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1. I finally saw "Frozen" which I had been putting off because it looked crappy. As a movie, it's just okay. You can see the seams where they ripped the backbone out of the plot a couple dozen times before splicing it together to make SOMETHING, notably in that it's a Disney Musical where there's exactly one song in the second act and neither the secondary love interest NOR the villains get a number. The inevitably Broadway musical will probably be a lot better, assuming they restore some deleted songs and provide a closing number. That said: QUEEN ELSA. ALL ABOUT QUEEN ELSA. Depressed, angry, dutybound women with magical ice powers and a kingdom to run. Damn right, it's about time one of those Disney Princesses took her throne.

2. Yay, the fandom is full of femmeslash... with her sister. Boo. I don't dig incest fic in the slightest.

3. If I ever see the end of my BFA show piece, I may write some gen and Elsa/OC fic.

4. I only just saw this XKCD but it's already my favorite Hackers fanfic.

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I think I accidentally hacked my elderly neighbor's wifi and changed it to 'hacktheplanet' for a bit. Wish that when the internet went bad, my entire family didn't jump on my ass to do tech support. It's easy to accidentally do that when one router isn't getting internet but will still let you diddle with the controls and the other neighbor never changed the password from the box.

(But I figured it out by changing one name to 'piratechanson' and then unplugging ours. Oops.)

I reset the defaults but am still leeching their signal. Maybe application of a whole new 'router of our own' will solve the problem?
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I took apart my car fob today, to see what makes it work on the inside. (I already knew through the magic of research, but still.) Then during reassembly I thought that I had broken it, but after some jiggery pokery I realized that the problem was with my car. The battery doesn't turn over anymore.


I want a moped, goddamnit. Broken car is broken.


Nov. 29th, 2008 06:36 pm
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My mother is making cranky noises about getting a laptop because ye olde desktop is full of viruses and spyware. This is because she is not capable of maintaining a computer, my brother is thirteen and my father has apparently been looking at porn.

(True facts: you can download any old shit off the internet and not catch a virus for years. But look at porn online for five seconds and your box is now part of the Russian botnet.)

I'd rather she get a netbook because it would be cheap, but both of the models at Best Buy were 'chintzy' looking. I sighed and tried to do a trade, the new Sony Vaio CR in red for the computer I use now, but eight hundred dollars is too much. (I died inside, especially since Sony just helped me fix a problem last night and buying shit is the other reason she needs to buy a new one every three years.)

Which is also why I can't convince her to buy an Apple, even though dumb computer users should use Mac and it would keep me from pulling my hair out because I could just foist her off on the pimply kids who work at the 'Genius Bar'.

Suggestions? Maybe I should get a Linux netbook and then install OSX on top?
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The Things He Carried, an article about hacking airport security, in the Atlantic.

What I took from this walk-through is not the appropriate level of fear of terrorists bombing stuff with planes again, but the thought that with a script-kiddie level of credit card hackery and a printer, you could fly ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. WOT. AMAZING.

What a shame I have ethics and a fear of prison rape.

Oh dear.

Sep. 20th, 2008 11:29 pm
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I bought one of those sonic screwdrivers. As far as toys go, my brother was handily impressed, but I'm a tougher nugget to crack and found that reality is wanting, because my new sonic screwdriver doesn't ACTUALLY do anything.

This guy put a USB port on the end, but I'm kind of surprised at the lack of weird hacks for the toy.


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