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The internet's been back for a couple of days. I lived without it long enough to develop new habits, and now I'm forced to try and find a way to reintegrate the two forms of my life.

On Friday, I went to see my new favorite local band (I never really had an old favorite, so it's new to me and them): Imagine Dragons. I also ran into Brent at the bar.

On Saturday, I took Abby to Dr. Sketchies. I promise to upload the sketches to my art blog soon. Brent and Ashanti were there, along with Joe Bergin. I had an excellent time.

Today, I went to hang out with Cooper. Along the way, we went to Trader Joe's, the Amber Unicorn used book store and the library. I made us a flatbread pizza - first attempt, tomatoes and brie, it didn't completely suck. We ended up at Brent's to ask Joe a question about comics, thanks [profile] sayunclecomics! Then we went to Luv It Custard, where there was drama about money and then the night ended early.

Tomorrow I am supposed to see Noelle and the baby at the new house. I hope it will be more zen.

I have done no art this weekend.
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I haven't heard about the job interview from last week, so I'm going to assume that was a negative. Bummer. I have a job interview tomorrow, though, which I think would be a much better position for me, so we'll see. The only trouble is that my mom is going to be out of town, and she cut a deal with my sister for money in exchange for letting my sister have the car.

So naturally my sister is behaving like the spoiled cunt she so is and throwing a mini-tantrum over that.

Last night, Cooper and I got good and toasted and watched Slings and Arrows. Cooper apparently went out after I went home and got MORE drunk with Monte - which I know because I thought I had left my fan cord over there. He seems vastly hungover.

Meanwhile, Nevada has domestic partnerships now, wooh! It's too bad we can't have proper gay marriage, because of Mormons. I applaud Nevada's legislature for this year - crazy Jim Gibbons is making them right proper legislative heroes. When do we get to vote that idiot out of office, again?

Also, Rich Johnston's new gossip site, Bleeding Cool launched today, replacing Lying in the Gutters.


Mar. 2nd, 2009 09:11 pm
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I am a cranky pirate lady tonight. I am PMS-y. Despite that, I had a good day. I made an excellent French Onion soup today for lunch. I went to class. I found out that Cooper's sister Britt is going to be having a little baby boy in August.

(I think Parker's idea of naming the kid Pirate is awesome. I would totally babysit the crap out of little Pirate. It is much better than 'Dawson', which is asking for kids to beat him up on the playground.)

The Internet Tells Me We Are Getting a New TARDIS.

Can I be an ass and say I hope it's not fucking white? That would look so bad in HD. Plus the classic white one is easily the most boring thing about the old series, especially when they switch to color but it's the 70s so no one has figured out how to light that shit yet and...

The Internet Also Tells Me I Can Buy a Chocolate Defiant.

... I mean. Not that I would trawl the stores to get a chance to eat the ikklest Borg fightin' machine ever. Cloaking device - in my stomach! Nom nom nom.

Last Night:

Feb. 6th, 2009 03:11 pm
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First, I dragged Cooper out of bed to go to Noelle's gallery show. (Well, it was the CAC annual juried show and she had a piece, so... Yeah.) It was actually pretty impressive, not just her work but everyone's - and there was quite the spread of stuff. There was a woman there who made comic pin ups, and apparently Noelle and I BOTH hit her up to join something. (I tried for Tart, and Noelle tried for the comic we're doing.)

Cooper and I were pretty tipsy by the time we left for the House of the Blues. We got kind of lost and then even when we got there, the band I had dragged him to see didn't go on at the appointed time and we were rapidly less drunk due to price of booze at HoB. So we left before they went on, and went to see [ profile] 2weeks3days, who had invited me out to Rock Band Competition at a Hookah lounge.

They don't serve drinks and I had completely forgotten how to play Guitar Hero/Rock Band over the last year, so we sucked. I started picking it up again by the end of the second song. I plan to practice a lot before next Thursday. [ profile] 2weeks3days and her friends are awesome, and even though Cooper decided to be a snot and say it was 'like flashing back to High School', because there was no beer.

