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I miss feeling fannish about things, especially new things. I feel unusually old all the time - in part because of my health, in part because of money and the feeling that I am continually slipping down the economic ladder and it's leaving me behind, and in large part because all the things I feel really intensely fannish about are about fifteen years old now.

In light of that, I would like to say that I've turned off Neil Gaiman for a while now, but his resurgence of blogging is reminding me why I was so into him for such a long time.
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The Dying Gaul
Methos, so sharp and pricky and vivid in this single Highlander story. I love the free way it mixes art, and history, and Immortality.

His Dark Materials:
All of the His Dark Materials stories were really good this year.

This fandom is a challenging one, with its free mix of theology, fantasy, and steampunk Victoriana. The author on this piece does a convincing job with the world of Lyra's Oxford, in the tale of the first meeting of Marisa Coulter and Lord Asriel. The characters are themselves, younger and growing into their deviousness. And the twists are quite interesting.

Three Heresies
Three meetings between Serafina and Xaphania - lovely and poetic, this one.

A Brief History of the Witches and their Culture
The lives of Serafina and Ruti Skadi, Queens of the Witches. A very dense look at their lives, intersecting and different. Another one that gets the culture of their world correct.

The Incredibles:
Of Capes and Kindred Spirits
Edna Mode designs Buddy's new suit, and has regrets.

James Bond Reboot:
The Care and Feeding of Your M
From the perspective of Miss Moneypenny: A female M changes everything, or does it?

Jurassic Park:
A Year of Women
Stop everything. You must read this one, even if you only casually like the fandom. This is about twelve women in Alan Grant's life, but the author has really just blown up the book fandom, the movies and put them back together in an elegy about life, and the role of women (and gender) in science.

Lilo and Stitch:
Mountains, Molehills
The entire ohana is concerned about when David and Nani will get married. Short, but so in tone with the film.

The Little Mermaid:
So many good fics for this fandom this year!

Mysterious Fathoms Below
Little vignettes of Ariel's life interspersed with a Victoriana lecture about the merpeople. I love the not-so-cryptic Disney crossover, and the way this uses material from the recent sequel.

Triton's Cove
The temptation with the Disney fics is always to make them darker and more sinister - because the Disney Princess films are full of flawed messages (and none so much as The Little Mermaid). I like this one for its effort to stay away from that, to take canon for what it is and find the happy medium between the characters and the story.

The Skin Beneath the Skin
Of course, the original story was a bitter and melancholic affair much driven by Anderson's closeted homosexuality. Ariel's ever-after. I like the stories hinted in a couple of lines - I wish this one was longer, actually.

Lion in Winter
Should have a warning for rape. A really interesting take on how the memory lies.

Oh Gosh, how I thought about signing up for Yuletide just to write the story for this person. My favorite painting of all time, Manet's Olympia. The author took an interesting tack on this one, narrating the story from the perspective of the painting and not any of the interesting historical people surrounding its creation.

The Never-Green Tree
I know one of these days Gaiman might get around to writing the sequel to this, and Joss all these Yuletides to bit. None the less, I love them every year. On the quest to find Door's missing sister, Ingress, Richard Mayhew decides to go on a quest of his own: to discover what happens to Anesthesia, the rat-girl. The author of this one takes clear delight in remixing London Above's history with the world of London Below.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
Let It Be
The author of this one is patently obvious, and as if she knew it, hasn't bothered to wipe all her smudgy fingerprints off of it. Missing scenes from the death of Jadzia and the arrival of Ezri Dax - I love the way she's brought in Worf's backstory from TNG to DS9, and made the eventual relationship between Ezri and Julian make a lot more sense. They do have much in common after all.

buckle up, we're wayward bound.
Gert and Chase, so alive. This fic made me feel the rush of shipper love, which is something I didn't really know I could feel about comics.

Lady Lazarus
Title rather gives it away, but it perfectly captures the spirit of the comic - and manages to include the new team members around the edges. Plus: they fight evil hipsters in a Starbucks. That's perfection.

Mad Men:
Some truly brilliant fics for this fandom this year. It feels like Yuletide (and fandom) may have finally figured out what they want to say about this show.

Two Omissions, One Acknowledgment
A year in the (sex) life of Peggy Olson. It just gets her right.

