journey, but the psychological aspects of why it works has nothing to do with the way a majority of women experience the universe.

Amy Pond and the Spoilers of Doom )
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1. NBC passed on the Wonder Woman pilot.

The only sensible response to this is 'thank merciful fuck'. The other I am stealing outright from scans_daily: Greg Rucka went to all that trouble to write Xena + West Wing and no one could figure out the angle on this show?

2. NBC also has passed on the BSG supernatural cops show.

My thought eternally: 'So Ron Moore's free to write the Pern movie NOW, right?' In all seriousness, it sounded like hash, but maybe the pilot will leak so I can take a look for myself.

3. So, last week's Doctor Who stunk the joint up, hm?

Nothing to add. Next week: NEIL GAIMAN DOCTOR WHO TIEM. ZOMG TIMES A MILLION. Anyone who ruins it for me will die.

4. Game of Thrones Episode Four:

I find that I like the added scenes more than the adapted scenes. They have the quality of good fanfiction, in that they're trying to add something that would otherwise be lost in the margins. For the most part, though, I find myself enjoying individual scenes, then looking at my watch and sighing. Maybe it'll get better for me next week, as early reviews tipped episode five as the best of the ones on the screener DVD, and it also happens to be inching in the margins of where I stopped reading.

And I was really into the last fifteen minutes.
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Parallel Evolution by [personal profile] mosca

Seven explorations of sexuality on DS9. Many of these are filling in the details on relationships that exist in canon. I think it's a credit to the way DS9 handled relationships that none of them seem wrong, and a credit to Mosca that they so seamlessly fit into the universe.

F is For Ferengi (remix)

It's a testament to Jadzia Dax's openness to new things that a Dax/Ishka fic makes a lot of sense. It feels really seditious and right to ship Dax with female Ferengi.

Scenes From The Wedding Album of Canton Everett Delaware III by [personal profile] raven

"Yes," says Canton, after a moment. "My partner of forty years is about to marry me with cheese Danish crumbs on his collar, let me get those, you idiot."

The journalist takes a picture while he fixes it. Groom-to-be nervously adjusts tie, he guesses the caption will be. God damn the New York Times.

The gay agenda lives on!
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1. I am reading Game of Thrones, but very very slowly. It's not that interesting to me and often I will read one chapter and be like 'that was great' and then the very next chapter will have me saying 'and that was complete shit'. I think this may be one of those books where if I was LESS well-read in the genre I would be more impressed, because mainly what I keep thinking is that it's basically a Very Good YA Novel. I think many of the books fans would choose to object to me and say 'but you can't do that and that in a YA book' and a. that isn't true now and b. wasn't that true back then either.

These aren't really spoilers, but I'm cutting for length. )

2. I am sorry to say I thought the pilot episode for the Game of Thrones TV show to be poorly done. Very adapted by the numbers. One of the big problems with adapting this show is that all of the book is written via the perspective of a character. And that character (at least at the point of the book I'm in) is an obvious authorial stand-in. They observe which characters are evil slimy bastards and the narrating character is So Obviously Correct About It. And a lot of times I find that decision authorially boring. Like, wouldn't it be way more interesting to see that wedding from the eyes of Dany's brother?

This runs into even more problems in the TV show, which has some appallingly poor edits in the pilot that break up any tension the scene was developing. More than the info dumping, what the producers of this show need to develop is a sense of POV perspective when they write and film these scenes to match (or alter) the book.

It's not like the author's great skill is in dialogue here. There's some witty lines but it's not Mamet or anything, guys. (And tragically, the script and directing fucking /dumps/ all over what wit was in the book to begin with leaving the actors stepping all over the good lines.)

So anyway. It's got some problems besides its issue with the male gaze (inherited from the book) and awkward Race pony people.

Flat, flat, flat. Moments in the book imbued with great foreshadowing importance or drama are rendered inert and the problems clearly lie in the screenwriting and later overall direction. It can only improve, one hopes.

3. Doctor Who, "The Impossible Astronaut".

So much fucking better than the pilot episode of Game of Thrones for one clarifying reason: Steven Moffat understands how to navigate the audience/character POV perspective in television. In fact, there's no one in screenwriting I can think of right now who does this better than he does.

Go back through and watch this episode. Is River Song indeed, finally as sympathetic to the audience as the reviewers claim? (I think the answer is yes, but I was never against her from the start.) Why? Go back and watch this episode again - how many of the scenes are being expressly written from River's Point of View. The answer: almost the entire episode.

