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First, I made this weird Hamlet/Doctor Who/Victoria Bitter fanart. It made sense at the time. What can I say?

Speaking of Shakespearean things, I want to recommend this amazing Merchant of Venice fic that [personal profile] selenak recced first. A Wilderness of Monkeys. It's about what happens after, and *fists up to her mouth* OMG SHYLOCK/PORTIA. I ship it so hard and I didn't know it until this fic. It's the ultimate in clever hatesex, but I promise by the second chapter you'll be kind of rooting for this crazy couple to make it work. Which is so wrong in so many ways. (So wrong it's right.)

In fact, I may have cast it in my head so that Shylock is being played by Richard Schiff and Portia is Cate Blanchett.

Unfortunately, there are only two chapters. I live in hope for more.

I also want to rec The Dance by [profile] taraljc, which is the history and the culture of the Orion people, widely varied, as told by Gaila. I love that in this story, none of the Orion women are former slaves. I love the way her Orion is matriarchal. I haven't been able to leave a comment because I was trying to write something like this, but she beat me to it and hers is better.
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See, if you're spoiled out you don't really get as angry about things as you should, or maybe I just don't love Doctor Who enough... also, it's like comics. You just know there will be crack and you get over it.

That said, Vulcans Do It With Logic. )

Despite all that, I enjoyed watching this. It was crackular and it's over now and nothing happened in it that could really hurt me, as it was fiction and just a flesh wound really.

It is Moff Tiem Nao. Yay.
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Finally found time to watch this. I wasn't going to cut it, but it turned out longish...

There's no spoilers: Hamlet dies at the end. )

In conclusion: I enjoyed watching it, didn't pause it to pee break or anything so it moved at a good pace and kept me involved. I think I like the modern dress Hamlet in 'Slings and Arrows' a little better? I hope no one from the RSC reads this and is insulted by that, because c'mon, 'Slings and Arrows' is a tough act to follow.
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Here's a new David Tennant interview.

Though I think it was done at Comic Con. It's charming, in which you learn that Tennant is collecting the Classic Doctor action figures (of course he is!) and which bands he likes now and getting excited about spoilers for Eleven on the internets. And he mentions he would like to play Doctor Strange which... FUCK YES.

I hope someone at Marvel reads that and is like, 'this is a good idea', because I love Doctor Strange and Tennant would actually be very good casting.

I post this as way of also posting this: Tennant joins Simon Pegg in 'Burke and Hare'.

Simon Pegg. David Tennant. Directed by John Landis in a film about Victorian graverobbers. That's going to be ENORMOUS fun. I can't wait.
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First shot of the Eleventh Doctor's Costume!

It looks pretty good! Not overwhelmingly unique, but it has a lot of room to grow on you with the characterization. I'm excited now. (I think what Karen-as-Amy is wearing is more telling.)

Sean Bean picks up Game of Thrones along with Peter Dinklage.

Casting: officially too good.

Finally: have you heard the rumor that Tennant is going to be playing Bilbo Baggins?

THAT makes a LOT MORE SENSE than the rumor that the big sci-fi movie he's supposed to be in is the Doctor Who flick. I could never figure out who thought a Doctor Who movie was a good idea, since no one in America watches it. Unfortunately, Peter Jackson said he wasn't going to announce anything big at San Diego Comic-Con, which kind of puts my whole conspiracy theory to bed.

I really hope there's no Who movie, though. It just sounds like a bad, bad idea.


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