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This is the 24hr life style of me: last night I got really obsessed with the idea of buying the new iPad instead of a new TV, because I adore my iPod Touch. Except that upon consideration my ardor has cooled. You see, apparently @jason has the 2nd Gen iPad already, and that one features DUAL CAMERAS and a SOLAR CHARGER. He says that it will be out in October.

So I guess that can wait, as the reason I really wanted it was because I need to buy a video/camera unit of some sort for my kickstarter project and the idea of having a portable HDTV/camera unit was really appealing. I guess I'll stick to buying a cheap TV and maybe get a Canon Powershot or something.

I do have to say, it's way cheaper than I thought it would be, and I think the AT&T plan is actually a pretty good deal. Let me explain: 14.99/250 gbs a month would be terrible, except that it's non-exclusive so you can cancel at any time. And I'm paying for unlimited wifi at home already. So at 14.99, that prices it right to jaunt around town with, without worrying about going over. I feel like I should get more flash GBs at the top end, though. 64gbs isn't enough to piss in with my collection of data.

Still, it's really pretty cool and I can't wait to have one. It's sort of the computer I always wanted and never thought would be reality.

Speaking of more stuff I had set aside money for, but now cannot buy: the Eleven Doctor boxset isn't out until September? I'm bummed because I can't/refuse to pay for the single card releases of the Doctors.

But you know what is kind of cool and I'm sure I'm gonna buy it? The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, with Phillips and Flathead attachments! Finally, a real reason to keep one in my purse. It would be kind of excellent if the batteries powered a low-speed driveshaft, but I'm sure they're just for the blinky lights. Maybe for Twelve....

Random links:

That Neil Gaiman article in the New Yorker, which I actually read ages ago. 'The Beat' called it correctly on the first night when they said the most interesting thing about it is the on-record comments about Scientology.

Dinosaur feathers were ginger-brown, white and dark brown! Kind of exciting, actually, to know what colors a dinosaur actually was, even if they do sound like jumped up sparrows.
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My dad had a drug test for a job at City Center; cross your fingers, it would help out ENORMOUSLY and make all the difference in the world, especially about our health insurance for my mom.

I lost my job. There were only eight days left, and I'm glad to see the backside of it because I knew I wasn't making my goal and so I spent the last week there constantly cringing in fear of the axe. Still don't get paid until the 24th - planning on using it for school. Can't believe this, but I owe CSN a 160 bucks, so I hope I made enough to cover this next semester.

Also, I'm running out of pens. I might put some of the earlier Boccaccio illustrations on Etsy, but I doubt anyone will buy them. :(

Because I lost the job, I have no idea when the internet will get turned back on at my house, and the neighbors seem to have gotten sick of us and locked the network down. I'm at the library right now.

I posted the first of two or three Amazon illustrations.

Here's some stuff I liked:

Now Let Us Praise Awesome Dinosaurs: this is like the story of dinosaurs from my dreams. It's about dinosaurs from Mars who move back to earth, an earth where dinosaurs do gutterpunk things like race cars and fight in youtube videos. Really, truly awesome dinosaurs.

This article on horse puppets in "Warhorse": anyone else think that puppetry for the stage is the place to be lately? This is really amazing.

I also saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Here are my thoughts: Dumbledore dies on page 596. )

Other than that, liked the movie at least as much as I like anything Harry Potter.


May. 11th, 2009 11:08 pm
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Okay, wait, stop. Okay. Is this book not like, everything I like? In one book? With pictures?


More art:

Mar. 4th, 2009 11:57 pm
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Some dinosaurs, a bird (what difference?), and some human skeletons

I did that page without photo reference.

More dinosaurs

This page does use photo reference.

I do pages and pages like this every day and have for ever. Every piece of paper I own gets covered in sketches.
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Nevada Unemployment Office swamped, really terribly sorry about it.

I'm gonna try again tomorrow since Thursday is a slow day and I don't have class 'till two. Cross your fingers? It would be nice if my mom didn't have to pay for all my books.