Then I drove us back home, and nearly got a ticket but apparently the cop was not looking at me because he didn't even flash his lights. (This wounded Cooper's pride because he gets tickets all the time, and then I apologized on behalf of all white women everywhere. This was after someone at the party was all 'oh, you're BLACK? I thought you were like, Puerto Rican. So he was just having a night, poor baby.)

After which, Cooper and I got cheap eggs n' steak at the new eggs n' steak place I've found, and then I dropped him off. 'Twas fun.

I don't think I'll be hitting First Friday tonight, because I'm spending the night at Noelle's to work on our comics. I highly recommend this new 'First Thursday' thing as being much better.
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Survivors -- Episode Two

A mixed review for this. )

The Devil's Whore -- Episode Two

Actually, I thought this much improved from last week. )

Sarah Jane Adventures: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith

A really great episode. )

Charlie Brooker's "Dead Set" + Season Five of Screenwipe

Episode One was better than Episode Two, primarily because good reviews are less fun than bad reviews. The poetry bits are a mistake and Cooper and I fast forward through them.

As for Dead Set, it was really good! I called it successfully in the middle of the first episode that this was going to be an EVERYONE DIES zombie flick. The zombies are just too deadly in this. The scene where the producer butchers the dead? Squicked even us hardened zombie film watchers.

However, I'm generally really pleased about how everyone who survives the initial round of killings (save for the people in the house, obviously) are good survivors who tend not to make too many stupid mistakes. Which immediately made this show better written than 'Survivors'. (Of course, in 'Survivors' they don't have to fight the undead.)

Even the decision by the boyfriend to go back for his girlfriend makes brilliant sense in the context of the show -- something that almost never works in zombie dramas!

Finally, one of the things that I thought elevated the series was the sense of time. The main characters who are survivors are survivors because they wait and think decisions though before making them, and not always through sheer luck.

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Audrey Holmes is in for a birthday surprise. The mother of Las Vegas entertainer Clint Holmes had only one request for her 93rd birthday today: the hit show "Jersey Boys" at The Palazzo. She's also getting a pre-show gondolier ride. Calvino the singing gondolier is her youngest grandson, Cooper Holmes, 26. ...

-- from today's RJ.

AHAHAAH COOPER. :0 I'm so teasing him about his gondolier name being all up in the paper.
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Obama names Two Net Neutrality fighters to FCC transition team.

I saw Quantum of Solace yesterday with Cooper, and we both really enjoyed the crap out of it. Not sure why exactly people have been claiming the plot is wonky: it's sort of big and expansive, but all made sense to me. (This is apparently the week for that.)

Things I liked In Particular: )

I'm going to see it again on Tuesday, I'll probably have more clever thoughts later. At the very least: this is the first time in my life I'm really into the Bond franchise, so whatever they're doing it is correct and good.

In other news: my brother was talking about his favorite pundits in the car yesterday, so I said, 'hm, sounds like you're now old enough for the West Wing'. After a tiny bit of symbolic kvetching, we puddled under the covers and watched the first three episodes together. Half way through the first scene with Bartlet, my brother turned to me and said: "Oh my god, this really /is/ the best show ever."

Ha ha ha. And when I came home today, he had these observations: one, that having seen the Christmas episode he now understood what I saw in Josh and Donna because they are very cute together. Two: every fourth episode he describes as a 'guilt trip episode' in which a significant portion of the action revolves around someone feeling guilty for something someone else did. I'm not exactly sure how that works out, but it struck me as a very clever thing to say about the show.
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I had a shitty day at work yesterday, which I don't want to talk about... I was supposed to come in to work today too, but my mom needs to go to a doctor's appointment, so I don't have a car. They didn't tell me they'd need me until last night, and my mother didn't tell me she needed to go to the doctor's until this morning because she assumed I would be off, so it all caused a big clusterfuck. AWESOME.

