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Sep. 3rd, 2010 11:07 pm
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Do you want to join us in the Dreamwidth side of the pool? I have invite codes.

I'm going to try and wrap the LJ up in the next few weeks and cease comments there. I might even stop crossposting. I seem to get more comments on DW these days anyway. So let me know.
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Way to be completely broken. How hard can it possibly be to move ONTD to a new server? And if you're going to have your site that fucked up, why not just close it down for a couple of hours.

Anyway. I opened [community profile] who_anon on Dreamwidth for temporary purposes, because I am slightly worried that it will continue to be broke into late Saturday. So there you go.

True Facts:

Apr. 1st, 2009 08:54 am
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They are paving my street today, which means we have to walk to the car. I am very enthused about this because it reminds me of Chicago. Unfortunately, I dropped my coffee press so I am un-caffeinated. Fuck My Life.

Topic: yesterday I did my taxes! I'm getting a bunch of tax money back apparently because I forgot all about Bush's rebate check.

So I guess I shouldn't whine about the fifteen bucks to buy myself a new coffee press.

If We Ran Battlestar Galactica, a collection of sci-fi authors responses to the finale. Well, Paul Cornell liked it, guys! Suck on that stick. I tend to agree with most of them in that I think to get a different (better) ending you would have to go back and re-write most of season three and four.

This new Doctor Who episode: looks great. Hope it doesn't suck.

As a notice, I'm moving this journal over to Dreamwidth at opening on April 30th. I guess that gives me impetus to finish designing the new layout. I hope to see a lot of you there.

Oh sigh.

Jan. 29th, 2009 10:40 pm
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I bet the Livejournal story of the year is going to be ONTD becoming a huge media beast. Which kind of sucks, because the genius of [ profile] ohnotheydidnt and [ profile] ontd_political is that they're underground-ish places where all of LJ gets together to wank about celebs and the real world. Oh well.

Still, major props for breaking LJ, ONTD!

I... should probably say shit about real life but I didn't have anything to say today because the highlight of my day was our weekly trip to get In-And-Out. My brother is right, the Neapolitan shake is the way to go.

Have a link: the Japanese make an amazing egg sex toy. I'm so impressed by the compact design.
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Another year, another LJ panic. Welcome to 2009.

I'm not linking to that ValleyWag article because I don't want to link to any article that shits on the LJ userbase for being unique, rather than just some dumb frat kids.

I guess I'll make a backup, and this time I might even start a spare backup journal and use semagic blah blah blah. I just wish fandom would import LJ's free code and move somewhere to run off a server run by fandom. (Except, that would be even less stable than being run by Russians.)

Even though I really doubt LJ is going anywhere -- we're just not going to get new updates. Which should please everyone, because god knows the userbase hates updates and changes. Maybe there'll be even LESS wank in 2009?
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I did a little defriending, mostly of people who I like, but I feel like our lives have become divergent. Sorry, I know it's a shit time of the year to do this, but when the housekeeping bug hits me, I must follow its call. For it does not like me that much.
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Someone bought me more paid time and userpics, anonly... about ten minutes after I got my mom's permission and ran her card.

... oh well. At least LJ paid time isn't super expensive and I won't have to worry about it till 2010. Thanks Anon! I love you best. Even though Ambrose Bierce, Lord of Irony, mocks you.
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My paid time expired today. I'm working up the courage to tell my mom, but in the mean time it is funny which icons LJ has decided I can keep.

It's snowing again, hard. My mother says the news said it might be up to 10 inches, and I might possibly believe that given that Noelle says it's raining downtown but snowing at their condo in Aliante and [ profile] powerof3 says it's snowing in her hood.

Last time I got questions about snowing in Las Vegas: it usually seems to happen once a winter, which makes this second snowstorm a bit odd. It's doubly odd that it is snowing so much everywhere in town: Las Vegas is a big valley, and while we often get snow here (because my parents live closer to Red Rock and thus closer to the mountains than downtown in the bowl) it's really weird for it to snow elsewhere. So very strange.
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I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow with the LJ outage. We have tickets to go see James Bond again (with my dad and brother this time), but that's only two hours.

Bugger. Maybe I'll catch up on my [ profile] nanomango.

My brother is on "Celestial Navigation". He is pleased as punch that Admiral Adama is going to be on the Supreme Court, and ran around making muffled mouth noises for half the afternoon.


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