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Sep. 19th, 2008 08:03 pm
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I'm watching Rachel Maddow a second time, so that I can see her flirt with Ana Marie Cox some more. (I liked the comments what were all 'poor Keith, you can hear the sound of his heart break'.) I hope Rachel has the One True Wonkette on a lot more often, so that it can be a ship.

Is there a fan comm for Rachel Maddow yet? Seems like all I did today between getting my driver's permit was talk about my big crush on Rachel Maddow.
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ROFL. It's too good. Right to the camera cut, the slightly out of date pop culture reference and the disgusted sign off.

Finally, I've been disquietly abruptly jolted back to reality, because I need to consolidate my student loans. Does anyone have any advice on which lender I should use? Is this going to be a thing where because I have shitty credit I get rejected a lot, or do they just give it no matter who you use to you because you have already assumed the debt?
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MSNBC yanks Keith Olbermann from general election coverage.

Also, Chris Matthews, but who gives a shit about that. Guys, you really want to suck at ratings, don't you? Also, ascribe me to the theory that it was Keith going OFF on them about 9/11 that sunk it for them, because often times in life you get punished for doing what is right.
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Mostly because I'm sensitive to people (like Keith obviously was) getting triggered by UNEXPECTED 9/11.

(I have complex feelings on the issue of the photographs of people jumping from the WTC. It would make for an interesting topic in a photojournalism class, at any rate.)
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The Rachel Maddow Show is coming.

*hushed tones of glee and awe*

Right after the Olbermann show. FUCK YES FUCK YES FUCK YES.


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