Here's some other stuff that happened:

My sister got her driver's license AND she voted, so we've all voted yay! I wasn't home for this but my brother was and says my dad was far more thrilled that my sister got her lazy bum boyfriend to vote than he was at her having a license.

Also, Cooper and I saw 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno', the title of which has inexplicably been appended in all the commercials to just 'Zack and Miri'. Not sure what's so offensive about the word porno, and the film has full frontal nudity in it so... what exactly was the point of that?

I don't want to be too spoilery, but you do see Mews' entire dong, so for those of you curious about what Jay would look like in the sack, there it is. Seth Rogan is still charming, much less charming when he shaves the beard off. Also, he's a fat bearded guy in a Kevin Smith film, you do the math. We laughed straight through it, though, and it's easily Kevin Smith's most affecting romcom since Chasing Amy. It is also very much a Kevin Smith film -- but they've tried to tone it down so an unsuspecting audience doesn't KNOW, you know?

And then Cooper got on my nerves, I was a super bitchface, and then I started my period unexpectedly! YAY! Best day ever!

Also naked: [ profile] kadymae's hubby Ralph. In the Paper this morning. Hurrah! Nakedness abounds.
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I voted yesterday.

As a teenager, you went to stay with Barack when he was working as a community organizer in Chicago. Is this when you feel like you began to know him as an adult and an individual?

He was in his 20s so he was pretty young to be taking over the care of his teenage sister. He took me to several colleges around the country to help me make the good decision about where to go to school. He let me stay with him and helped me get my first job. He took me to festivals and fairs and museums. He enrolled me in classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, and I studied dance there. He was awesome! He showed me his life and an impressive dedication to service. I was a teenager then, and our relationship really hasn't changed.

-- so sayth Barack Obama's little sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng.

Greatest big brother ever! As a big sister, I approve of this message.

Also: Fantasy Football. Barack Obama takes that shit seriously.

In other news: got drunk with Cooper last night because he lost his job. I am still hanging with him.
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I have now droven twice. Once with Cooper and once with my mom. Cooper is the one teaching me to drive. This is possibly the most hilarious sort of driving lessons you could imagine.

Cooper: It's a lot like driving games, actually.

Me: (incredulous) Dude, I SUCK at those.

I also supervised my sister driving the car all day in preparation for her driver's test next week. This was pretty funny because we took the car and then I went to work and my sister went around town to a job interview and hung out with friends... and my parents had a right goddamn conniption fit because we're over 18 and other than the cars physically being theirs, they can't stop us from leaving on our own. After this stunt, my mom apparently decided she'd better get with this whole 'adult daughters what drive' thing.

Anyway. Cars have a lot of knobs. I want a moped because the wheel goes around more than you would think and that's not very intuitive. The inside of a car is probably something that needs a big design overhaul.

I expect Steve Jobs is Working On It.


Sep. 4th, 2008 08:13 am
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So far we've piled through a bunch of old Highlander episodes. I bought a boxed set of 'the best of 15', and while I can't understand why some of these are on here -- like Duende, which has that crazy fight scene at the end but is otherwise a standard and forgettable episode of Highlander. I can think of like, ten or twelve episodes I like better than this one.

Another annoying thing about the set is that the episodes are not in chronological order! Oh well. Tonight after the RNC I'll probably finish off the Four Horsemen episodes. When I'm done, I might go turn it back into Zia and see if I can't use the trade-in money to pick up a boxed season set.

On the other hand, Cooper and I randomly stumbled into 'Timeless', after which Cooper officially joined my 'Peter Wingfield for Eleven' fanclub.

I also recently saw "Claws of Axos". Good story, crazy sets, and whomever was directing it had good compositional skills, which is pretty rare. If only the editor hadn't been convinced that editing it like a music video was the way to go. (On one hand, dude, it wasn't tl;dr, on the other hand, um, give it twenty years and the fine art of a zillion cuts in a scene will be perfected on the show.)


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