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Jan. 7th, 2012 01:02 pm
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Thank you random person who bought me paid-time!

Icons! I have icons again!
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Way to be completely broken. How hard can it possibly be to move ONTD to a new server? And if you're going to have your site that fucked up, why not just close it down for a couple of hours.

Anyway. I opened [community profile] who_anon on Dreamwidth for temporary purposes, because I am slightly worried that it will continue to be broke into late Saturday. So there you go.
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Inspired by [personal profile] lizbee, now we have [community profile] startrek.

I have to come up with some rules, and eventually a community style.
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If you can't get an invite code, paying for one month of Paid Time starting April 30th will get you in the door. It's like three bucks.

Or I heard that if you sign in with your OpenID, that Dreamwidth has been randomly selecting people to give out codes.
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Fandom seems mostly to still be in the 'what's Dreamwidth' phase. I'm eagerly anticipating the 'Dreamwidth is for ELITISTS' phase of fandom response.
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All of the entries posted except for the ones AFTER my mom's cancer when I put the whole backlog under lock and key. I should finish manually updating it -- there's only about nine months not covered, and surely that would be fairly easy to do using one of the other loggers?
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Your entries have failed to import.
XMLRPC failure: Client error: Client is making repeated requests. Perhaps it's broken?

This was failure #1.


I... have no idea what that means. Is it going to try again? Hrm. I fall into that category mentioned on [site community profile] dw_news: I used the LJ mass entry thing to lock the past down in a fit of pique when my mom got cancer and all my relatives started to gawk at my journal.

I'm truthfully not sure about importing all the past entries; it's nice, but after a while it just becomes porting around junk of your past. Part of me feels anxious about leaving LJ for good but the other part of me is gratified for a whole new start.
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I have a Dreamwidth at skywaterblue now. Oosh, to update all of it and move over. What a stressy thought. I'll put it away until I need to, just know I'm planning to permanently up and move.

So I hope you all come.

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead is downloading. Yay.
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First post! My thanks to [personal profile] sarken who got me an invite code.


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