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I haven't been around DW at all much lately. Months, maybe. I'm sort of GAFIAted from active fandom right now. I'm not politically against anything going on, but it increasingly feels like pointless censorship of the best-intentioned sort while the rest of the world is fucking burning down. Just let old codgers like Manara do their thing. JLaw's still going to be an Oscar-award winning millionaire before she turns 30, guys, and maybe weird race porn on AO3 is just weird race porn. Who has time for this shit? I used to care so much, but man, I don't know. We've got bigger stuff going on in the world.

Ukraine. Israel whacking the tar out of Gaza again. ISIS beheading journalists. Syrian refugees. Ferguson. Robin Williams killed himself. Ebola spreading unchecked because we can't solve the first five of those things let alone get our shit together to help impoverished Africans check another plague.

August. What a bitch. I don't think anyone is going to think of August 2014 with any kind of fondness.

I graduated SAIC in May and ground through a couple of months of really bad unemployment and health issues that left me kind of taxed for everything, so that didn't help. I'm feeling great at the moment, however, and I started working part-time at Steppenwolf Theatre in their call-center fundraising department. Everyone is pleasantly artistic and supportive there, so far, from the Artistic Director on down and I'm surprised by how warm and nice it is even if my actual job is something I could have done pre-degree. I'm doing very well so far. It's paying my rent, too, just barely. Not my student loans, but hey. Rent.

Meanwhile, I got accepted into Northwestern University's new "Masters of Science in Creative Leadership" program, which I'm super excited about for a bunch of reasons - but I haven't been able to pay my deposit yet because of the unemployment thing. I'm trying to raise 500 dollars, and frankly, everyone seems either tapped out (I understand) or waaaaay over my struggles to get fancy degrees. I can almost understand that one too.

If you want to help, or can just share it, that would be great. Ideally I'd like to use this program to launch myself into some sort of media gig where I can afford to make the changes we all want to see... or at least get a full time job at a nice arts organization that will keep my life stable.

As far as fandom things go, I enjoyed "Guardians of the Galaxy" a lot for being refreshingly charming and funny. The final scenes of this season of "Legend of Korra" gave me a lot of deep feels. Mainly I just want to escape and unironically enjoy some respite from this world of horrors.

Yes, I have eaten a LOT of Ben and Jerry's this summer, I can tell you this.
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While it blows that 9/10ths of American media consumed in childhood is now owned by a single corporate entity, in a lot of ways once the shock was over it makes more sense than Marvel selling out. Disney had long owned the park rights to Lucasfilm properties - haven't been on the new Star Tours yet, but the old one and the Indiana Jones rides were favorites as a kid. And there have been rumors since I was knee high that the House of Mouse wanted to own them outright. George Lucas is pretty much a one-man band in his mid-60s with two franchises that he'd run into the ground, so it makes sense that he'd sell the family business rather than try and pass it on to a kid.

What it clarifies for me is this:

- corporate monopoly in all forms blows, especially for artists. Good luck if you've pissed off the Mouse, future animators/character designers of the world. Your options are now extremely limited.
-- sub-point: be well, friends who work for Lucasfilm. Long may you be employed.

- I still can't believe Marvel sold out. Why? WHY? You were poised to own their ass with your own media empire!

- I have never loved the corporate masters of Star Trek more. STAY FREE, PARAMOUNT.

- So Princess Leia is now officially a Disney Princess, eh?

- I will probably see Star Wars 7, but I hope that it's something fresh and magical.

But wow, does it blow that about 9/10ths of American media is owned by Apple Computers/ABC/Disney-Pixar/Lucasfilm/Marvel. It's such terrible, terrible news if you care about creatives.


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