Aug. 28th, 2010

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I haven't been posting much, though I can't think of why. I've been entertaining myself by adding stuff to Fanlore. I've almost whipped the Pern page into shape, and I've been dipping my toes into editing the West Wing pages, which are all stub-like and sad. Please go over there and help me add stuff.

Which reminds me: I have a ton of AO3 invites if you want one. Your fic will not get a lot of feedback there, but it's a great archival space with a ton of nice features.

School starts on Monday. My mother is going away for two days. My Pell Grant arrived today and she made greedy grabby hands about it because I owe her five hundred bucks. We've been having a lot of fights because I wanted (briefly) to go work for Harry Reid's reelection but then I was reminded that I need a car because I basically have maxed out the jobs I can take without one.

Besides, I'd just be unemployed again in November. Fixing the moped up again will be cheaper than buying a car and leave me money to continue fixing the garage up into neon studio space.

On Monday, I have training to docent at the Neon Museum. I'm going to be leading tours there. My mother is going away, however, and will not let me drive her car so I guess I'll take the bus to get down there.


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