Tomorrow's class is one I have to add in, it's the Screenwriting one which is also the only one I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to take. Cross your fingers that I get in, and that my desire to take it doesn't jinx it to failure. That happens to me a lot.

Check out some awesome Watchmen stuff here. The Dr. Manhattan + fake!Moon Landing one is my favorite.

Also, sign this petition to tell the RSC you'd really like Tennant's Hamlet on DVD. Really important and relevant to today's interest, since Hamlet's one of the plays I have to do in 'Structure and Analysis' class.

I now have to figure out how my brother's distance/online school thing works, because my mom is too crazy to do it. I kind of didn't really want to take up the responsibility, but I guess if I have to do homework I can help my brother with his at the same time. They sent him a whole bunch of boxes with cool shit in it - tons of books and a printer and art supplies. Kind of nifty, not sure why anyone would let their kids go to shit Las Vegas public junior high when you could get this set up.

ETA: I forgot! This Dinosaur RAPE comic that was posted on [ profile] scans_daily made my night. Guys. A guy shape-changes into a raptor because if he breeds with them he will somehow ensure the survival of the species. Despite being in the 80s, the artist gets the birds=dinosaurs meme, and even gives them proper feathers, but FORGETS TO DRAW KILLING CLAWS ON A DROMEOSAURIDE.

Fail. I mean. It's a comic about a guy who shapechanges into a raptor to rape her, though, so why am I so whiny?
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Nanomango: 7/30. When the [ profile] nanomango folk said 'rough pencils' I apparently took them at their word, as many panels are nothing but stick dinosaurs. On the other hand, I went through and cleaned some of those stick dinosaurs up today. I could probably ink page one and two tomorrow, if I finally look up a suitable cynodont for the Coelophysis to be eating.

I figured out how to do their eyes, too. I'd been trying to give them eyelids, but it made them look cuter and more evolved than I wanted them to look. So now they don't have eyelids and they also have cat's eyes. I guess crocodiles also have slit eyes and sclerotic rings, so fffpth. Biology! Who cares about biology.

I think I missed this at the time: Dromeosaur trackway discovered! Look guys, they do move in herds!

(Actually, the genuine coolness is in seeing they did walk with the claw up, but hey.)
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I just did three really rough pages of my [ profile] nanomango, which brings me up to 4/30.

Blah. I need to know a lot more about the biology of Coelophysis. The toes are stubbier than I've been drawing them. (On the other hand, fuck it, Coelophysis is basically the type specimen of theropods, so no one will give a shit. It is truly the original generic dinosaur.)

Bored now.

Nov. 5th, 2008 11:08 am
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It really is like Christmas in a way; I have nothing to do and so must sit around waiting for something to happen.

Jurassic Fight Club the game! Made super excellent because it is nothing but a port of Primal Rage into Flash. (Seriously, Talon's moves are the same.)

Primal Rage is a game that should come back. Everyone likes dinosaurs fighting, right?
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I just finished my first pencil page for my [ profile] nanomango. My story is a wordless story of dinosaurs in love. By request of [ profile] tinpan, I decided it was going to be about Coelophysis, so it will have cannibalism. I was worried about what to do for foliage, because um, the Triassic, who ever does anything with the Triassic, but apparently it was all ferns, and everyone loves drawing ferns!

I actually think the idea of Coelophysis is love is ridic, since they probably weren't very clever. I am presuming they nest like crocodiles and have big clutches, but have pairbonds for the purpose of plot. Well, I guess birds had to start somewhere.

I can't wait until they hatch a clutch of like, thirty little Coelophysis and then all the little Coelophysis get eaten by mom and dad. (Spoilers?)

I will make an effort to draw it often while wearing my Coelophysis Madonna t-shirt.

So anyway. Watching Independence Day. Has anyone ever written the crossover fanfiction where this attack on Earth was the beginning of 'All of This Has Happened Before And All of It Will Happen Again' from Battlestar Galactica? And Mary McDonnell's First Lady character later reincarnates into Roslin, where she realizes that Adama = Bill Pullman?

If not, [ profile] nnaylime should get on it right now.

Baltar is obviously the evil reincarnation of Jeff Goldblum.


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