The Hot 100 Number 1 Singles of 1965 & 1966
Another long, STOP you must read this fic, the kind that Yuletide is famous for, and that I was almost afraid wouldn't appear. This fic does the seemingly impossible task of making a Peggy and Joan friendship believable - there's an appearance of a ridiculous fic trope towards the end and I could not BELIEVE that I not only bought it, but loved it. Everyone's voice is perfect. I love the scenes with Joan and Lane, and the Joan/Roger scene is worth the price of admission. I hope season five is as satisfying as this fic, but I know it'll be more frustrating: this fic is the perfect expression of Mad Men wish fulfillment.
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I was quite skeptical about this one going in, because what could be more intellectually lazy than basing your Christmas episode off of the Dickens story? Dead horses, jump the shark indeed.

That said, oh it was lovely and magical, wasn't it? There's hardly any doubt that this one was the best of the Christmas episodes yet. (The only one I really like is 'The Runaway Bride' anyhow, though the last fifteen minutes or so of 'The Christmas Invasion' are great.)

Some observations! )

And how 'bout that trailer? :D
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This is a list I made up this morning of showrunners (or head writers with exec experience) who I'd RATHER see in charge of Sandman than Kripke.

Jane Espenson, Ira Behr, Orci and Kurtzman, Alan Ball, Steven Moffat, Bryan Singer, Brian K Vaughn, Joss Whedon, and yes, Russell T Davies. (I put Debora Cahn on the initial list, but I struck her off due to lack of genre experience. I wouldn't object, though.)

Any of them would be a better choice for this project than Kripke. Of them, Brian K Vaughn and Russell T Davies are in America looking for work. If I were Warner Brothers, I would call.

Meanwhile, [personal profile] aria and I have been fantasy casting for a bit.

With pictures. )

Suggestions for the other Endless? Bonus points for keeping it in a TV-possible budget.
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Hollywood Reporter says that the inevitable Sandman TV show is going to be written by Eric Kripke of Supernatural.

I swear to God, I read this on Twitter in class and I actually did vomit in my mouth a little. Iced mocha latte, not so good on the second time, but not as vile as some other things it could have been.

I am this close to starting a protest website. I don't live in a universe where Death and Delirium of the Endless get written by this guy. I don't want to share a fandom with Supernatural. In fact, my life exists avoiding Supernatural. Ugh ugh ugh.

I don't think I've been so upset about a fandom thing since the 'Golden Compass' movie.
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This was the only ray of sunshine in my day today, so haters can step to the left. I couldn't even have a sip of what I made in bartending, because I had the car and it fucking dumped rain all day and I had to visit my mom in the hospital and... wah wah real life.


PeeEss: It makes me lols, but I'm slightly worried that people will start using it a lot, or it'll get NeilFailed at some point, so I put a paypal button up just in case. Sorry if that seems shameless, but when it was a dumb lulz for myself, it seemed reasonable to not worry about paying for lots of bandwidth.
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This is the 24hr life style of me: last night I got really obsessed with the idea of buying the new iPad instead of a new TV, because I adore my iPod Touch. Except that upon consideration my ardor has cooled. You see, apparently @jason has the 2nd Gen iPad already, and that one features DUAL CAMERAS and a SOLAR CHARGER. He says that it will be out in October.

So I guess that can wait, as the reason I really wanted it was because I need to buy a video/camera unit of some sort for my kickstarter project and the idea of having a portable HDTV/camera unit was really appealing. I guess I'll stick to buying a cheap TV and maybe get a Canon Powershot or something.

I do have to say, it's way cheaper than I thought it would be, and I think the AT&T plan is actually a pretty good deal. Let me explain: 14.99/250 gbs a month would be terrible, except that it's non-exclusive so you can cancel at any time. And I'm paying for unlimited wifi at home already. So at 14.99, that prices it right to jaunt around town with, without worrying about going over. I feel like I should get more flash GBs at the top end, though. 64gbs isn't enough to piss in with my collection of data.

Still, it's really pretty cool and I can't wait to have one. It's sort of the computer I always wanted and never thought would be reality.

Speaking of more stuff I had set aside money for, but now cannot buy: the Eleven Doctor boxset isn't out until September? I'm bummed because I can't/refuse to pay for the single card releases of the Doctors.

But you know what is kind of cool and I'm sure I'm gonna buy it? The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, with Phillips and Flathead attachments! Finally, a real reason to keep one in my purse. It would be kind of excellent if the batteries powered a low-speed driveshaft, but I'm sure they're just for the blinky lights. Maybe for Twelve....