More about this and other things I liked: )

Anyway, I thought this episode of Doctor Who was structurally fabulous from top to bottom with everyone from the main cast giving a perfect performance. Great television.
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I was quite skeptical about this one going in, because what could be more intellectually lazy than basing your Christmas episode off of the Dickens story? Dead horses, jump the shark indeed.

That said, oh it was lovely and magical, wasn't it? There's hardly any doubt that this one was the best of the Christmas episodes yet. (The only one I really like is 'The Runaway Bride' anyhow, though the last fifteen minutes or so of 'The Christmas Invasion' are great.)

Some observations! )

And how 'bout that trailer? :D
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1. Fandom Fist Smash over this female character chart.

Because: 1a. All characters in media inherently meet some sort of 'trope' because there are only SO many ways to tell a story and make it satisfying to an audience. I mean, don't take Joseph Campbell that seriously or anything, but ... yeah, you know what, fucking read some Campbell and then get back to me on this?

1b. Yoko Ono is not a trope. She's also ten times more awesome than you, which is unfortunate for everyone reading this but inherently true. Get back to me after you survive Japanese firebombing, tell your parents to fuck themselves to move to the West and go to Sarah Lawrence eschewing your inheritance and discuss music theory with John Cage and perform with him at Carnegie Hall.

Then, IF you meet someone as equally talented as John Lennon and decide to say 'fuck everyone' and fall in love, YOU MIGHT be AS awesome as Yoko Ono. Like I said, get back to me on that.

1c. Tearing apart the women who do appear on TV because they're not YOU is an inherently stupid way to discuss their potentials as feminist/not-feminist. Let's start over, and you can read up on agency and the cliff notes of 'The Second Sex'. Then we can come back and talk about which characters pass and which fail.

2. Doctor Who filming in Utah. Anyone know where? I kind of want to go see it, though not having a license or car is kind of... fail. On the other hand, we can go stay with my Aunt, so I can provide a cheap base of operations?
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...from the most-astonishing adventure in Israel, Egypt and Jordan. I didn't update this journal but often sent tweets and Facebook so you can catch up there, but now that all the frustrations of travel are fading and I'm left with the memories of people I met and things I saw and did, yes. Astonishing.

I have like eighty billion photos to go through, a MUSH to start wizzing at again, and a bunch of comms with probably tired and cranky babysitters who are more than ready to dump them in my lap again.

I've been away so long that the news doesn't even make sense to me anymore. It must be like what happens to people who never watch the news and then tune in one day and are like 'what the ever-living fuck is this?' When I left this country, I was winning at Deadpool and Robert Byrd was alive and now NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE.

It's a shame that Ariel Sharon didn't cack it while I was in Israel, I could have gone to a state funeral for a massive jerk and also pulled ahead again. /terrible.

Anyway. Back now. Had awesome time. Spent too much money, but my parents don't seem pissed about it in the slightest. LOL, and I worried so much over it.

ALSO I SAW DOCTOR WHO FINALE JUST NOW. AND IT WAS ASTONISHING. I can't find the words for how fucking good the Season Five ender was, I just can't, the same way I know there are people who hate this season with a fiery passion and I just really don't understand that at all.
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Hm. One that probably looked like a better idea on the page than it did on the screen.

Boys versus girls. )
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Star Trek

The Desert Between by [personal profile] beatrice_otter. The Enterprise visits the new Vulcan colony, and Uhura starts to notice something funny about the human volunteers. Of course, in the traditional Vulcan society she has to be vetted to marry Spock and learn about Pon Farr. What I really loved about this fic, besides the immersive way the author has blended the canon and Diane Duane's Vulcan stories, was Jalila, the author's OC. The way it addressed the culture of the Federation's Earth is really interesting.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Misremembering the Alamo by [personal profile] loneraven. Written for [community profile] lgbtfest. Newly joined Ezri Dax has to come to terms with the symbiont's sexuality. My favorite thing about this fic is the way that [personal profile] loneraven got all the voices of the DS9 crew, and the gentle feeling that they were all a family. Perfection.

Also, if you haven't seen it, Good in My Head is an awesome Kira vid by [personal profile] meddow.

Calvin and Hobbes

Stupendous Man and Pretty Cool Dude (for an old guy) Join Forces by [personal profile] mjules. Uncle Max and his lover take Calvin for the weekend and have to explain to Calvin about being homosexual. I really enjoy that Calvin sounds like Calvin despite the story being told from an adult perspective.

Iron Man

for today or the rest of my life by [personal profile] calicokat. Written before the new movie so it's been Jossed now, but it is awesome. Pepper Potts starts to date a lovely man, who has nothing whatsoever to do with Tony Stark and superheroics. So of course, Tony gets jealous... this sounds like a really stupid summary, but [personal profile] calicokat has perfect voice for these two. And her OC is great.

