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I suspect that newbies to the franchise will just accept that it's Starfleet's black-ops group and/or think it was invented for the film. Heh, even though S31 trying to recruit Augments is actually KIND OF THEIR BAG and so it manages to play well for oldbies. Still, this is the closest we were ever going to get to a DS9 movie so I am pleased.

I love that they did, though. If I hadn't seen a tweet -- yours? -- the other day that started, "If this really is a Section 31 movie..." I think I would've gasped out loud when it came up.

Yep, sorry. Guilty. I had sort of heard vague whisperings, but I honestly thought: 1. no way are they going to dig a DS9 nemesis out of the closet for the big summer reboot flick and 2. the Khan thing was just so unavoidable to be spoiled on. Ultimately, I think the S31 thing is the only way I would have wanted Khan to come back. It basically makes the timeline jibe well with the old timeline, in that S31 can presumed to have been active in this period of history, they have an obsession with genetically enhanced superagents, and SOMEONE had to trip over the Botany Bay. Without S31, I think it would have been very 'let's do a Khan film to do a Khan film'.

The final trailer also kind of blew it out as a secret if you're a DS9 superfan, because there's only one agency that would dress its agents in black leather and build a scary ass warship.

I could have done with some more background for S31. I've often thought a Kirk/S31 battle would be fun because Kirk would completely abhor their ethos, but it's introduced in a way that they could come back.

I can't remember if you've seen Firefly and Serenity, but I thought the new Klingons were super Reaver-y, but in a bad knock-off way, not in a way that was effective and made them scary.

Firefly and the movie are such completely forgettable scifi pap to me that I see people compare things to the Reavers all the time and honestly can't remember who the Reavers were supposed to be. I don't think it's the best reboot of them either. It's very 'Romulans - but with tattoos!' which I thought was epic lazy LAST time.

I think I learned about Chekhov's Gun from that same Trek novel, heh. Yeah, it could have done without the tribble, since we had already seen Khan resurrect the little girl in exchange for the bomber blowing himself up.
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