Random links:

That Neil Gaiman article in the New Yorker, which I actually read ages ago. 'The Beat' called it correctly on the first night when they said the most interesting thing about it is the on-record comments about Scientology.

Dinosaur feathers were ginger-brown, white and dark brown! Kind of exciting, actually, to know what colors a dinosaur actually was, even if they do sound like jumped up sparrows.

You Tease:

Dec. 23rd, 2009 10:38 am
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Presumably that includes one well-known British science fiction series – Doctor Who. But at this point, can you at least acknowledge that you’ve worked on it?

Hypothetically speaking, was I in any way involved with the next season of any long-running science fictional television series, hypothetically speaking were that true, it would also be true that as far as I know until the second of January nothing is being said…

--Neil Gaiman interview on 'Statuesque'
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1. I think this article about Pixar's 'girl problem' is completely retarded. While true that none of the Pixar films have a lead female, they are a response in part to traditional animation - where believe it or not, it is thin on the ground to find a film with a male lead. (And lots of them fail at feminism WAY HARDER than not passing the Bechdel test, looking at you 'Little Mermaid'.)

Also it means you're discounting that the women characters Pixar do have starring in their films are usually genuinely feminist. EVE has big guns and is the muscle. Mrs. Incredible and Violet are far more powerful and competent than the boys. And what about Collette?

So, fuck that noise hard. Call me back when Pixar fails harder on this issue.

2. WETA makes mermaid prosthesis for woman. Pretty awesome looking.

3. [ profile] caboodleranch runs a ranch/sanctuary for abandoned cats and needs your help.

4. Neil Gaiman is posting lots of his old journalism articles on comics.

5. Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery is out today. I really waaaant it but I don't want to spend more money today because I let myself have Starbucks and Subway.

6. This is a pretty awesome political ad. Will Rahm clean up his potty mouth? FUCK NO. Good times, would vote and lol again.

Info Dump:

Dec. 23rd, 2008 11:04 pm
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Change, change, change and the 90s a blog-cum-essay that Neil Gaiman linked to several days ago. I really thought it good and insightful into what people like about the Sandman, why it gets into people's skins.

I will say that I think the one flaw is that writer underestimates teenagers. I'm sure there are teens who read Gaiman's Sandman with the thought that it was some vast teenage allegory about high school on the cosmic level but I suspect that view is post-shaded by your own impression of yourself at sixteen. It's missing what makes the best YA literature last: it's because you're taking something important about life and the adult you want to become from it.

I think it's important to note that I reserve a special hell for television and literature that is all a deep metaphor about fuckin' High School. As if the High School experience were the most interesting bits about becoming an adult. (Case in point: The first seasons of Buffy suck ass. It only gets interesting when they all graduate.)

I also thought these paintings by Laurie Hogan were really interesting.

Christmas Cheer: The Writers of Doctor Who and their favorite Christmas music.

I got reminded today that, even in Las Vegas, there is nothing to do for the next two days and all of my friends are too busy with their families. Which sucks because I'm not sure I laid in enough television provisions to last two days... but maybe I'll accomplish some writing.
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Neil Gaiman linked to this TED talk about five things you should let your child play with; and I agree with all of them. Except for the spear, because you can just as easily learn to throw stuff or triangulate with a bow and arrow. I think I'm a braver person and more capable of doing STUFF than lots of my peers, all for the sake that I played with fire and had a pocket knife. And I know I'm a more limited person for my lack of driving skills.

So if you have a little kid, get out and do stuff.

About a zillion years ago (internet time) I was a little roleplaying dork who helped make a roleplaying site about unicorns. (Based on Meredith Ann Pierce's books, still good, I don't care about grown up embarrassment about multi-colored unicorns.) Well, just look at the IFAS now!

I'm a little creeped out now, because it is STILL SNOWING. Very weird.

ETA: I forgot! this entry on Barack Obama logos that never were is pretty great. The Barack Obama "O" logo really is some of the solidest design work that has ever happened.
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I polished off the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman today, in one fell swoop. I thought it quite good, and the end a bit surprising. (At least, if you knew that it was inspired by the Jungle Book.) I can't say I have more advanced thoughts on it than that.

