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A new father doesn’t need any extra incentive to worry but I had one. Four years earlier mom was pregnant with what should have been your older brother, Charlie. In the eighth month of the pregnancy, Charlie turned the wrong way in the womb and accidentally strangled himself on the umbilical cord and died. You and I have that in common. Grandma and Grandpa planned on having three kids—first your Aunt Debbie, then Uncle Noah and then my brother Daniel. But Daniel died at birth, and that’s why I’m here. I’m the understudy. (You might notice a lot of characters named Charlie and Danny in the stories I write—now you’ll know why.) This time around, come hell or high water, I was bringing my whole family home from the hospital.

-- Aaron Sorkin, in a public letter to his daughter.

I wish he wrote everything for his daughter, because this is the most genuine thing I think he's written in ages. Of obvious interest to fans of his work for the backstory, but the rest of the letter is just as painful yet loving and wry, the tone that made me fall in love with his work.

Write for Roxy all the time, Sorkin, and you could win my heart back.
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From [personal profile] selenak. It'll be short because I don't own a TV and my ability to download is pretty limited.

Which TV shows did you start watching in 2012?

Legend of Korra, Breaking Bad, and The Newsroom. Oh, and Dallas. Was Smash this year? Smash.

Which TV shows did you let go of in 2012?

The Newsroom, in the middle of the second episode I got so squicked by the subtext of the whole 'embarrassing commentators' screwup that I turned it off. Even though it was the only thing I had left to watch on a 3 hour trainride from Basel to Kassel.

I stopped watching Smash after the episode where Derek decided to do naughty!Marilyn and it became clear that even hatewatching wasn't enough to make me care.

I haven't seen most of Dallas either, but I intend to get back to it so I'm not calling it a quit.

Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't in 2012? Why?

Almost everything.

Which TV shows do you intend on checking out in 2013?

I'd actually like to finish Treme? It seems more my speed than The Wire and I got hooked during the time I had HBO.

Which TV show impressed you least in 2012?

The Newsroom. I powered through every episode of Studio 60 even though that's literally the worst show ever written, but damn. I saw which way the wind was blowing and skipped out fast. I was really optimistic about this one, because I thought Sorkin might really have worked through his issues but now I think he's just always been a mediocre writer with an ear for good dialogue. It's one thing to be so sick of his issues with women, and another for him to stick those same issues in the same plot for the fourth show running.

Smash was of course, terrible.

I thought Mad Men had a pretty 'meh' yeah - though, seriously Hollywood Foreign Press? You picked The Newsroom for a nom? In anything?

Which TV show did you enjoy the most in 2012?

Legend of Korra, probably, in terms of nothing in that show made me feel shitty or bad. I haven't rewatched anything but the last arc episodes and I'm really excited about season 2 because I have NO IDEA WHERE IT GOES.

I also really liked the third season of Downton Abbey, believe it or not. Most of the things that annoyed me about S2's horrific love triangles are gone now that Mary and Matthew are together, and they prove to be very effective leads together. I thought that season went from strength to strength and was a fairly effective unjumping of the shark.
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1. So you all heard the news that Aaron Sorkin's new pundit show is going to HBO, right?

I deleted a long post about how I wanted Richard Schiff to be in it (he's the perfect temperament to be Keith Olbermann. Sorry Bradley, you know I love you.) And if he's in it, I want Janel Moloney to be in it because, though they don't have many scenes together, ever scene between Toby and Donna has an interesting frisson. She could be his producer, perhaps.

Well, I scrapped it because I thought The Schiff would be too busy with the Criminal Minds spinoff. Then I checked his wikipedia last night and it's only recurring so: DREAM CASTING BACK ON.

2. And then they day after that, Keith Olbermann got quitfired from MSNBC.

Bringing the ripe speculation that since everyone knows the new Sorkin show is about Olbermann, maybe he's going to staff it? And the great Sorkin-MSNBC connection goes full circle.

And yes, if you haven't seen the video: Olbermann did reference Network in his live-to-the-nation I QUIT message.