"Wow. The yuppie who thinks he's going to singlehandedly save the world," Blair jokes at the razor's edge of caution.

He's right in assuming that a woman who laughs at urinalysis humor can treat her high-powered career with levity. Pepper likes that he's willing to take calculated risks.

Pretty awesome!

Concession by obsession_inc. Iron Man dark-fic from before Iron Man 2, with the author taking Howard Hughes example to extremes. Both Tony and Pepper have gone missing, and a global hunt is on. Christine Everhart is assigned to the story and finds herself becoming obsessed, not with Tony, but with Pepper and what happened to her.

Christine Everhart gets assigned the story the same day that the search for Tony Stark begin to focus on French Polynesia-- if "focus" is a term that can even be used for an area encompassing approximately fifteen-hundred square miles-- and she finds the parallels apt. Both have a certain needle-in-a-haystack feel to them, with a questionable probability of success that's far outweighed by the public interest in the story. There's pressure that goes along with that level of public interest, to have something timely to report even if accuracy is impacted. Christine hates that kind of pressure, and she's well known for fighting with the editors about it, but she's considered the resident expert on all things regarding Tony Stark, so she still gets the assignment.

Doctor Who

The Angel in the House by [profile] cryptile.

So, Harold. Here we are, as was perhaps inevitable: you, huddled in the corner of the kitchen, whimpering uncontrollably, and me, doing this stationary and silent flamenco. I don't enjoy this, you know.

No, well, you don't know. And there is no way of letting you know. Ten years I've been living with you and this farce is the most interaction we've had in this entire time. Of course, 'interaction' is a relative concept as far as I'm concerned, but you get my drift.

Well, no; you don't. My kingdom, my gnome-infested kingdom for a larynx.

Oh. Brilliant. That's it, call the police. What are they going to do, slap a pair of cuffs on me, read me my rights? Lash me to the top of the cruiser like I'm an old mattress? You had any sense, you'd be calling that idiot brother-in-law of yours who works in construction.

You could look away, you know. This is killing my arms.

The most hilarious Weeping Angel POV fic you will ever read. Possibly the only one.
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Toby Whithouse is alright with me. )

Looking forward to next week, though I'm hoping The Dream Lord doesn't make it harder for fandom to cross Sandman and Who. That would be sad, what with Neil Gaiman next season.

Oh, I also have Iron Man 2 thoughts. )
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First my thoughts on the Dalek episode: meh. But everyone I saw it with immediately said on Ye Bigge Reveale: ooh, I want those. So I think it worked, if you reckon they keep the Daleks around to sell toys.

Angels are scary! )
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Hm. This episode has a lot going on in it, and I'm not really sure it all congeals together into a whole. People are going to have a lot of fun tearing it up into itty bits for essays and meta, though. People a lot like me!

Choices, choices... )

I would really like to have seen the other draft of this where the themes come together for me. Next week is Daleks and our first non-Moffat story. Brace yourselves.
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OOH SHINY. No seriously, it was exactly all I had ever hoped for and a little more.

The Good and the Bad, 'cause there was some bad. )
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I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS SERIES. The Moff and Matt Smith ship Doctor/TARDIS. Apparently we might even get some sentient!TARDIS stuff. Rad.
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First, I made this weird Hamlet/Doctor Who/Victoria Bitter fanart. It made sense at the time. What can I say?

Speaking of Shakespearean things, I want to recommend this amazing Merchant of Venice fic that [personal profile] selenak recced first. A Wilderness of Monkeys. It's about what happens after, and *fists up to her mouth* OMG SHYLOCK/PORTIA. I ship it so hard and I didn't know it until this fic. It's the ultimate in clever hatesex, but I promise by the second chapter you'll be kind of rooting for this crazy couple to make it work. Which is so wrong in so many ways. (So wrong it's right.)

In fact, I may have cast it in my head so that Shylock is being played by Richard Schiff and Portia is Cate Blanchett.

Unfortunately, there are only two chapters. I live in hope for more.

I also want to rec The Dance by [profile] taraljc, which is the history and the culture of the Orion people, widely varied, as told by Gaila. I love that in this story, none of the Orion women are former slaves. I love the way her Orion is matriarchal. I haven't been able to leave a comment because I was trying to write something like this, but she beat me to it and hers is better.
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Ha ha, this is from the Kenzo Fall 2010 ready-wear collection.

Naturally, I'd like to pick up that scarf, but it'll be difficult because there are no Kenzo's in America.


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