Not too spoilery for Frost/Nixon and The Duchess. )

What else? I've also watched a metric fuckton of old Doctor Who. "The Invisible Enemy" was pretty much insane, but I liked K9's introduction. Stupid robot dog is growing on me, dammit. Also funny was seeing Cooper's reaction when I told him the plot of this one, since it involves a virus that turns into a crawdad and Leela and the Doctor going on an adventure in the Doctor's brain.

Cooper and I watched "The Invasion of Time" together, and I really liked that one. Quelle surprise, he said, for it is a known truth that I will get my panties in a bunch about politicking getting in my science fiction. Leela totally does get shipped off at the end, though, and the TARDIS interior is basically the behind corridors of a casino. Also weird is that it has the Doctor being uber manipulative and generally excellent, but it ends with a personal reset button. Also he shoots a Sontaran. Much lulz happened with this.

Then I got "The Ribos Operation" and "The Pirate Planet". Ribos was kinda boring but it did have the Doctor making friends with criminals on the planet of Soviet Russia. Romana seriously does just get dumped in his lap, yeah? And she's a bit frosty, but she warms up a lot by "The Pirate Planet" which is a much better episode where they have wacky Douglas Adams hijinks and K9 faces off a robot bird and there's an evil queen and wee shrunken planets.
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Neil Gaiman's When the Saucers Came poster. He read this at the Las Vegas Book Festival and it was my favorite bit that he read.

Remember when I did that poll about how it makes me cranky that Star Trek and Doctor Who have both the Many Worlds and Copenhagen Interpretations? Well, this interview with Bob Orci says that the new Star Trek movie (and conversely, ALL OF STAR TREK EVER) conforms strictly to the Many Worlds theory of Quantum Physics. And that's why you shouldn't worry about the movie being a reboot, because it's not a reboot -- it's a story where our Spock (Spock Prime? Spock from the 616? Will's Spock?) travels backward in time into a different universe where things are mostly the same but just a bit different.

Finally: I can't afford to pay my yearly LJ fees, and it's due in three days. I don't know if I should beg my mother or beg my friends list. But since I beg my mother for lots of money lately, and some of you have the unfortunate habit of liking my shiftless ass, maybe I'll beg you.

Mostly I just wanted to talk about the physics of Star Trek, though.
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...but I did go to his reading, and it was pretty great. Especially the bit where we wrote out cards, and I decided to fluff mine off by writing down 'the ubiquitous Doctor Who question' and then doodling a picture of David Tennant, never expecting him to actually answer it. After all, it wasn't really a question so much as a statement with a certain flair.

And then he read the card as 'Oh, this one says it's the ubiquitous Doctor Who question and they've doodled a picture of David Tennant at the bottom. My answer is the usual vague avoidance.'

And as soon as he answered I was distressingly pleased that my doodle was recognizable, and then sad because I remembered the REAL QUESTION I had wanted to ask. (Which is frankly, just as terrible and embarrassing as what I did ask, so lah dee dah.)

According to the man himself, very few people were at the signing and so it was the loveliest one he's been to in ages because he got to talk to everyone. SIGH.

They were having an afterparty, which I think is highly ironic. I don't really see Neil Gaiman as an ultra-lounge sort of fellow. It was 75 dollars, and I could have gone and am feeling the slight twinge of regret that I didn't impulse purchase it. But if I had gone, I would have wanted drinks, and I didn't have a car with me to get to Mandalay Bay... etc.

Speaking of funny, I ran into Abby [ profile] canenero, who I haven't seen in person for ages and we spent the whole time catching up -- even though there wasn't much catching up to do since we read one another's journals. Her mom bought me a signed copy of "The Graveyard Book", so in the end I did get signed stuff, just not the signed thing I wanted. It warmed my heart to see them.
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I had a big row with my mom about borrowing the car so I could go to the Neil Gaiman reading tonight, and she said no and had a bitchfit and flounced out to go to some doctor's appointment.

Guess who calls me like, ten minutes later and is all, 'guess who's in my office, signing stuff? hurry up and get down here!'

Noelle. Of course.


This kind of ruins my day. I fail at stalking so, so hard.
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The Latest, Greatest Eleventh Doctor rumor from Lying in the Gutters.

I won't even lie. The idea that the FUCKING MARQUIS DE CARABAS is (potentially) on the short list to be the Eleventh Doctor is the greatest idea ever.


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