Nov. 7th, 2011

Fic Recs!

Nov. 7th, 2011 03:12 pm
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There have been some spectacularly awesome long fics posted to A03 lately. No idea if they're the product of Big Bangs - I mentioned in the locked post that my ability to access the internet hasn't been astonishingly great since I moved, and one of the consequences of working hard in studio and that has been not checking Dreamwidth or LJ ... well, mostly at all, is that I don't know if these have been rec'ed to death yet or what.

West Wing

War Criminals by FabulaRasa
It's a novella (42,000+ words!) length story slashing Leo McGarry/Lord John Marbury which is a fabulously weird pairing to write 42,000+ words about, isn't it? It's remarkably pacy, despite that, and the author brings in and has equally interesting cameos for many of the other characters.

Except for some structural issues involving how you shouldn't do nested flashbacks of that length in prose, I think it's a wonderful AU story that makes marvelous use of the things West Wing was ABOUT - international politics and the interpersonal crisis of heart that follow - and I genuinely would like to sit in a room and learn from this Lord John and Leo, who sound every bit the international war time consiglieres they are meant to be.

our book won't close by slybrunette

A shorter Josh and Amy fic, post-Santos, that has an all too depressing burnt edges feel in that nothing that happens around the edges is too surprising, but the fact that things fall apart is more Wells and less Sorkin. I like these stories where, rather than the post-admin written during the Sorkin-era, everyone's older and wiser/dumber and politics is meaner and more meaningless. (I think, if you're modeling your life off Leo McGarry's choices - and Josh Lyman very much does so, it doesn't bode well for happy endings.)


Reproduction by kattahj

It starts off as a zany xenobiology story - the Dax symbiont has to lay eggs! - which morphs into a detailed examination of the issues surrounding Ezri and Julian having children of their own. Much care and thought went into this fic, and it feels both pitch-perfect to the DS9 universe as well as managing to convince me that Ezri and Julian were more than an odd fling.

A Space for Faith by beatrice_otter

An all OC-tale that would fit neatly into the universe of post-canon DS9 novels if you let it. This is a five chapter story of a young Bajoran security officer on the threshold of becoming absorbed into Starfleet, and the older Vulcan officer she becomes friends with through tutoring. (There's a little blip where the two discuss religion that I find jarring in context of what Starfleet science can do - and what Starfleet science teaches about the Prophets, but I think the choice of pairing a spiritual Vulcan with a Bajoran developing long rusty skills is more interesting overall than this blip.)


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