In less optimistic news, I and most American progressives are now concerned about the consequences, as he single-handedly brought MSNBC around from a third tier network, to second place and voice of the Democratic party combating Fox.

3. Being Human US edition

Not much to say, except I think I liked it a little more than the current UK cast. (I never got over when they recast the vampires.) I'll keep watching.

4. Lost Girl

I gather that lots of people on my friend's list love this show, so I gave it a try and downloaded the first season. It is a Canadian fantasy drama in the tradition of Highlander. (I keep thinking of it as Girl Highlander.)

Five episodes in and it's MY FAVORITE THING SINCE SLICED CRACK. It's the story of a bisexual succubus named Bo who grew up without knowing she was a member of the Fae, and her teenaged pickpocket runaway. They solve crime! Every episode passes the Bechdel test!

It has a bit of an Anita Blake meets Buffy vibe, to be honest, as Kenzi the teenager uses a lot of internet slang. (She described Bo as 'in lurve' with another character.) There's a free hand about the sex - after all, the main character needs it to live. Rather than drag it out, the intended OTP have been shagging since the second episode and the barriers to getting together in happiness seem to be: 1. Fae politics and 2. nigh immortality.

And like all great science fiction/fantasy dramas, there's a wise Bartender up to more than he seems.
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So I'm writing this really stupid/awesome fic where Josh Lyman is Magneto's grandchild and he has mutant powers. Like, forever, I have been writing this fic. (BUT: I am almost fucking done with it. I am halfway through chapter seven, and I know how it ends in chapter eight. If I do nothing else in 2010, I will finish this story.)

Anyway, this came by my way today: Proof that spooky auras really do exist, an article about how a 23-year old synaesthete with Asperger's taught himself how to read emotions by projecting colored auras on to people.

Which is hilarious because, um, that's basically the exact mutant power I gave Josh, and also hilarious because I actually do think that he's one of those crypto Sorkin Asperger's characters. In fact, I actually don't think his character makes sense at all unless you assume he's got some pervasive social interaction problems that go beyond 'I am awkward with women'. How you choose to define that is up to you, but the fact that he has his own very unique perspective on the people in his life which doesn't always jive with what's going on in the show isn't really debatable. (In my opinion, feel free to argue otherwise.)

I also think it's really funny that I pretty much beat my own fanon drum on this, but almost everyone who saw 'The Social Network' came home wrote a review about two things: how Facebook was invented by an autistic guy and how movie!Zuckerberg is asshole Josh Lyman.

Anyway, I just thought that was a totally random article to come across today. And FWIW, I don't necessarily think that either one of these characters is anything more than the pop culture interpretation of autism spectrum and hope you're not offended.

On a non-fandom note, it's just a really interesting story.
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Handlebars by [personal profile] chaila.

I debated whether I wanted to make a West Wing vid to this song for a while and ultimately dismissed it because I decided it was a. overplayed in fandom and b. pretty dark.

Now I wish I had. [personal profile] chaila has focused it strictly on Bartlet and it's an absolutely chilling look at the character. Go watch.

Which reminds, me, I saw "The Social Network" Thursday on screener passes. I tweeted about it but I never got around to writing an entry on it. Let's do that now, shall we?

Non-spoilery: While maybe not the 'greatest movie of the year', the glowing reviews have been fairly on the money. Easily the best thing Sorkin's written since 'The West Wing' and in many ways the apogee of a lot of things he's been working through. Thus I recommend highly that you see it, especially if you are a fan of his and on the fence - it's always good to see an artist finally LAND the theme they were circling around for ages.

Spoilery )

Also, any film where part of the plot involves drunken emo break up Livejournaling? You guys should all be lining up for it.
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You know what's weird? Telling Aaron Sorkin on Facebook you've talked smack about him. To help him write a movie about the evils of the internet.

I'm sort of glad I've accidentally friends locked most of that now. Except for the Studio 60 Tart reviews, because those were SUPER VICIOUS. I know because I was having sick blood pressure problems every time I started to write one.


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